Opsales Polycarbonate Clip-On Review

Glasses are used as an eye contact device, to improve the sense of seeing. The glasses were specially designed for the people with eyesight problem. But nowadays, the glasses are of various types and they are used for various purposes.

Opsales polycarbonate clip-on review

Only a few people all over the world use glasses for eyesight problems; many others use glasses for various other activities. Sunglass is also a type of glass that can be used for viewing all the external things and objects in the bright sunlight.

These sunglasses are also of various types and design. The clip-on sunglasses can be used along with the other glasses. Some clip-on sunglasses are designed with the night vision feature and one among them is the Opsales polycarbonate clip-on sunglasses.

Opsales Polycarbonate Clip-on Review

The night vision is provided completely by the lens used in this device. As this is a clip on device, it can be used easily along with other glasses. Even the person with power glasses can use this device. This glass is comfortable and it offers perfect vision both in bright daylight and dark night light conditions. This sunglass has many features. The important features of this device are listed below.


The Opsales polycarbonate clip-on glasses is a durable glass with a high-quality steel construction. This steel has a black coating and hence, it has the rust resistant technology with it. Added to this, the steel is compatible and makes the frame unique of all designs.


The lens used in this device is also made up of high quality and it has a high resolution. The lenses are made up of polycarbonate and hence, they are also useful in night vision. The polycarbonate used in this design makes the optics durable in bright sunlight and in low light condition.


This device uses clip-on technology and with this technology the optics can be placed easily above the other optics. The clip-on technology used in this optics is a squeeze clip on technology. This glass also has a low profile design and so, it can be used by the persons with eyesight problems too.


The clip on is made up of metal alloy and it can be placed on all the metal and plastic frames. So, these glasses can be placed along with cooling glasses too. The clip mechanism is also durable and this product has virtually unbreakable clipping mechanism.

Scratch Resistant

The optics used in this glasses have inbuilt shift and scratch resistant feature. This feature is due to the legs of its glass, has a special proprietary coating and this coating protects the ophthalmic lenses.

Easy To Use

This optics is designed in a simple, easy to use method, so that the user can use this device with the single hand itself. The clips are very easy to fix and it can also be removed with a single hand. So, the user can use this device whenever needed.


The Opsales polycarbonate clip-on sunglasses has various advantages including the following.

  • These sunglasses offers both night and daylight vision.
  • Very easy clip-on without harming the other glass.
  • Lightweight and is very easy to handle.
  • Clip spring mechanism is sturdy and strong.
  • Easy flip up and flip down feature.

Opsales Polycarbonate Clip-On

Key features: steel frame, polycarbonate optics. and clip-on technology.

Pros: Easy flip-up and flip-down, offers both day and night vision, durable.Purchase This Product on Amazon.com

The above mentioned are the various features and advantages of Opsales polycarbonate clip-on sunglasses. So, try this glass and share your views with us.

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