Hawke Sport Optics Airmax 30 SF 4-16x50mm Riflescope Review

Hunting is a popular sport among US countries and they are spending a lot on their hunting equipment. Finding the best scope for hunting is a difficult task, it plays an important role in hunting.

Having good quality scope provides a high-quality image of the target for better target acquisition. This Hawke Sport Optics Airmax 4-16x50mm Riflescope is the best choice for you.

This scope has great versatility, which is suitable for both hunting and tactical shooting. It is well known for its durable construction and multi-coated lens. The side focus control for the parallax adjustment ensures accurate target shooting, it increases accuracy even in long-range shooting.

If you are a long-range shooter, the modern features of this riflescope give an optimized performance. In this review, we are explained about the features that make this scope best. 



Hawke Sport Optics Airmax 30 Side Focus 4-16x50mm Riflescope Review

This Sport Optics Airmax 30 Side Focus 4-16x50mm Riflescope from Hawke is the best scope used by most hunters. Because this product gives reliable performance while hunting. This scope comes with various magnification ranges and reticle options, so you can choose the option based on the shooting range. 

Due to the built quality and features of this scope, it can be used for a wide range of applications. Let’s see a clear look at all features of this scope.

Durable Built Quality

Durability is the most important factor to consider while choosing the optics or anything. If you would like to choose a scope for long time use, you should consider its built quality. 

The material used in this scope ensures longevity. The single tube design of this scope ensures rugged construction and is suitable for all tactical situations. 

The 30mm tube is made of aluminum material that provides superior strength.

The internal parts of this scope make it suitable for all weather conditions that offer shockproof and waterproof performance. 

The nitrogen purged and o-ring seal of this scope helps to protect this scope from fog and water internally in all temperature conditions.

The 30mm tube is coated with a matte finish that ensures scratchproof features. Moreover, this matte finish helps to avoid reflection under sunlight, so the target will not get aware while hunting.

Magnification Range

This Hawke Sport Optics Airmax 30 Side Focus Riflescope comes with a 4-16X magnification range, which is one of the famous scopes for long-range shooting. The magnification range of this scope provides a high-quality image of the target in big game hunting. 

The lower magnification range 4x provides a wide field of view for the quick target acquisition. The maximum magnification range of 16x provides high-resolution crystal clear images even at low light conditions. In these magnification ranges, you can choose one based on your hunting requirements.

Objective lens

The objective lens of the sight establishes the quality view of the target. This Hawke Sport Optics Airmax 30 Side Focus Riflescope comes with a high-quality objective lens to improve the brightness and clarity of the target image.

The 16 layers of the multi-coated lens of this scope prevent glare and allow maximum light transmission for a clear image of the target even in low light conditions. The 50mm large objective lens allows more light transmission, so you can get high-quality images in any lighting conditions.

Eye Relief

When it comes to recoil, using the scope with a heavy recoil rifle will hit the face while shooting. So using a scope with a heavy recoil rifle is not fun. The eye relief distance will help to prevent injuries from heavy recoil. 

This Riflescope has a 4-inch eye relief distance that is better enough to protect your eyes and eyebrows from damages. The exit pupil length of this scope is 0.5 to 0.1 inches that helps to easily focus the target.

Mil Rad Reticle

One of the important features that the hunters and shooters have to consider is the scope’s reticle option. This Hawke Sport Optics Airmax 30 Side Focus Riflescope is designed with AMX IR reticle, it makes a great effect to shoot moving targets and hunting in low light conditions. 

The reticle is placed in the second focal plane, so it is best for accurate shooting and long-range shooting. This illuminated type has 6 brightness settings, you can adjust the brightness level by using the turret. 

The ranging ability and long-range performance are very surprising of this reticle. The Etched glass of this reticle will boost the image resolution in low light, so you can easily see the long-distance target. 


This Hawke Sport Optics Airmax Riflescope’s turrets are amazingly designed. It is simply designed with clarity, audible click and crisp marking. The elevation and windage adjustment turret of this scope helps to adjust the reticle for accurate shooting. 

The elevation turret is designed on the top of the scope, it will change 1/10 MRAD per click. The windage turret will change 1/10 MRAD per click.


One CR2032 battery is used as a power source of this scope. Due to the battery life of this scope, you can continuously hunt more than 1000 hours. This type battery is easily available in stores, so it is very easy to replace.

Into The Box

Hawke provides some other products with the riflescope, they are:

  • Reticle Booklet
  • Instruction Manual
  • Lens Cloth
  • Scope alignment booklet
  • Metal Flip-Up Lens Covers
  • 4-inch Sunshade
  • 4-inch Sidewheel
  • Flip-up Removal Tool
  • CR2032 Battery
  • Hex Key



Final Words

The Hawke Sport Optics Airmax 30 Side Focus 4-16x50mm Riflescope is a best choice for medium budget. The passionate hunters, serious shooters, or beginners can choose this scope.

Based on the price range, performance, features, built quality, this riflescope is the best choice in this price range.

When it comes to target acquisition, this scope helps to shoot the target accurately in any weather conditions. By using this scope, you will get a better shooting experience in low light conditions. 

We hope this review will help you to know the features and performance of this Hawke Sport Optics Airmax Riflescope.

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