Night Vision Binocular And Its Features


The binocular is an electro-optical device which is used to amplify the existing light and then send it a clear image to your eyes. Even from a long distance, you can view the image of the object.

night vision binocular

Features Of The Night Vision Binocular

The night vision binocular consists of two intensifier tubes which are designed to use it for both the eyes. It splits the image projected in the single tube into two channels and offer  a bright  image  to the people.

IR Illuminator-It is equipped with the built-in IR illuminator, which emits the light with certain wavelength invisible to the human eyes. The infrared diodes are used to improve the functionality of the night vision and work well even in complete darkness.

Range-The night vision binocular has the capacity to view beyond 600 yards of distance. So, the people away from the longest distance can view the images sharply.

Size-As the size of the binocular seems to be large, one can’t use the binocular by carrying it in the hand. It should be mounted on their head to be hands-free.

Lens-The night vision binocular has a very large objective lens through which the people can view the objects clearly.


It helps to spot the animals or people at a long distance; for camping, boating in foggy weather, hunting at the dark places, night fishing. Apart from these, it helps in rescuing the team members attacked by animals, or injured in the night time.

Things To Note

You should remove the battery from the binocular when it is not in use for a long period of time. You should store the binocular in a warm and dry place when it is not in use.

Never expose the lens to the direct sunlight. You can use it during the daytime but, you should cover the objective lens.  In the caps of the lens, it is provided with a small hole at the time of daytime operation.  Reversing the polarity of the battery should be avoided.