Opsales Polycarbonate Clip-On Review

Glasses are used as an eye contact device to improve the sense of seeing. The glasses were specially designed for the people with eyesight problems. But nowadays, the glasses are of various types, and they are used for various purposes.

Only a few people all over the world use glasses for eyesight problems while many others use glasses for various other activities. 

Sunglass is also a type of glass that can be used for viewing all the external things and objects in the bright sunlight.

These sunglasses are also of various types and designs. The clip-on sunglasses can be used along with the other glasses. 

Some clip-on sunglasses are designed with the night vision feature, and the Opsales polycarbonate clip-on sunglasses are among them.

What are Clip-on Sunglasses?

Clip-on glasses are the type of glasses that can be easily clipped onto the frames of prescription glasses or on regular frames. 

It can either feature Polarized or non -polarized lenses. Most of the people like to prefer polarized lenses because they can filter and block glare.

A person who wears prescription glasses might feel difficult when they are intended for outdoor activities and require sunglasses. 

As a consequence, they turn over to clip-on sunglasses. And it lets them use without removing the prescription glasses. 

Clip-on sunglasses provide maximum UV protection being lightweight and also scratch-proof. Moreover, there are three types of clip-on sunglasses.



Do Clip-on Sunglasses Work?

Yes, clip-on glasses work like real sunglasses. Unlike other forms of sunglasses, Clip-on glasses can be worn together with the glasses that your doctor prescribed. 

These glasses have tinted lenses that are clipped on to regular prescription glasses. Maximal clip-on glasses are designed to fit all types of regular prescription glasses. 

These clip-on glasses come in various tint, shapes, and sizes with UV protection and clear vision with their polarising effect. 

Moreover, the glasses are made with a polycarbonate material that is scratch-resistant, and the clips are coated with silicone to prevent scratching prescription glasses when attaching.

The glass frames are generally made up of metal, metal alloy, nylon, plastic and titanium, and beta-titanium. Titanium is a silver-gray metal, and it’s strong, durable, corrosion-resistant, and lightweight.

Polarized vs Non-Polarized glasses

While selecting a clip-on sunglasses there might be confusion on choosing with polarized or non-polarized glasses. 

Polarized glasses provide complete protection against glare from the sun and block harmful UV rays. 

Polarized lenses not only reduce glare but it also offers visual clarity and comfort to produce sharper and clear images. But non-polarized glasses do not offer 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays. 

Opsales Polycarbonate Clip-on Review

The night vision is provided completely by the lens used in this device. As this is a clip-on device, it can be used easily along with other glasses. Even a person with power glasses can use this device. 

This glass is comfortable, and it offers perfect vision both in bright daylight and dark night conditions. This sunglass has many features. The important features of this device are listed below.


The Opsales polycarbonate clip-on glass is a durable glass with high-quality steel construction. 

This steel has a black coating, and it has the rust-resistant technology with it. Moreover, the steel is compatible and makes the frame unique to all designs.


The lens used in this device is also made up of high quality, and it has a high resolution. 

The lenses are made up of polycarbonate, and hence, they are useful in night vision. The polycarbonate used in this design makes the optics durable in bright sunlight and in low light conditions.


This device uses clip-on technology, and with this technology, the optics can be placed easily above the other optics. 

The clip-on technology used in this optics is a clip-on squeeze technology. This glass also has a low profile design, so it can be used by the people who have eyesight problems too.


The clip-on is made up of metal alloy, and it can be placed on all the metal and plastic frames. So, these glasses can be placed along with cooling glasses too. 

The clip mechanism is also durable, and this product has a virtually unbreakable clipping mechanism.

Scratch Resistant

The optics used in these glasses have in-built shift and scratch-resistant features. 

This feature is due to the legs of its glass, has a special proprietary coating, and this coating protects the ophthalmic lenses.

Easy To Use

This optics is designed in a simple, easy-to-use method so that the user can use this device with a single hand itself. 

The clips are very easy to fix, and they can also be removed with a single hand. So, the user can use this device whenever needed.

Types of Clip-on Sunglasses

Clip-on sunglasses have three different types, and they are explained below,

  • Standard clip-on

These standard clip-on sunglasses are designed in such a way they can be easily clip-on to the existing prescription glasses. 

