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A tripod is not only used in the photography field; it is also used for hunting, sports, and tactical shooting. Anyhow, choosing a best tripod is not the easiest task. If you want to get an ideal tripod for your application, you have to know some basic details about the tripod.

Before that, you should know the types of tripods available in the markets to choose the tripod that is suitable for your needs. We hope that this guide will help you to know the types of tripods. 

What is the tripod?

Tripod is a table or stool that altar with three legs stand or frame, which has a portable design. It is used as a platform to support the weight of the product, and also it helps to maintain the stability of the object. The tripod’s design gives stability against the horizontal forces, downward forces, and the movement in the horizontal axes. Positioning the three legs of the tripod away from the vertical center will provide better leverage to the tripod to resist the lateral forces.

Tripod in Hunting

When it comes to the tripod in the hunting field, the second-most-asked question after “What is the Best cheapest scope I can buy?” “What tripod should I buy for hunting?”.

It is a good question, and it starts when people realize that good optics can save time and step into the big task in the west’s rugged country. The spotting scope is the best optics for the long-range view, but you need a tripod to get more benefit from the high-magnification scope. That’s why people ask this question after the optics. The tripod has the option in the lightweight, compact, strong, and price. So you have to consider some important factors about tripod. Our guide will help you to how to choose a tripod

Types of Tripods

There are different types of tripods available in the market; we have divided 6 basic groups of them: Portable, Tabletop, Travel, Pocket, Sturdy Duty, and Medium Duty. We differentiate these categories based on the applications. 

Portable Tripods

The portable tripod is also known as the all-in-one tripod. This is the least expensive type of tripod; the heads and legs are permanently connected. The portable tripod is a good choice for beginners.

When you are spending more time with your optics and tripod, you might realize that this type of tripod does not have some features that you wish to have, like more height or different head types.

Anyhow, if you are spending the money on this type of tripod for the first time, then it won’t be wasted, especially if you are buying a decent quality all-in-one tripod. 

Tabletop Tripods

The tabletop tripod is an excellent choice for when you are going to position your optics on a flat surface other than the ground. The tabletop type tripods are small, lightweight, and easy to pack, so these tripods are also perfect for travel.

When you are using these types of tripods for a photo shoot, you just simply put it on the table, set the self-timer, and you can take a photo shoot by yourself. You can also turn the sideways of the tabletop tripod and place it against the wall for more stability when shooting.

Moreover, a tabletop tripod can able to hold the camera more than 12-inches off the ground, so it is an excellent accessory for down-to-earth shoots, including close-up flower photography. The tabletop tripods are best for group shots, Tactical shooting, Travel photography, macro shots, small cameras, etc. 

Travel Tripods

The features of the travel tripods compromise the functionality of the portability. Usually, the travel tripods are small in size so that you can easily store that in a bag.

If you are looking for the travel tripod, then check that the tripod will fit vertically in your bag, and also, you have to check that the tripod does not have the angle for sideways because it takes too much space in your bag.

The affordable travel tripods are made from plastic, but the high-end tripods are made from carbon fiber. Both travel tripods are light in weight, so you can take the tripod for long exposures. The travel tripods are a great choice for biking, hiking, etc. 

Pocket Tripods

Pocked tripods are designed only for portability. Usually, a pocket tripod can only stand 4-8 inches in height, and they are used to take quick self-portraits. Because the travel tripods’ height is very low and they are not designed to stand on the ground, you have to find a table to rest them on.

The pocket tripods are not extended vertically, so the place you are resting your tripod will determine the camera’s high or low. But, there is a problem with using this type of tripod; usually, you are resting the tripod on the counter or table, which is below your eye-level.

When using this for the self-portraits, the photos are in a low perspective that shows the chin’s underside. It makes you heavier in the photo than you are. The pocket tripods are not useful except that you keep them in your pocket or bag.

But you can easily carry everywhere with you. Most of the pocket tripods are not strong enough to support the full-sized DSLR and lens. The pocket tripods are best for point-and-shoot cameras, small mirrorless cameras, and camera phones. 

Sturdy Duty Tripod

The sturdy duty tripods are mostly used for studio purposes. The sturdy duty tripods are the field for professional photographers, who are generally buying a specific type of tripod that fit for their needs.

