5 Night Owl Night Vision Monocular Reviews

Are you looking for versatile night vision devices for hunting or other purposes? The Night Owl Night Vision Monocular is the best choice for you. 

The night vision monocular is one of the best hand-held devices easily mounted on your heads, helmets, firearms, and other weapons. 

Viewing at night can be a definite benefit, mainly if you hunt, observe wildlife, or engage in search and rescue. 

The night vision monocular revolutionized the field of night vision. The advantage of night vision monoculars can significantly benefit for many activities done at night. 

It is also used for a wide variety of outdoor activities, including security purposes, military applications, tactical purposes, surveillance, and more. 

Nowadays, there are several varieties of night vision monoculars available on the market. So it is difficult to choose the best one for your needs. 

In this article, we’ve explained why the Night Owl Night Vision Monocular becomes more popular. 

Here are the best Night Owl Night Vision Monoculars with advanced technology, superior quality features, and specifications.

Night Owl Night Vision Monoculars – 5 Products Reviewed

1. Night Owl Optics 5-Power NOXM50 Night Vision Monocular

Night Owl Optics 5-Power NOXM50 Night Vision Monocular comes with higher magnification, excellent image resolution, and precision. 

This night vision monocular is constructed with advanced generation night vision optics, and it also contains an additional magnification range. 

It provides excellent image resolution so that you can view the accurate identification of long-distance objects. 

The NOXM50 Night Vision Monocular comes with superior and latest optics technology and an affordable price range. 

This night vision monocular is the best option for those looking for excellent quality viewing in complete darkness.

The NOXM50 Night Vision Monocular is designed with 5x magnification power that can see the object five times its size. 

It also helps to improve inaccessible and small things in precise identification. 

The higher magnification range provides crystal clear and high-quality images; it even precisely recognizes the target objects.

Night Owl Optics 5 is a gen 1 model night vision monocular and it has a built-in image intensifier tube. 

This monocular also has a built-in infrared illuminator, which allows you to view the objects in complete darkness. 

The Night Owl Optics 5 night vision monocular’s exterior design is rubber that helps to activate the grip while carrying the monocular with one hand.

This night vision monocular comes with a high-quality ocular and objective lens, which clearly sees the objects. 

It weighs 16 ounces and is comfortable to keep for a long time, and it uses the power of a 3V lithium battery and focuses at least 5.7 feet. Also, the night vision monocular comes with a strap to carry the monocular with you wherever you go.



2. Xgen 2.1x Digital Night Vision Viewer

The Xgen 2.1x Digital Night Vision Viewer is one of the best night vision monoculars in the night owl brand. This monocular comes with the latest innovative night vision technology

Designed to see up to 70 yards with the help of powerful built-in infrared light, the Xgen 2.1x Digital Night Vision Viewer operates in complete darkness or lowlight conditions.

The xGen Digital Night Vision monocular does not have an image intensifier tube but has a low light CCD camera that shows the images that fit on a tiny screen. 

With the help of programmable methods, the monocular defines the number of frames and the power of infrared light usage in a moment.

In addition to the ability to see through the dark, the monocular is capable of 2.1 x magnification, which provides enhanced images. 

An adjustable embedded infrared illuminator is sufficient for enabling you to obtain a clear picture. 

This night vision monocular is compact in design so it fits in the user’s hands and it has many buttons for making the user comfortable with easy use. It adjusts the brightness settings automatically.

It comes with a 2.1x magnification range, which allows you to see objects up to 70 yards away. 

The monocular is also designed with a 20mm objective lens diameter and it is capable of taking high-quality clear pictures. The Xgen 2.1x Digital Night Vision Monocular uses an AA battery. 

It is one of the excellent power supply sources. The AA batteries provide excellent battery performance for a long time. 

It is a user-friendly night vision monocular that can focus at least 3-feet away. It also comes with a lightweight design and easy to carry anywhere.


  • Camping
  • Security
  • Nature Watching
  • Hunting and scouting
  • Exploration in a dark environment
  • Backpacking and hiking



3. Xgen Xgenpro 3x Digital Night Vision Viewer

Are you searching for a digital night vision monocular for night observation? The Night Owl Xgen Xgenpro 3X Digital Night Vision Viewer is best for you. 

It has advanced night vision technology, high durability, and enhanced performance. The Xgen Xgenpro monocular provides high performance and it is compact in size. 

This night vision monocular is highly used in tactical, law enforcement, and military to see the object in low light conditions. 

The Night Owl Xgen Xgenpro 3X Digital Night Vision has a 3x to 6x magnification range and a 37mm objective lens, which helps you to view the target image accurately and clearly. 

