Sightmark Photon XT 4.6X42S Review


As we are not having enough sight to view the objects during night time, we ought to use the night vision devices, to view the targets in the low light conditions. For this, the night vision riflescope gives its best performance than the other devices.

Sightmark Photon XT 4.6x42s Review

Talking about the riflescope, the Sightmark photon XT night vision riflescope is provided with the special features offering good performance in detecting the hidden objects. It is popular with their red dot sights.

Sightmark Photon XT 4.6x42s Review- Features

It consists of a long tube attached compact and combined with the riflescope. It comes with a 42mm objective lens through which you can get a clear view of the image. With the help of elevation adjustments, you can make simple and precise adjustments.

It consists of the reticle in 6 different styles and is available in various colors. The digital reticle can be used for wide range of applications. Two reticles are used for 320,350,370, and 400 fps crossbows.  Duplex reticles are used for hog hunting and mil-dot reticle helps in range finding and holdovers.

It has a video output device, which is used to record the video and the hunter can capture the images soon with its specially provided features.


It has the capacity to detect the objects 135m away from the people. With this, you can identify the targets from a certain distance. The higher magnification enables the images for extended viewing range.

Considering the weight of the monocular, it seems to be 30% lighter than the other kinds of the riflescope. So, at the time of hunting or boating, one can easily carry it anywhere without any risk.

The important note about the product is that it gives the clear and bright image through the high-resolution display. With the digital night vision, one can use it for more period of time without facing any irritation in your eyes. So, it can be used by all the people and can be used in the daytime as well as during the night time.

These riflescopes are made of shockproof and weatherproof materials and can withstand in all types of environmental conditions. They can stay for more periods of time without any damage. Apart from these, the lens, LCD screen, and flashlight are made of the best quality materials.  It has long battery life than the others.Sightmark Photon XT Night Vision Riflescope

Key features: objective lens, Shockproof, and weatherproof materials.

Pros: Offers high magnification, suits for all weather conditions.Purchase This Product on

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