The sturdy duty tripods are big in size, sometimes it is immovable because of its weight, so it is mostly used with the specialized head. The sturdy duty tripods are specially designed for the medium-and-large-format camera.

These tripods are rare products in the digital field. Due to the weight of the sturdy duty tripod, it is also used for stability when hunting in a windy area. 

Medium Duty Tripod

The medium-duty tripods have filled the space between the lightweight, portable tripod and heavy-duty studio tripod. These types of tripods are usually used for nature photography, studio work, and portable portrait set-ups.

The advantage of these tripods is most of them are over the eye level, and it is heavier; therefore, you can get the sturdy image even in the low light condition. In the medium-duty tripod type, most of the tripods come with the head, but some of them do not come with that head.

In this case, you have to buy the head separately. There are many tripod head types available in the market, such as fluid heads, ball heads, and pan heads. This type of tripod is also a good choice for video cameras because of its stability. 

Best Tripod Manufacturers

We have listed some best tripod manufacturers based on today’s trends in the market. These brands provide the best tripods that will blow you away. Just think before investing in a tripod-like good optics.


The people surely cross the list of Manfrotto brands in their tripod search. This company is most popular because of its quality no matter the level of your optics usage, almost everyone who is searching for a tripod will check the tripods from Manfrotto. 

The Manfrotto was started in the 1960s for the light stand performance, founded by a working photographer Lino Manfrotto, who produced this equipment in his garage.

In the year 1970, he released his first tripod, which is most popular around the world. Then the Manfrotto expanded over the next several decades and will eventually become more expensive than Gitzo and Bogen. 

In the last few years, Manfrotto has started to produce tripods for smartphone photographers. The Manfrotto offers their tripod for a lot of applications. They manufactured tripods for professionals, beginners, and hobbyists with a wide range of features. 


Vanguard was started in 1986, and quickly it has grown and got the place as one of the best companies for the tripod. Moreover, the Vanguard is also well-known for hunting optics, camera bags, and more.

The vanguard’s headquarters is located in Myanmar, the center of the company is also located in Spain, the United Kingdom, the US, etc.

The specialty of the tripods manufactured by Vanguard is, they are designed uniquely flexible legs and center columns to set the optics in an unusual position like upside-down against the ground. If the Vanguard tripods are not in your budget, but it will stay at a reasonable price. 


If you say the name “Gitzo” to any professional hunter or photographer, the rock-solid, rugged carbon tripods immediately come to mind that can handle anything much.

The Gitzo and Manfrotto are the two biggest companies in the tripod world. But the Gitzo has a richer history than the Manfrotto. The Gitzo was founded 40 years earlier than the Manfrotto; in the year 1917, they shut down the company during World War 2, and then they again started the company after a few years.

But they were not started to manufacture the tripods until 1950, and today the Gitzo is well-known for the high-quality tripods.

The Gitzo has a reputation in the markets, so they are not taking any risk in manufacturing the lower-end tripod; they are exclusively concentrating on high-end heads and legs. The Gitzo is also well-known for the first manufacturing carbon fiber tripods, and also they are focusing on their innovations too. 


Sirui is not a well-known brand for tripods, but this company is seriously trying to improve the quality of its products since its founding in the year 2001.

Nowadays, Sirui manufactures a lot of products, such as tripod heads, tripod, smartphone tripod, monopod, etc. Sirui manufactures high-quality products at an impressively low price.

The Sirui does not make you fool in the quality with the price tag. The lineup of the Sirui tripod includes professional, travel, tabletop, outdoor.

Really Right Stuff

The Really Right Stuff was started as a small company in 1990, and now we can see the massive growth of that company. This company manufactures everything that is related to the tripod, such as quick-release plates, ball heads, gimbal heads, etc.

Impressively, the Really Right Stuff ships their products from one location: Utah, Lehi, USA. These are the places where this company manufactured their products, and they get a ‘family-owned business’ reputation.

The Really Right Stuff was started as a small company, but they do not compromise in their quality. This company is one of the high-end brands that is seen as a Mercedes of tripods. If you are ready to spend some more money, you will surely receive a supremely well-designed and well-built product. 


The tripod changed the entire life of photography and hunting. If you are starting to bargain when buying a tripod, then you will need to buy an upgraded version in the future.

Before choosing the tripod, you have to know the types of the tripod and the brands that manufacture the best tripods. We hope this article will help you to know the types and brands of a tripod for your better choice. 

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