Due to this magnification range, you can easily and quickly see the small and long-range target. 

You can use this digital night vision monocular in both day and night, which lets you get black and white images of the target.

This monocular is capable of offering better night vision even in low light and in complete darkness. 

The frame rates and infrared intensity are able to be adjusted automatically with the help of individual controls. The design of the monocular is ergonomic to suit your hand precisely. 

Utilizing this digital night vision is very straightforward. The Xgen Xgenpro 3X monocular is wonderful to use throughout the day without affecting its night vision ability. 

It does not provide green color images of the target; instead, it offers excellent quality black and white night vision images.

It has three levels of infrared illumination, which means you can focus the images clearly. The monocular can see the target objects at a height of 124 feet in the range of 200 ft. 

It also provides a focal length of at least 1m, and it has 4 AA batteries, which helps to provide higher performance.



4. Night Owl 42mm Night Vision Monocular

This Night Owl 42mm Night Vision Monocular comes with an ergonomic and lightweight design. It also has a strap to handle the device easily. The lens has three rings to facilitate changes. 

The objective lens comes with 42mm, which offers a wide-angle view in complete darkness and low light conditions.

This night vision monocular has a 3x magnification range, so you can easily focus and view the target clearly with better image quality. 

It provides 400nm to 900nm spectral sensitivity with a 35 lp/mm resolution that offers superior and high-quality images of the targets.

The 42mm Night Vision Monocular is designed with a columnated infrared illuminator, which helps to view the target in complete darkness areas. It also provides enhanced target recognition with any environmental conditions.

This night vision monocular offers 1.5 mm minimal focal distances and provides 19° at 200ft field of view. 

The user can easily see the prey accurately. If you increase the magnification range, the field of view is decreased automatically. 

Night Owl 42mm Night Vision Monocular is made with high-quality material, so it performs long-lasting. 

The night vision monocular dimension is 6.2” L x 2.35” W x 3.8” H, and the weight is 13.9 oz without batteries.  

This monocular has some additional features, including water-resistant, fog proof, shock resistant, and dust resistant. So this night vision monocular is withstanding all weather conditions.



5. Night Owl Igen 20/20 Night Vision Monocular

This particular night vision monocular is known to incorporate different night vision technology into its design. Night Owl Igen 20/20 Night Vision Monocular is specifically called iGen technology. 

This iGen night vision technology has many features and applications compared to generation 2 and generation 3 night vision technology. 

The Night Owl iGEN night vision monocular is more flexible because it can also be used for nature watching, exploration, scouting, conservation, hiking, hunting, and backpacking.

You can use this night vision monocular during both day and night time, so clearly see the target in any environmental conditions. 

This monocular is also used to record real-time events of the object or target places you are viewing. You can see all its features and settings from the menu on its screen.

This is one of the best versatile night vision monoculars that can be used 24/7 without compromise. 

Adjust the variable frame rate to improve the monocular’s light-collecting capabilities when ambient light-levels block clear and detailed vision. 

An integrated IR illuminator consists of a smart-circuit, which is automatically adjusted to ambient lighting conditions. The Igen 20/20 night vision monocular comes with a medium magnification range and it is a perfect choice for outdoor activities and views. 

Its dynamic and straightforward shape factor provides a secure grip for left and right-hand users. The controls are intuitive, highly accessible, and easy to find.

Infrared light is one of the types of light that comes from the light spectrum, which comes with a short wavelength. Due to this short wavelength, human eyes cannot see this infrared light. 

You can see this infrared light with the help of a night vision device. This night vision monocular has high infrared light sensitivity that provides more detailed target or object images. 

It gathers more infrared lights from your surroundings, and it converts the infrared light into more detailed sight pictures.

The Night Owl iGEN night vision monocular has a color selector for its look. First, you can decide to see your visual images in white and black, choose the green display, and select to see it in amber and red. 

This is a more beneficial feature as you can select a comfortable color for your eyes while looking.



Night Owl Night Vision Monoculars Review

Products 5-Power NOXM50 Night Vision Monocular Xgen 2.1x Digital Night Vision Viewer Xgen Xgenpro 3x Digital Night Vision Viewer Night Owl 42mm Night Vision Monocular Night Owl Igen 20/20 Night Vision Monocular
Magnification 5x 2.1x 3-6x 3x 2.6x
Objective Lens 50mm 20mm 37mm 42mm 41mm
Resolution 35 lp/mm 640 X 480 pixels 640 X 480 pixels 35 lp/mm 30 lp/mm
Field of View 15° 12° 19° 12°
Minimum Focal Distance 5.7' 1M 1M 1.5M 61cm
Battery 123 lithium battery 3 AA Battery 3 AA Battery 123 lithium battery 4 AA
Weight 16.0 oz 7 oz 9.34 oz 13.9 oz 1.3 lb
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Buying Guide of Night Owl Night Vision Monocular

In order to fully evaluate the night vision monocular, you have to purchase that, and you need to know some essential factors before buying.

