UTG 3-12X44 30mm Compact Scope Review

Are you looking for a great tactical scope at an affordable price range? Then, the UTG SWAT 3-12×44 30mm Compact scope might be perfect for you, and it’s a dependable riflescope from Leapers. 

This scope has been made using the latest IE technology, which helps you to handle your scope in any environmental conditions. 

It includes several innovative features and benefits over other options on the market. That’s why it’s very popular amongst hunters and makes hunting games very convenient. 

Moreover, it’s considered as one of the favored scopes by both military and tactical shooters. 

So let’s get into the UTG 3 12×44 30mm compact scope review to know more about its innovative features.



Features of UTG 3-12X44 30mm Compact Scope

The unique and advanced features of the scope will prove that they work effectively for long-range hunting or tactical missions, and they are explained below.

Magnification and Objective lens

The UTG compact scope features a magnification range of 3x-12x and 30mm objective lens. 

This magnification range allows you to extend your effective range out to 1000 yards and beyond. The 3-12x magnification range enables versatile targeting, and it’s great for short and long-range hunting. 

In 3x magnification, you can view up to 34 feet, while the 12x magnification range allows you to view up to 8.4 feet.

By using this powerful magnification, you can hit faraway targets and precisely adjust your scope. Thus it helps you to hit your targets in close quarters.

IE Technology

Another great feature of this scope is that it has been built with an  IE(Illumination Enhancing) reticle that supports multi-color modes and personalized illumination. 

This feature is often included in the high-end scopes. The reticle in this scope includes 36 color spectrums. This makes the scope ideal to use in all environmental conditions and helps you to make accurate shots possible while operating your rifle. 

Moreover, the reticle in this scope lets the shooter easily hit their targets with great eye relief and less strain.

A 36-color EZ reticle is one of the crucial factors that helps you to shoot at night, and it’s ideal for color-blind shooters since they select the color spectrum that works well for their sight. 

The illumination comes with green or red color, which allows you to see the targets in low-light conditions. 

Moreover, the illumination buttons are at the top of the ocular tube, which is designed for simple and convenient finger operations. Thus, it’s easy to attain your goal with an EZ Tap reticle.

Eye Relief

The eye-relief of the scope is 3.4-3 inches, which is great enough for you to get a great view of the surrounding environments, and it provides ample forgiveness for using in tactical situations. 

The eye relief of the scope provides a more comfortable shooting and prevents your eye from hitting when hunting or shooting a game. 

Eye-relief of the scope is 3.4-3 inches, which is great enough for you to get a great view of the surrounding environments, and it provides ample forgiveness for using in tactical situations. 

The eye relief of the scope provides a more comfortable shooting and prevents your eye from hitting by the scope when hunting or shooting.

Emerald Coated Lenses

The UTG 3-12×44 30mm Compact Scope comes with emerald coated lenses, which provides a brighter and bigger picture of the target. 

The primary use of this emerald multi-coated lens is maximum light transmission and clarity even in low lighting conditions.

Many scopes come with this feature and transmit more light, but it’s difficult to find any other scope with better light transmission at this price range.

Premium Zero Locking

The scope has come with zero resettings and premium zero locking target turrets. 

It’s another great feature that makes this scope exceptional among its competitors. These features let you do your field adjustments, to get more consistency and precise in your target aiming. 

Mil-dot Reticle

The riflescope has come with a Mil-Dot range estimating glass etched reticle for hunters and shooters. 

It helps in aiming your targets or goals more sharply, also enhances your accuracy and performance. 

This scope offers 9 dots in each direction of the crosshairs, which means you will get 19 aiming points. 

It’s more than 4 standard dots. By including the inner tips of the duplex crosshairs, you will have an additional two aiming points.

Ergonomic Design and Construction

The UTG compact scope is built with the true strength platform and comes with nitrogen filled that is completely sealed for resisting fog proof, waterproof and shockproof. 

The scope comes with high durability and it has been tested to withstand all weather conditions. 

Moreover, the scope is able to withstand extreme recoil, and it works excellently for a long time. 

The scope weighs only about 1.4 pounds, but it looks heavier due to the built and design of the scope. Also, the scope is very heavy to mount on the rifle. 

Some of the users have reported that the scope weighs a bit heavy and makes them more uncomfortable while holding the rifle. Overall, the construction of the scope is really good. 

Another drawback of the scope is the eye focus ring. The eye focus ring on the scope is not suitable. The quality of the rings must be improved. 

Turrets and Parallax Adjustments

Some knock-off rifle scopes function well on your first few shootings, later it works less accurate, as they won’t be able to hold the recoil of your rifle. 

The scope has been designed with a side wheel adjustment-turret(SWAT) for parallax adjustment, that exceeds the usual 10 yards to infinity. 

So you can target nearer as well as far distances. For quick and easy adjustments, the wheel is positioned on the side of the scope.


Moreover, the wheels are available in different sizes, you can purchase them separately to get finer adjustments for greater accuracy. 

For ultra-fine tuning of the parallax focus, you can attach optional 80 or 100mm add-on AO wheels which assist you with greater accuracy at any range. 



FAQs for UTG 3-12X44 30mm Compact Scope

Q: Does the UTG SWAT come with mounting hardware?

A: Yes. The mounting accessories are included in the scope, and it comes with heavy-duty weaver style rings for mounting.

Q: For which rifles, the UTG SWAT Compact riflescope can be used?

A: This riflescope can be used with various rifles incorporating AK300, AR15, AK74, and many other rifles.

Q: Does the SWAT scope need a battery to get a crosshair?

A: The crosshair is black, and it doesn’t require any battery. However, you need a battery to illuminate the reticles.

Final Thoughts

The UTG 3-12x40mm Compact riflescope is an excellent optic, and it’s an ideal choice for those who are on a budget. As the scope is very affordable and its affordability doesn’t mean cheap quality. Its affordability is not equivalent to its functionality. As it has many impressive features, it is a great buy at $1000.

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