Sig Sauer Romeo4T Tactical SOR43031 RDS Review

Red dot sight” is not a particular type of optics. It is a general term that covers many types of optics. Are you searching for a sight that should be ideal for both short and medium range shooting? Then the Sig Sauer Romeo4T Tactical SOR43031 RDS is the best option to use. It allows you to achieve targets in various light conditions. 



Sig Sauer Romeo4T Tactical SOR43031 RDS Review

Romeo 4T brand will provide outstanding performance in various lighting environments and a long range of calibers. This sight is fully ruggedized, an aspect that lets it deliver better performance in harsh environments. The outer body of the sight is made of an ultra-durable 7075 aluminum material which is lightweight, so the carrying option is easier.

It remains effective when used in various temperature ranges, and it can submerge up to 20 meters. If you would like to purchase a long lasting sight for range shooting, this is the unit to choose as it has been equipped with a durable 100000 hours battery, in addition to solar.

In terms of the reticle options, this unit is diverse, so it provides up to four options that are circle dot, dot, the dot with holds, and a circle dot with holds. This particular red dot sight has the Ballistic Circle Dot .5 MOA Reticle.

The Romeo 4T has pre-fitted with the front and the rear through lens covers, and even better is that it provides unlimited eye relief, which makes it possible to aim point and target for the shooter.

Features of the Sig Sauer Romeo 4T

Romeo 4T from the Sig Sauer offers many beneficial aspects. You can use it for many applications. Let’s see what are the features this red dot sight provides and how it was useful for us.

Design and Build

It seems like a low profile red dot sight when we look at the outside of the Sig Sauer Romeo 4T. But if you look at this sight, then you will notice all the conspicuous solar panels, which are essential for improved illumination. It also has buttons to increase and decrease the brightness settings of the sight.

Its battery compartment has been made easily accessible, and you can quickly change the batteries. The outer body comes with a matte black finish which is durable and best for camouflage when you are in an aggressive environment. It is made of lightweight aluminum housing that provides more protection and makes your carrying option easier. You will not feel heavy while you take it or mount it on your rifle.

The remarkable feature of this unit is that it has been integrated with an intelligent system which is also known as the Motion Activated Illumination. It powers up when sensing motion and power down when an extended period of inactivity. This feature helps to conserve the sight energy that is extracted from solar and battery.

Finally, you will not fail to recognize the standard lens covers which protect the glass during storage and transportation.

Optical Performance

The Sig Sauer Romeo 4T red dot sight’s optical performance is the reason to choose this sight. The optical sight features some of the most advanced technologies for beginners, and people will be furnished with quad reticle technology. The attached illumination system is unique and quite different from other optical sights.

The illumination is solar powered, and it has been integrated with an advanced micro electronic energy management system. This system combined with the battery, will provide the illuminated reticles with the related light. Apart from this, other aspects that have been integrated into this red dot sight can help improve its functionality, such as lens armor, maintaining brightness, clarity, and sharpness. You can find the HDX optical coating in this Sig Sauer Romeo 4T red dot sight. It ensures that this sight delivers the highest resolution and is complete with the related light transmission.

Performance of the Reticle

The Romeo 4T from Sig Sauer has come with many features that are very beneficial for tactical shooters and hunters. When we talk about the reticle performance, shooters have been delivered with Ballistic Circle Dot .5 MOA Reticle. Moreover, you will get unlimited eye relief along with this red dot sight which means it accurately targets acquisition. The optical sight used highly efficient LED lighting, which can help for daylight visibility and a longer run time.

Submersion and Waterproofing

Submersibility is not a serious factor that most sights can have. However, a decent number can only be used in moist environments. This Romeo 4T red dot sight is not only submergible but also can be used in humid situations or under light rain showers.

This sight has an IPX-8 waterproof rating, which means you can submerge the sight for more than one meter under the water, and to be accurate is that it can be able to submerge up to 20 meters. In addition to this, this red dot sight is also shockproof and fog proof so that you can use it in any environmental condition and rugged situation. It protects your sight from internal fogging.

Who is Best Suited for This Sight?

The Romeo 4T is specially designed for short and medium range shootings and also for recreational shooting. The rifle is compatible with a sight such as semi automatic pistols, MSR platforms, and the shotgun. It also has some alternatives that are Sig Sauer SOR43021 Romeo4S Red Dot, the Sig Sauer SOR43011 Romeo4H Red Dot, and the Sig Sauer SOR41111 1 x 20 ROMEO4DR.

Comparison Table of SOR43031 and Its Alternative Optical Sights


Sig Sauer SOR43031 Romeo4T Tactical RDS

Sig Sauer SOR43021 Romeo4S Red Dot

Sig Sauer SOR43011 Romeo4H Red Dot

Sig Sauer SOR41111 1 ROMEO4DR 

Battery life 

100000 hrs

100000 hrs

50000 hrs

50000 hrs


IPX-8 rated

IPX-7 rated

IPX-7 rated



11 oz

1.1 pounds

1.41 pounds

3.53 oz


Ballistic Circle Dot .5 MOA Reticle

Ballistic Circle Dot .2 MOA Reticle

Ballistic Circle Dot .2 MOA Reticle

65 MOA Circle Dot, 2 MOA red dot 


7 x 4.75 x 2.6 inches

7.75 x 4.75 x 3.5 inches

7.75 x 5 x 3.5 inches

8.98 x 7.36 x 3.54 inches

Objective lens diameter





Battery Type







Final Verdict

It’s time to wrap up here. This Romeo 4T maintains high functionality as it has advanced innovative technology. It helps to improve the optical sights functionality and ensures the target acquisition. You can use this red dot sight for various applications. This red dot sight is worth your money. We will see you soon in the next post.

Enjoy and safe hunting!

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