AGM Wolverine Pro-4 4x-70mm Night Vision Riflescope- Expert Review

The night vision technology‘s best applications can be found in many gadgets and devices these days, such as night vision monoculars, night vision binoculars, night vision cameras, and night vision scopes. With the incorporation of the night vision in these usual devices for everyday living and tasks, some of the activities humans have become easier and better. Let’s go for a AGM Wolverine Pro-4 4x-70mm Night Vision Riflescope Review.

In addition to that, these devices have been of great help in saving more lives during rescue operations are done and require the use of night vision devices. With that considered, these devices are an important of the world that we are living in today. Here, we will feature one of the night vision devices that has helped a lot of people when it comes to hunting—to be specific; it comes from a trusted company. The product is called “AGM’s WolverinePro—4 4x-70mm Night-Vision-Riflescope.”

Before we do that, let us have a little background of the company that designed and manufactured it to have a little knowledge about this night vision scope. So, AGM Global Vision is a company in Sofia, Bulgaria. This company is one of the best companies that are known to manufacture a wide variety of products that can be used for a wide variety of applications.

To be more exact, some of the products that they are manufacturing and producing are monocular, spotting scopes, clip-on systems, lasers, illumination devices (infrared), rifle scopes, and other devices that are related to thermal imaging and night vision. This company has been in the industry for over 65 years, that’s why it is one of the most trusted companies by experts, enthusiasts, and professionals too. In addition, many big-game hunters, weapon enthusiasts, law enforcers, and military men have testified that AGM Global Vision’s products are indeed reliable.

This article’s main topic is the best features that this specific night vision scope is designed to have for reliable and long-lasting performance in the shooting and hunting grounds. 

AGM Wolverine Pro-4 4x-70mm Night Vision Riflescope Review

Compact Size:

The size of this rifle scope will not give you any hassle when you try to move in narrow locations for your hunting and shooting trips. Its length is 8.5 inches, width is 3.7 inches, and height is only 3.2 in total. With a total dimension like that, this rifle scope is made more convenient when used in many places where obstacles or other stumbling blocks are present. It is also perfect when used in forests since, its size; it will surely not bump into the branches of trees. 

Lightweight Design: 

One of the skills that you have to possess when you are hunting is speed—this is an important thing to practice and exercise since there are many fast-moving targets in the wilds. With a total weight of only 2.4 pounds, this night vision rifle scope will help you achieve the speed that you want to have. Unlike other heavy-duty rifle scopes, this specific one will never hinder your mobility. In addition to that, with a very light weight like this, you’ll surely not even notice that you are carrying throughout hunting trips.

Fixed Magnification Power: 

Fixed magnification power

Suppose you’re not heard about the advantages of rifle scopes that have a fixed magnification when compared to other scopes that have variable magnification. In that case, you must know that fixed magnification has many benefits to offer. With a fixed magnification of 4x, this night vision rifle scope is focused on giving you the best accuracy and precision within mid-range hunting and shooting. 

Usually, scopes with fixed magnification power are specialized in one range, and that is an advantage since they can just focus on providing the best performance within the range they are designed for. In addition to that, scopes are of fixed magnification power tend to have fewer moving parts than those with a variable magnification power. Thus, they are sturdier and more durable in construction due to that reason. 

Rugged Design and Built: 

This specific night vision riflescope is designed and made from aircraft-grade aluminum—this material is widely known for the high strength, durability, and lightweight. With this material used for this night vision rifle scope, you will surely have a scope that will repel impact and recoil from heavy-duty rifles. In addition, even when this rifle scope gets bumped into a hard thing, it will still survive due to the rugged design and built that it has.

Large Objective Lens: 

When talking about the benefits of having a large objective lens, it is always about the light-gathering capabilities that it gives a specific scope. Due to the night vision technology incorporated in the design of this scope, it is built to have a large objective lens, which is much needed to be a great support for gathering more light from the surroundings. 

Usual scopes have objective lenses that range from the size of 30 millimeters to 50 millimeters. While this specific night vision scope has a larger objective lens diameter of 70 millimeters. With this size, you surely will have no problem when using this night vision rifle scope in the morning and at night too.

Battery Type and Life: 

The battery used for this night vision riflescope is a very simple type, which you can buy from almost any convenience store, hypermarkets, malls, and hard wares. To be more specific, the battery you can buy to operate this night vision riflescope is AA Alkaline batteries. In addition, the operating life of this scope can last for 40 hours. With this duration, even if you decide your hunting trips for more than one day, you will surely have the option of using this night vision rifle scope.

Second Focal Plane: 

The location that the reticle of this scope is placed at the second focal plane. With the reticle placed there, you will not change its size, even if zoom in or zoom out. You will have a full view of your targets and have a more broad view of the shooting grounds you are viewing through this night vision rifle scope.

Storage and Operating Temperature Range:

When this night vision riflescope is not in use, you can have the option of storing it in a wide range of temperatures. From -58 degrees Fahrenheit to -158 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll surely have the assurance that this night vision riflescope will not get damaged. On the other hand, you can operate or use this rifle scope within a temperature range of -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 122 degrees Fahrenheit—this is the temperature range you can expect this scope to be reliable in performance. 

When this night vision riflescope is bought, it comes with a free user manual, one lens cloth, one soft-carrying case, and one long-range infrared illuminator. Indeed, this night vision riflescope is one of the best that you can find for your hunting trips at night.

Bottom Line:

The night vision rifle scope featured above is one of the best rifle scopes that you can even mount on your rifles. The features and durability that it provides have been and are still of extreme help for many hunters who choose to hunt at night. This night vision riflescope will be your best advantage against varmints, coyotes, deer, pests, and other animals who roam in the forests at night.

Hope this AGM Wolverine Pro-4 4x-70mm Night Vision Riflescope Review was useful.

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