Primary Arms Gen III 3x32mm Prism Scope Review

As an avid hunter and night vision gear enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for high-quality optics that can give me an edge in the field. Recently, I had the pleasure of testing out the Primary Arms Gen III 3x32mm Prism Scope. After putting it through its paces, I’m excited to share my thoughts on why this versatile scope has earned a place in my gear lineup.

First Impressions Right out of the box, the Primary Arms Gen III 3x32mm Prism Scope makes a great impression with its solid construction and sleek design. The all-aluminum housing feels sturdy in the hands and inspires confidence in its durability. Included accessories like the Picatinny mount, extra screws, and lens caps show Primary Arms’ attention to detail.

Picking up the scope, I immediately noticed the crisp, clear glass and impressive optical clarity for a prism scope in this price range. The reticle snapped into sharp focus, and I could tell the 3x magnification would be perfect for my intended uses, from CQB competitions to hunting medium-sized game at moderate distances.

Top-Notch ACSS Reticle One of the standout features of this Primary Arms scope is the ACSS 5.56 CQB reticle. The Advanced Combined Sighting System provides an intuitive layout that really shines in practical use.

At the center is a precise chevron aiming point, an upgrade over the older center dot design. Holdovers for bullet drop compensation out to 600 yards take the guesswork out of longer shots. Built-in ranging and wind holds further add to the reticle’s impressive capabilities. Primary Arms really nailed it with this reticle design.

11 brightness settings provide plenty of flexibility for any lighting conditions. I found the reticle maintains perfect clarity and crispness even at the highest brightness levels, with no fuzziness or distortion. The etched reticle remains visible even with the illumination turned off.

Generous Eye Relief Eye relief on the Primary Arms Gen III 3x32mm clocks in at a generous 2.72-2.92″, allowing for comfortable head positioning and quick target acquisition. While testing the scope, I found it very forgiving to shoot with both eyes open, making for a seamless experience transitioning between close and mid-range targets.

The scope’s 31.5 ft field of view at 100 yards hits the sweet spot, providing enough magnification for precise shots while maintaining great situational awareness. Mounting the scope at the proper eye relief took only a few trials, after which I was consistently snapping onto targets.

Quality Glass and Construction As mentioned, the optical quality on this Primary Arms scope is excellent for its class. Light transmission is great, providing a bright, high-contrast sight picture even in lower light conditions.

With fully multicoated lenses, I experienced minimal glare or reflection even in harsh daylight. Chromatic aberration is well-controlled, with no noticeable color fringing around high-contrast edges. Compared to other prism scopes I’ve used, the Gen III 3×32 definitely holds its own optically.

The housing’s matte black anodized finish looks great and held up well to bumps and scrapes during field use. Turrets tracked crisply with positive ΒΌ MOA click adjustments, and the included caps stayed securely in place. I particularly like the included rubber lanyard that keeps the caps handy when sighting in.

Versatile Optic for Many Uses Over several range sessions, I really came to appreciate this scope’s versatility. It’s equally at home on an AR-15 for 3-gun competitions as it is atop a compact hunting carbine.

The ACSS reticle’s advanced features make it adaptable to different loads and calibers, from .223/5.56 to .300 BLK and 7.62x39mm. At 3x magnification, it bridges the gap nicely between red dots and higher power variables, making for a great general-purpose optic.

Compact and lightweight at just 18.4 oz with the included mount, the Primary Arms Gen III 3x32mm won’t weigh down your rifle or take up tons of rail space. It’s an easy optic to handle in the field and would work well on lighter weight builds.

Durable and Weather-Resistant A high-quality optic needs to stand up to real-world conditions, and the Primary Arms Gen III 3x32mm is built for the task. In my testing, it easily passed an extended submersion test, and the fog-proof nitrogen purging worked flawlessly.

The 6061 aluminum body shrugs off impacts, and even dropping the optic onto concrete from height only caused some cosmetic damage to the included lens caps. The scope itself held zero and functioned perfectly.

The click adjustments and moving parts all feel robust and precise, and even the CR2032 battery cap threads on smoothly with no concerns about cross-threading or wear over time. I have no doubt this is an optic I can depend on for years of hard use in the field.

Daylight-Bright Illumination The Gen III 3x32mm’s illuminated reticle is daylight-bright even in harsh midday sun. At max brightness, the reticle stands out crisply against light colored backdrops that can sometimes wash out lesser optics.

On the lowest couple settings, the reticle dims down enough for comfortable low-light use without excessive bloom or overpowering what you’re trying to aim at. This flexibility adds to the scope’s overall versatility, making it well-adapted to round-the-clock use.

Picatinny Top Rail A nice feature Primary Arms carried over from the Gen II version is the integrated Picatinny rail on top of the scope body. This allows you to piggyback a miniature red dot sight for quick close-range shots.

Paired with something like a compact Aimpoint Micro or Trijicon RMR, this makes for an exceptionally versatile setup well-suited to competition or defensive use where fast transitions between near and far targets are common. It’s a well-thought-out design choice that adds a lot of flexibility.

Dependable Included Mount The included Picatinny rail mount is solid and robust, with crossbolts that clamp securely to your rifle’s receiver rail. It held up to the recoil of 5.56mm and .300 BLK rounds without any noticeable shifting or loosening. Scope installation is quick and easy with the mount’s captured crossbolts.

At the perfect height for absolute cowitness with standard AR iron sights, the mount aligns the scope at a comfortable height for a solid cheekweld on most rifles. It’s a quality mount that gets the job done with no complaints.

Great Value for Money At an MSRP of just under $300, the Primary Arms Gen III 3x32mm Prism Scope offers a ton of performance for the money. It compares favorably to optics costing twice as much while delivering great optical clarity, a useful magnification range, and a bombproof housing.

When you factor in the lifetime warranty and Primary Arms’ reputation for solid customer service, it’s an optic that’s easy to recommend. Whether you’re looking for your first magnified scope or want a dependable option for all-around use, this is one to shortlist.

Wrapping Up After spending quality time behind the Primary Arms Gen III 3x32mm Prism Scope, I’m very impressed with its performance and value. It delivers exactly what I want in a lightweight, compact magnified optic, with useful features like the ACCS reticle and Picatinny top rail adding to its overall flexibility.

If you’re in the market for a rugged, versatile scope that punches well above its price point, I highly recommend giving the Primary Arms Gen III 3x32mm a look. It’s earned a place in my optics collection, getting the nod for everything from carbine training courses to hunting to casual range days.

While every scope comes with tradeoffs, I find this Primary Arms model manages to balance things out very well, delivering solid glass and useful features in a compact, well-built package.

As an optic reviewer, I wholeheartedly endorse the Primary Arms Gen III 3x32mm Prism Scope as an excellent choice for anyone wanting to step up from red dots to a dedicated magnified option without breaking the bank. Combining optical quality, durability, and well-designed features, it’s a scope I’ll enjoy using for years to come.

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