Things to Avoid During Turkey Hunting

Hey guys, turkey hunting is there… Are you preparing for that? Here is the guide that helps you to know about what should you avoid during turkey hunting.

If you’re a new turkey hunter and don’t know about the turkey hunting factors, then read our guide to make perfect turkey hunting and have a great experience.

Turkey is a very smart and fast bird that makes you tired easily and they trick you so you have to be more careful during turkey hunting.

The most important thing in the turkey hunting is patience as it takes a very long time to make shots even in 20 yards distance.

Even the experienced hunters make wrong shots with their urgency and stress. When it comes to spring turkey hunting, you may have to spend a day for making perfect shots.

This guide has lots of experiences and memories that we spend on every turkey hunting trip. Not only beginners but also there are many professional turkey hunters learn new techniques about turkey hunting even they hunt for a decade.

The more you learn the more achieve. Reading our guide will help you know several things that you have to avoid during turkey hunting.

Mistakes to Avoid During Turkey Hunting

Turkeys are very clever and they have extreme hearing and sight power so a small mistake of yours make lead to a great spoiling of your turkey hunting. Here are the tips that help you to avoid mistakes while hunting turkeys.

Select Wrong Hunting Location

One of the major mistakes that every hunter make is selecting the wrong turkey hunting area. Some hunters set up the hunting spot quickly and it makes them wrong. When it comes to turkey hunting, always you have to take time and consider well to selecting the hunting area. The place that you choose should have large trees, stone, and other solid backgrounds to hide yourself from the turkeys. The best turkey hunting spot is where you can hide and hunt many turkeys from different directions. If you’re tired or feeling uncomfortable after sitting for a long time, then you should hide and take a rest. Always, avoid sitting on the empty and flat surfaces so try to rest behind any trees, bushes, thickets to hide from turkeys. You have to set the hunting spot where the turkeys have a high population.

Equipment Errors

As a turkey hunter, you should know which weapon and ammunitions are ideal for your needs. Nowadays, there are lots of modern rifles and guns so you can have to choose based on your requirements. There are several guns specially designed for turkey hunting on the market. Before getting into turkey hunting, you should know well about your gun and its patterning.

Miscalculating Distance

Most of the turkey hunters make wrong calculations about the distance of the turkeys. Generally, turkey hunting is one of the difficult sports as it takes very long for a shot. Thus, calculating the distance of the turkey helps you to shoot them without taking too long. The accurate calculation ensures perfect shots while the wrong ones always fail. It is better to use the rangefinder to determine the turkey distance and you can make proper shots without any lag. One thing you should note is that turkeys always look closer to you than their original distance in the open places such as fields, roads, or food plots.

Over Calling

Most of the novice turkey hunters are most excited to call the turkeys so they call frequently. This may annoy them and leads to scaring. This is the common mistakes that many beginning turkey hunters made. Calling turkeys in a natural way helps you to make proper shots. On the other hand, calling too slight is also seems unnatural, and calling too slight is also seems unnatural and makes them scared of other wild animals. Avoid using a single type of call and use different options so that you can with other if one doesn’t work out.


Impatience is one of the major mistakes that many turkey hunters do while turkey hunting. Patience is a very important thing that every hunter should keep as it takes a long time to make a shot. Stress and tension can lead to wrong shots that may affect your hunting adventures in the turkey field.

Final Words

I hope this guide will help you to make proper turkey hunting without any mistakes. As an experienced hunter, I’ve overcome lots of struggles when hunting turkeys on the field. Thus, if you’re a novice hunter, then you should read this guide to get an idea about turkey hunting factors. 

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