UTG CQB Dot Review – A Complete Review of Red Dot Sight

If you’re in the market to buy the best red dot sight at an affordable price, then you’ve to research well and pick the right one which satisfies your needs.

There are numerous models available on the market from different brands so you may get confused easily. Red dot sight is one of the handy optics that allow you to make quick shots during serious situations.

If you’re looking for a red dot sight for pistols, shotguns, or other rifles, then the UTG red dot sights are the perfect choice for your needs and budget.

UTG produces many affordable sights with excellent quality for the budget users to improve accuracy on the battlefield.

In this sense, we suggest you one of the best red dots from the UTG brand that is UTG CQB DOT.

We’ve researched and tested this sight to provide you a quality budget-friendly choice for your shooting purposes.

This UTG CQB DOT Review will cover all the possible features, functions, and applications of this sight to give you an honest opinion about this optic. Let’s go into the depth of the review.

About UTG

UTG is one of the most popular brands for manufacturing high-quality optics on the market at a budget price. 

The company was founded in 1992 and they produce various rifle optics whole over the world and have a high reputation for their quality at an affordable price range. 

The optics from the UTG brand are made of quality materials and ensure reliable performance on the field. The red dot sights from this brand surprise you with their excellent features and amazing shots on the field.

UTG CQB Red Dot Sight Review

The UTG CQB Dot is an excellent optic that is specially designed to ensure quick target acquisition with improved accuracy. 

It is an electronic dot sight that ensures fast aiming of your target with red and green dual illumination setting to get clear vision during the low light condition.



This UTG CQB provides you constant accuracy so you can easily acquire the targets no matter what the condition is. 

If you’re looking for an affordable red dot sight for your target shooting, then this UTG CQB Dot Sight is the right choice for you to get incredible performance. 

It can be compatible with all kinds of weapons so you can use this with new firearms to fulfill all your needs. 

This sight ensures high precision when you’re engaging in close combat operations. 

The UTG CQB Dot is one of the popular sights in the UTG brand with new upgrades and excellent design to be compatible with different firearms. 

It allows you to shoot with your both eyes open and provides you more convenience while using.

UTG CQB Dot Features

UTG CQB Red Dot Sight is packed with many features that ensure incredible performance on the battlefield. 

Like all the red dot sights, it doesn’t come with magnification so you can add a 3x magnifier to get a clear view of the target. With the excellent features, it provides you great benefits so you can achieve your goals easily.

Optical Lens System

This UTG CQB Dot is built with a high quality lens that provides you clear sight pictures of the target regardless of the lighting condition. 

The objective lens of this sight is 32 mm which produces bright images so you can easily acquire the targets. It allows you to shoot the targets from short to long range distances without compromising the accuracy. 

This large lens provides you a wider field of view so you can quickly acquire your targets in any area. 

The lens is coated with High Tech Emerald coatings to reduce glare and high contrast images of the target during bright light conditions. 

This anti-reflective lens prevents excessive light that blocks your vision and ensures clear visibility. 

The Emerald lens of this sight increases light transmission and produces bright and sharp images of the target.

Moreover, it ensures edge-to-edge clarity in all lighting conditions and helps you to see the targets clearly.


The UTG CQB Dot comes with a 4 MOA dot reticle with red and green illumination to ensure quick target acquisition. You can easily change this reticle from red to green using the brightness adjustment knob. 

You change the brightness of the sight based on your preferences and the environmental condition of your shooting location. 

It is better to choose the red dot reticle when you’re hunting in dense areas while the green dot is ideal for law enforcement activities in urban environments. 

This dual illumination reticle makes it ideal for all shooting competitions to make precise shots continuously. 

The 4 MOA dot reticle is very sharp that is perfect for quick focus and fast target acquisition without any alignment. 

This dot won’t allow your cartridges while shooting your targets outdoor or indoors and allows you to hit the targets accurately. 

This reticle allows you to acquire the target easily regardless of the size and distance and shooting condition. This red dot sight comes with CR1620 3V battery to power the brightness settings of the reticle. 

Moreover, this sight comes with an unlimited eye relief that ensures more convenience while focusing on the target and it prevents eye injuries during high recoiling conditions.

Adjustment System

The UTG CQB Dot is equipped with the excellent turrets that are easy to adjust and provide you accurate adjustments based on your needs. 

It contains an elevation adjustment turret at the side of the sight that provides you consistent and accurate clicks based on your preferences. 

On the other hand, the windage turret is located on top of the sight which provides you accurate adjustments. 

Next is the brightness knob that allows you to adjust the brightness settings based on the surrounding environment of your shooting. 

These textured turrets provide audio clicks so you won’t lose track while making adjustments during noisy conditions. 

Both the windage and elevation turrets are lockable to prevent accidental adjustments while shooting in tough situations.

Durable Construction

The UTG CQB Red Dot Sight is built with a True Strength Platform to provide you durable construction and reliable performance in all conditions. 

It is constructed with the aircraft-grade aluminum material to ensure enough sturdiness when you’re shooting in wear and tear conditions. 

Though it comes with solid built this sight is compact and light in weight so you carry it easily wherever you go during shooting adventures without removing it from your firearm. 

The rugged construction of this sight makes it withstand heavy compact and shock during harsh conditions. 

Moreover, it is purged with nitrogen to resist moisture, fog, and other dust particles so it provides you water proof, fog proof, and shock proof performance. Thus, you can use this sight in all weather conditions without any restriction.

Mounting System

This UTG CQB Dot comes with an integral Quick Detach mounting system to ensure simple and easy mounting. With this mounting system, you can easily mount any kind of firearm with this sight. 

The quick detachable mount contains the UTG patented lever lock mechanism for fast attachment. This sight includes a riser adaptor for flexible and multiple mounting positions based on your preferences.

Additional Accessories

The UTG CQB Dot includes several accessories to provide you versatile applications in different conditions. 

It comes with an integral QD Picatinny rail mount for reliable mounting. Moreover, it comes with high quality flip-up lens covers to protect that from external pollutants such as dust and scratches while shooting in different conditions.



Final Words

This UTG CQB Dot is specially designed for the serious shooter and hunters those who looking for high clarity and flexible red dot sight at a budget price. This UTG CQB ensures quick target acquisition in close combat situations with improved accuracy. It allows you to make rapid shots continuously without wasting your bullets. This sight provides you versatile applications and it ensures amazing hunting and shooting adventures on the field. The high quality optics ensure clear sight pictures regardless of the lighting condition. This sight is widely preferred for pistols, shotguns, and other rifles for close range combats. Buy this budget-friendly sight and have a wonderful experience.

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