Aurosports 20×60 Folding Binocular Review


Searching and purchasing the best night vision binocular among the various kinds of binoculars is one of the difficult tasks in today’s market. If you wish to buy a new high-quality, compact night vision binocular, read through this article which helps you to know the AuroSports brand night vision binocular in detail.

aurosports 30x60 folding binocular review

The AuroSports brand of night vision binocular consists of several beneficial factors with folding facility for the compact usage. This night vision binocular telescope is covered up by the red film coating, to resist the worst weather conditions and keep the device in a dust free condition.

Aurosports 30×60 Folding Binocular Review- The Design

The night vision technology inbuilt in this binocular highlights this product to the consumers. The AuroSports night vision binocular is the lightweight compact device and require only a little storage space. It works well for several applications such as travelling, hunting, birds searching, sightseeing ability, sports purposes, and other outdoor activities.

The AuroSports brand of night vision binocular is designed to work and perform the operation. It suits for both day and night operations by means of the IR illuminator. The generation 1 intensifier tube, inbuilt in this night vision binocular helps in the low-level lighting conditions, to get the clear image vision.

Specifications Of The Aurosports Night Vision Binocular

This folded type night vision binocular comes with a dimensional measure of 9 inches of height, 6 inches in length and 4 inches in width. Further, it consists of the Bak-4 type of roof prism, with the lens of 21mm diameter.

The field view ranges with a value of up to 126m and the lens is fully coated with multiple layers of blue color. Further, it includes the dual focusing ability, to focus the close distance of up to 3m.

The device weighs only 11 oz. and is equipped with internal metal designing and high qualified rubber material for the outer coatings. This waterproof  night vision binocular consist of high range of magnification with 30×60 units.

Features And Characteristics Of Aurosports Night Vision Binocular

The AuroSports 30×60 night vision binocular telescope is one of the best binocular types, which are very popular, inexpensive and a high qualified device because of its beneficial features and characteristics.

This compact light weight night vision binocular is an unique product when compared to other type of binoculars and is more convenient and easy to use. The red film coating helps you to get a perfect clear view of the targeted image in an accurate measure. This binocular is easy to carry on hunting, travelling, and other outdoor purposes and are convenient to fold, providing extra space.

This high quality fully adjustable device with the inbuilt focusing knob can be benefited in the low level lighting condition but, it does not work in the deep dark conditions. It includes lens cloth for cleaning the lens equipped in the device, to be free of dust particles. The blue colored multi-coating glass material is implemented in the center of the device, to focus the target correctly with the brighter lens range of up to 25mm.AuroSports 30 x 60 Night Vision Binocular Telescope

Key Features – compact device, low lighting night vision, dual focusing ability.

Pros – multi coating glass material, high quality device, provide clear image viewing.Purchase This Product on

If you feel the product to satisfy your needs, purchase one and write to us about its effectiveness.