NightForce NX8 4-32X50mm Riflescope Review

When talking about devices and gadgets used for hunting, there are many that you can choose from, but one of the most widely used accessories for hunting is scopes. Scopes are very reliable in giving hunters and shooters the precision and the accuracy that they will need for hunting. Many scopes are designed to be very reliable during hunting trips in the daytime, but what if some hunting activities are done at night or in dark conditions?

Fortunately, there are also scopes designed for night hunting and are called night vision scopes. Here, we will talk about one of the night vision scopes that you can consider buying if you are one of those who love to go hunting at night. To be specific, the night scope that we are going to talk about is called “NightForce’s NX 8 4-32x 50mm Riflescope.”

But before we discover the features of this specific night vision rifle scope, let us first have a little background of the company or brand that manufactures and produces it. The night vision rifle scope that we will feature here comes from an American company named Nightforce Optics, Inc. This company has been established in the year 1992, and it is based in Lavonia, Georgia. It has some factories in Idaho. 

This company is known for producing an array of accessories used for hunting. Some of the examples are spotting scopes, mounting accessories, and telescopic sights. The devices manufactured by Nightforce Optics, Inc. are known to be very reliable in the shooting grounds. To be honest, it is pretty expected from them since their products are made of high-end materials, resulting in premium quality devices and accessories. 

Now, we will start discussing the features of the specific night vision rifle scope mentioned above and manufactured by the company of NightForce. Together with the descriptions and benefits of its features, here is a review of NightForce NX8 4-32x50mm Riflescope.

This Specific Night Vision Riflescope is known Popularly for its:

First Focal Plane

First focal plane

The reticle of this night vision rifle scope is placed at the first focal plane. Using this specific feature, you will experience having a reticle size that does not change even when you zoom in using a higher magnification or zoom out using a lower magnification. It is an amazing feature to have since it gives you a reliable estimate of your targets’ actual size. In addition, you will also be able to adjust the power of your shots with your determined estimation. Since you will be able to estimate your targets’ actual size, you will also be able to adjust the power of your shots depending on the size of the targets to hunt them down with just one shot surely.

Parallax Adjustments: 

Parallax Adjustments

When your shooting targets are within the range of 100 yards, you will experience with this night vision rifle scope’s parallax. Meaning to say, its performance is parallax-free within that range. Meanwhile, you will experience no hassle too when you use this night vision rifle scope within ranges beyond 11 yards because it will provide you with the necessary adjustments that you will need. 

Adequate Eye Relief: 

Adequate Eye Relief

The eye relief of this night vision rifle scope is considered adequate and safe for use. With an exact distance of 3.5 inches, the eye relief of this scope will surely give you a safe hunting experience, especially when the rifle that you’re using it with is known for having some powerful and heavy recoil. Besides reliability, the safety that your scope is also important, and that’s why this feature is one of the best assets of this night vision rifle scope.

Compact Size: 

The size of this night vision rifle scope is perfect for mounting, even in rifles that are not heavy duty. It has a mounting length of only 5.7 inches and an overall length of 13.4 inches. With a very compact size like this, you’ll surely have no problem every time you want to hunt and shoot in places that are considered to be confined. In addition, this is your advantage since you will be allowed to have stealthier attacks with just a very small size.

Lightweight Design:

Weighing only 5.7 ounces, you will surely not get exhausted when you carry this scope anytime. This night vision rifle scope will never give you a hard time from short to your hunting trips’ extremely long duration. There are many benefits that you can get from this night vision rifle scope’s lightweight. The first one is by having improved mobility that you cannot have with scopes are made with a heavyweight. Another benefit is that it can carry easily in your bags or even mounted on your rifles. You can even put it in a pouch as long as it fits and protected.

Magnification Power: 

Magnification Power

The magnification of this night vision rifle scope is another amazing feature that it has. With an option that ranges from 4x to 32x, you will excellent in shooting within mid-range to extremely long-range of distances; even when your targets are placed at a distance of 1000 yards, you will have the accuracy the precision for your shots. It is a great feature to have since it adds more versatility to the scope by allowing it to be used for a very wide range of activities.

Illuminated Reticle: 

Illuminated reticle

This scope’s illuminated reticle will help you to see better, especially when paired with its night vision technology. When shooting and hunting at night, illuminated reticles are an advantage that you can have compared to the non-illuminated ones. In addition, an illuminated reticle contributes to having a faster target acquisition—with this; you will have the ability to take down more targets in just a span of less time.

Large Objective Lens: 

Large Objective Lens

Another feature that supports the night vision technology of this rifle scope is its large objective lens. As you know, night vision technology makes use of the little amount of light available in the environment—whether it be moonlight, starlight or other sources of light. Once night vision technology gathered a small amount of light, it amplifies the light to form better quality and brighter appearance when compared to the actual view. With an exact objective lens diameter that measures 50 millimeters, the light that this night vision riflescope can gather will be larger in an amount to support more of the night vision property incorporated in it.

Matte Black Finish: 

When people see gadgets and devices that are finish with a coating of matte black, the first that comes to their mind is the aesthetics that it brings the exterior design of the specific gadget, they are looking at. But what is more amazing with gadgets that have matte finishes is that they are more protected from rust and scratches. The matte finish tends to be more protected when compared to the easily scratched gloss finish. This finish also helps this night vision rifle scope be stealthier in appearance; thus, it helps bring camouflaging properties.

Fog Proof and Water Proof Construction: 

The way that this night vision rifle scope is constructed makes it very durable and reliable at the same time. With a completely waterproof and fog-proof design, this rifle scope is much more protected from any weather you might be exposed to in the shooting grounds. In addition, it also performs with more reliability due to these two properties that it is incorporated with. In addition, scopes are designed to have these two properties tend to last longer than those designed this way.

Throw Lever: 

The throw lever of this night vision rifle scope will be the one responsible for bringing you a smooth switch from one magnification setting to another. Scopes are designed with this feature easier to use, especially when the scope’s magnification power is designed to have a very wide range. 

One of the most trusted brands that manufacture high-quality scopes and other devices used for hunting, this specific rifle scope equipped with night vision technology, is really worth buying. It also comes with flip-up lens covers that are useful in protecting the lenses when they are not in use. 

Bottom Line:

The NightForce NX8 4-32X50mm is a scope that will help you to hunt easier and better at night. It is equipped with the night vision technology that makes it one of the most advanced; you will surely have a good time in using this scope during all your hunting activities. Also, this rifle scope is reasonably priced, considering all the features and functions that it offers. So, try to check it out if you want to have an improved hunting experience at night.

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