Here are the characteristics and features you need to check for your night vision monocular:

IR Illuminator

IR illuminator is essential to ensure that the clarity of your night vision monocular is optimal. You must consider the type of IR illuminator that begins with a night vision monocular. 

Some monocular models have IR illuminators, which allow different output levels. It is best to make sure that it can be adjusted to your needs. 

Several night vision monoculars come with a built-in IR illuminator, which causes clarity and a massive range of contrast and are absolutely essential when using low generation devices.

Power source

Having the best power source is easy if you have to utilize a night vision monocular. 

Most of the night vision monocular models used AA type batteries. But the AA batteries are not suitable for night hunting because the batteries have low battery life. 

They may have a small limit, and they should give the most reliable power source for your short night vision monocular. So you have to choose 123 lithium batteries for your monocular.

Design and Construction

If you are purchasing the night vision monocular, the first thing you must consider the monocular durability. You should check the built-in method and construction of monocular. 

Most of the night vision monocular is constructed with rubber and an aluminum housing for undoubted durability. 

Also, check some waterproof features included in the night vision monocular you buy because you can never expect the climate to meet outdoors. 

It would help if you also searched for a night vision monocular with some additional features like fog proof, rustproof, shockproof, and water-resistant features to enjoy both reliability and durability for various weather conditions.


Most night vision monoculars come with a fixed magnification power, but few night vision monoculars come with a variable magnification power. 

Both the fixed and variable magnification have more advantages, so you can smartly choose the best magnification monocular for your needs. 

The fixed magnification range is more durable because these magnified night vision monoculars are built with less movable parts.

Thus, there is no reason to break it easily. Another one is variable magnification, and there are only fewer models available in the market because most of the models come with a fixed magnification. 

With variable magnification range, you have the option to switch to different distances for your vision preferences.

Easy to Use

If you are going to select the best monocular, you should always think about the ease of use. It is still best if you can obtain the best monocular model that is simple to operate. 

It usually begins down to the overall control and designs. The rules are simple to use and reach even when a good model night vision monocular is used.


Most people believe that the only way to experience night vision devices’ best quality is to buy high-quality night vision monoculars. But that is the general misunderstanding about purchasing night vision monoculars. 

If you spend some time analyzing the many night vision monoculars available in the markets, you will surely know that most of the best night vision monoculars are only offered at low prices. 

You have to be very smart in selecting the best night vision monocular because you will pay a little money for it. 

This is one of the essential features to consider as you have to purchase in your budget. 

You can also need to consider the quality of experience you will get with the night vision monocular. Many things are depending on this feature, so you need to take this seriously.

Purpose of Night Owl Night Vision Monocular

Hunting and Tactical Purpose

If you are searching the night vision monocular for military, hunting, playing airsoft, and tactical use, you must consider HALO or helmet attached mounting night vision monocular. 

Night vision monocular allows you to mount it for your weapons or use both hands. 

This will allow you to travel the night easily while using your night vision monocular. When paired with an IR illuminator, they perform it more comfortably to aim. 

Most people like generation 3 night vision monocular because it has a high-quality IR illuminator. So you can easily hunt the target in any environmental conditions.

Surveillance and Observation

If you want to use these night vision monoculars to observe or track a target, you can easily attach the monocular to a tripod. 

It is a severe concept for any long-term view. Because keeping the monocular can instantly become annoying. 

You can escape with a generation 1 night vision device for animal watching, but this is not enough for nature lovers compared to hunters and may want a higher capable night vision monocular. 

Generation 3 night vision monocular is perfect for military, surveillance, and law enforcement. But generation 2 night vision monoculars are also suitable for these applications. 

The generation 3 night vision monoculars come at a higher price than generation 2 night vision monoculars.


The Night Owl Night Vision Monoculars are one of the best versatile choices for night vision devices. These night vision monoculars provide new technology, advanced features, and higher performances. NV monoculars are highly used for tactical, hunting, military, law enforcement, observation, and surveillance. All the night vision monocular models discussed above will provide you the most reliable performance you have ever needed in terms of performance. 

The monoculars come with all the features required to use while for outdoor activities. It has an impressive magnification range and it is easy to use. It isn’t easy to find the best night vision monocular as there is an almost unlimited option when you look in the shops and markets. We hope this article has helped you to decide what you will purchase for your night activities.

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