The standard clip-on lenses have been designed with a front frame and a pair of lenses; they have a clip at the center of the bridge. 

Like regular prescription glasses, the clip-on sunglasses also have different frame shapes such as square, circle, and oval corresponding to them. 

Standard clip-on glasses are a great substitute for regular prescription glasses, and they are used to protect our eyes from reflected glare and harmful UV rays.

  • Flip-up clip-on

Flip-up clip-on glasses don’t require frequent insertion and removal since these flip-up clip-on sunglasses are different from standard clip-on glasses. 

These glasses can remain clipped on the frame of the regular prescription glasses as long as the user intends. These glasses are light in weight and easy to carry around. 

Frames are generally made up of nylon, plastic, metal, or a metal alloy. These flip-up glasses are easy to clip on and can be flipped up when not in use. 

These glasses have dual functions: when the outer color lenses are down it acts as a sunglasses, and when it’s flipped up they have a clear inner lens. Also, the clear inner lens can be replaced by users’ own lens.

These flip-up sunglasses come in different shades, and it comes in different lens colors like yellow, grey, copper, and brown. 

As same as standard clip-on glasses, these flip-up clip-on glasses also protect our eyes from UV rays and glare. 

Though these flip-up clip-on sunglasses are very popular nowadays and these glasses are cost-effective but great in quality. 

These glasses are great for driving, flying, trekking, multiple sports, fishing, climbing, riding a motorcycle, decorating, DIY, and also for exterior maintenance and other outdoor activities.


  • Easy to put on over your regular prescription glasses
  • Change regular glasses into sunglasses.
  • These anti-glare glasses are designed to be used together with regular glasses.
  • Great for the people who are already wearing a pair of prescription glasses and don’t need to spend money on buying a pair of sunglasses.
  • Polarized lenses
  • Easy flip-up and flip-down feature.
  • Offers UV protection
  • Magnetic clip-on

Magnetic clip-on sunglasses are a convenient way to transform your pair of prescription glasses into sunglasses. 

One important note is that magnetic clip-on works only with the glasses which have a metallic frame. It has the properties of a magnet, and it only gets attached to the metallic frame.

These metallic clip-on sunglasses are easy to take on and take off. It has built-in magnets at the edge of the frame and an anti-skid hook on the bridge, so it is easy to clip-on, and the glasses fit perfectly. All the other aspects are similar to the standard and flip-up clip-on glasses. 

Features of Magnetic clip-on sunglasses

  • HD polarized lens enables durability, UV protection, polarization, and Shatterproof
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Fashionable and Convenient for wearing.
  • The polarized lenses provide anti-glare protection and reduce eye strain and also block out the harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Benefits of Clip-on Sunglasses

The Opsales polycarbonate clip-on sunglasses have various benefits including the following.

  • While compared to prescription glasses, Clip-on glasses are cost-effective.
  • Clip-on glasses provide various benefits to eyes, it protects our eyes from harmful UV rays, blue light, and reflected glare. 
  • Polarized sunglasses protect from anti-glare, sometimes glare can be able to cause permanent damage to our vision.
  • These glasses can be worn together with the regular prescription glasses and they are convenient to use.
  • Clip-on glasses are excellent for nighttime driving. It helps to combat glare from the headlights of the upcoming vehicle so that accidents might be reduced.
  • Clip-on glasses just eliminates the hassle and gives you a classic style.
  • They fit well into your regular prescription glasses and help you see better at night.
  • These sunglasses offer both night and daylight vision.
  • Very easy clip-on without harming the other glass.
  • Lightweight and is very easy to handle.
  • Clip spring mechanism is sturdy and strong



Bottom line

Switching over from one pair of glasses to another pair of glasses is a big hassle and also makes us spend more money on glasses. To overcome this problem, Clip-on glasses are a better solution. Before buying a pair of glasses, it’s necessary to check that the lenses have UV protection. Lens colors are not a major factor, and different color lenses give you various options. 

Some colors provide you extra protection, and some colors for cosmetics purposes. Grey and Brown lenses protect from strong sunlight, and yellow lenses are great for nighttime driving and provide brighter vision. The glasses that are made using Polycarbonate lenses offer extra protection because they are highly resistant to impact. Moreover, these lenses are highly great for persons who work in hazardous workplaces or environments.

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