Sightmark Ultra Shot M-Spec Reflex Sight Review

The reflex sight is one of the optic sights used in firearms to get an accurate target. If you want the advanced technology optical sight, don’t worry; here is the ideal sight for you to precisely hit your target.

So get ready for your hunting with Sightmark ultra shot M- spec reflex sight. Today shooters, hunters, and other outdoor sports men use this reflex sight for increasing their hunting experiences.

Sightmark ultra shot M- spec reflex sight is used by all shooters to get the accurate  target under various situations. The main reason to buy this sight mark shot M- spec reflex sight is it comes with huge benefits such as dustproof, shockproof, light-weighted, waterproof, and durable design of the sight.

If you wish to learn more information about this sight mark ultra shot M- spec reflex sight before purchasing, read this review article to know more details about it.

Sightmark Ultra Shot M-Spec Reflex Sight

Sightmark ultra shot M-spec FMS reflex sight is the ideal choice to accurately hit your target. At a low cost, you can get a better experience of hunting and shooting.

It comes with 10 different brightness settings that you can use according to your environment lighting condition. It is designed as lightweight and compact in size yet its rugged design. The materials used to build this reflex sight is magnesium alloy, and the sight has the matte black finish.

The diameter of the objective lens used in this reflex sight is 33 millimeters, and the eye relief of this sight mark ultra shot M-spec sight is unlimited that protects your eyes from the major eye problem. 

This reflex sight comes with some useful accessories that help to get better advantages; they are one neoprene cover, adjustable tool, and battery. Sightmark ultra shot M- spec reflex sight designed with night vision technology and some specific brightness setting.

The anti-reflective properties and scratch-resistant is offered in this ultra shot M-specs optical lens. A scratch-resistant coating protects your lens from scratches and damages that ensure its reliability and durability of this reflex sight. The attachment type of the mount is locking Picatinny. 


 This reflex sight is built with magnesium alloy, and it has matte black finish.  The magnesium alloy is stronger and lightweight than the 6061 aluminum alloy. That increases its durability and reduces its weight. The illumination type of this sight is an LED, and it illuminates redlight. 

The objective window diameter is 33x 24 millimeters, and it is wide enough for viewing your target. Sightmark ultra shot M spec reflex sight spec is 4.01 inches in length, 1.85 inches in width, and 2.32 inches in height. The weight of this sight is 9.6 Oz, and it is comfortable to carry.

It is constructed with a rugged design and the body of this sight is made from a magnesium alloy, hood is built from with lightweight 6061-t6 aluminum.

It is featured with water resistance and shockproof. This sight is automatically shut off after 12 hours of not being used. Sightmark ultra shot M spec FMS reflex sight comes with an integrated sunshade.

The sunshade integration used in this sight improves the ability to see the reticle. It helps you to avoid the reflection and glare of sunlight in the outdoor lighting condition. It Prevents the lens from the rain and debris, which damages the reticle.

Battery Life

The sightmark ultra shot M-spec reflex sight is powered by a single CR123A longe power battery, and it has the capacity to run 200 to 2000 hours continuously without any problems.

It indicates the battery level at 2 different times that are 2 hrs low battery indication and 10 mins low battery indication. 

2 hrs low battery indication: If the battery is going to die, it will indicate four times for every press of the button. 

10 mins low battery indication: The reticle will blink continuously until you change the new battery.

Optical Lens

Sightmark ultra shot M spec reflex sight lens is built with high-quality glass material. The diameter of this optical lens is 33 millimeters and the lens is finished with AR red coating.

The sunshade integration designed of this reflex sight will prevent the lens from major damages, and also you can see the clear and crisp view of the object.

It has a premium wide-angle optical lens with scratch-resistant and anti-reflective red coating. Scratch resistance allows you to see a clear view of the target and avoid the lens’s damages. 


Sightmark Ultra Shot M-Spec Reflex Sight provides a single 1x magnification range, and this model comes with a fixed magnification type so that you can not zoom your target.

The magnification range helps you to view the crip and clearly image of your target. Using this magnification range, you can get stunning focus while detecting the target in pitch dark condition.

The engineer has brilliantly designed the device with a clear focus so that the user can receive a mind-blowing operation.

Adjustment Type

This Sightmark Ultra Shot M-Spec Reflex sight’s adjustable type is MOA, and its click value is 0.5 MOA per click.

Using this, you can easily adjust the sight’s reticle, which allows you to hit your target accurately on the object.

It helps you to avoid major missing of targets and wrong shots so that you can identify your target accurately and point the target with a reticle to shoot. 

 Eye Relief

The distances between the shooter and the rear lens are called eye relief. The eye refile distance is very important to view your target accurately without any problems.

This reflex sight provides unlimited eye relief so that you can see the clear view of the object. Without stressing your eyes, you can view your target accurately and clearly with the help of eye relief. 

Water Resistance and Shockproof

Due to the IP68 water resistance feature, it has the ability to withstand in the water for a long time.

Sightmark ultra short-M-spec FMS reflex sight’s water resistance level is 40 feet so that you can submerge this sight into the water and it will ensure that it has the capability to withstand even in the underwater condition.

It has the ability to withstand all types of weather conditions. The shockproof is a protective insulator; it helps you to prevent from high voltage of power supply and electric shock.       

 Brightness Setting and Night Vision Ability

Sightmark ultra shot M spec reflex sight comes with night vision ability and 10 brightness settings. Using this, you can see a clear view of your target even in the low lighting condition.

When your environmental lighting condition is bad, you don’t worry about it. Using this brightness setting you can get a crisp and clear view of the object.

The adjustable side button used in this sight that helps you to easily adjust the brightness setting while shooting.   

Operating Temperature

The operating temperature of this sight mark ultra shot M spec reflex sight is – 22- to 160 Fahrenheit.

It has the ability to withstand different temperature ranges so that you don’t need to worry about the weather condition of your hunting area.

That it means it has the capacity to perform well in both the freezing temperature and extreme heat temperature.

Included Accessories

Sightmark Ultra Shot M-Spec Reflex Sight comes with some included accessories, with the help of these accessories you can get better performances of the shoot. They are;

  • Operations manual
  • CR123 Battery
  • Adjustment tools
  • Neoprene cover

Neoprene cover protect your sight while you work in the surroundings such as fog, snow, Dust, and smoke. Adjustment tool makes it flexible to work while shooting.

The manual operating guides you to operate this sight. Sightmark Ultra Shot M-Spec Reflex Sight provides a durable battery with two different battery indicators.

Final Words

Sight mark ultra shot M-spec reflex sight comes with required features for the great performances. This reflex sight allows you to find your target accurately even in the low lighting condition and worst weather condition.

Sightmark ultra shot M-spec reflex sight is the ideal choice for shooting, hunting, and outdoor purposes. Due to the lightweight and compact size of this reflex sight, it is easy to carry while hunting. Sight mark ultra shot M-spec reflex sight is the correct choice for enjoying your hunting.

I hope this article review provides all the information about it. 

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