ATN PS31-3W Night Vision Goggle Review

If you love to roam in the darkness, then you should have an effective night vision device that ensures incredible visibility. 

In this sense, the night vision goggle is one of the superior night vision devices that allows you to explore the nocturnal world and allows you to capture images with excellent quality. 

The night vision goggles are wearable and provide you hand-free operation so you can prefer this while performing surveillance or rescue operations in dark conditions. 

Having a quality night vision goggle allows you to hunt in low-light conditions and perform shooting competitions at night with improved accuracy. 

There are numerous goggles available on the market from different brands and you have to choose the right one which satisfies your requirements. 

Among the plenty of models, we’ve researched & tested to suggest to you the high quality night vision goggle that ensures incredible performance on the field. 

The ATN PS31-3W Night Vision Goggle is the one that we recommend for your wide range of nocturnal activities. This ATN PS31-3W is widely preferred by many professionals as well as military officers for their tactical applications. 

This ATN PS31-3W Review covers everything that you want to know about this night vision goggle. Let’s go into the depth of the review.

ATN PS31-3W Review

The ATN PS31-3W Night Vision Goggle is one of the best night vision goggles on the market that I researched & tested to recommend you from the ATN brand. 

It is one of the commercial models in ATN that is widely preferred for various military applications with its desirable features. 

This ATN PS31-3W is an upgraded version of the PS15 to ensure more accuracy the PS15 failed to provide you while hunting or shooting in dark. 

Most people think that to spend a significant amount of money on quality goggles and spent more time to make the final decision while buying a night vision goggle. 

Thus, it is a difficult task to find the optimal choice according to your needs.



This ATN PS31-3W Review will help you to buy a good quality goggle for your needs. 

This ATN PS31-3W night vision goggles can be widely used in versatile applications to ensure better night vision during the nocturnal activities. 

It has a high reputation for its excellent operations and tactical uses in different conditions. 

It comes with various advancements to provide you the capability to achieve your goals during dark light conditions. To know more about this night vision goggle, read this ATN PS31-3W Review without skipping.

ATN PS31-3W Night Vision Goggle Features

The ATN PS31-3W contains many desirable features to satisfy all your needs and ensure reliable performance on the field. 

It comes with a built-in IR illuminator that allows you to easily see the objects in nocturnal situations without compromising the clarity. 

The high quality features present in this night vision goggle provide you a tactical advantage on the battlefield. 

It contains independent dual channel lenses which is another upgraded feature that allows you to switch from monocular to night vision binocular immediately. In this section, we’ve covered all the features of this ATN PS31-3W in detail.


The magnification range of this ATN PS31-3W night vision goggle is 1x which allows you to hit the targets that are closer to you without compromising the accuracy. 

It comes with a fixed magnification that allows you to make quick shots continuously without missing. With the fixed magnification, you don’t need to make adjustments while shooting your targets on the field during dark conditions. 

The 1x fixed magnification provides you a closer view of the target than viewing with your naked eyes.


This ATN PS31-3W night vision goggle uses third generation night vision technology that contains an image intensifier. 

It works by gathering the amount of ambient light available in the surrounding environment and provides you bright targets images where there is no light. 

The 3rd generation night vision technology is one of the advanced night vision technology that delivers you crisp and clear images of the target in dark conditions. 

The ATN PS31-3W comes with various intensifier tubes so you can choose the one that suits your needs. The intensifier tubes in the PS31-3W provide you bright and clear images of the target.

Image Quality

The lens of this ATN PS31-3W is one of the important features that ensures high clarity images of objects during dark conditions. 

The objective lens of this goggle is 22.5mm which provides you a wider field of view 50 degrees so you can easily identify the targets and acquire them quickly. 

The resolution of this lens is 64 lp/mm which ensures crystal clear images of the target where there are no light conditions. 

Thus, it is widely preferred by many professionals, military and law enforcement officers for their tactical needs. 

I love the image clarity of this ATN PS31 and easy to use controls while operating. This ATN PS31 is built with the IR illuminator that improves brightness and allows the intensifier tube to produce clear images.


When it comes to the performance of this ATN PS31-3W it produces clear sight pictures of the object using the dual image intensifier tubes during dark conditions. 

This night vision goggle provides you hands-free operation so you can mount this goggle on your head. With high resolution, it allows you to view the targets clearly even from long range distances up to 500 yards. 

Thus, you can prefer this ATN PS31 if you’re engaging long range hunting or shooting. 

The dual intensifier tube present in this goggle allows you to see the surrounding of your environment with improved night vision. It is one of the big advantages for nocturnal adventures to ensure your safety. 

This impressive feature ensures better hunting or shooting experience at night. 

With this excellent feature, it is one of the best night vision goggles that you can buy for your outdoor adventures in dark conditions. 

The ATN PS31-3W contains a focusing eyepiece that offers clear and sharp vision without compromising the quality. 

It has a Bright light cut-off that protects your eyes and intensifier tube from damage. 

The automatic brightness control of this night vision goggle automatically adjusts the brightness based on the available lighting conditions and provides clear vision without distortion. 

The minimal focus distance of this ATN PS31 is 9 inches which allows you to make close range engagements with improved accuracy.

Design & Construction

The ATN PS31-3W night vision goggle comes with a lightweight design to ensure convenient performance. 

With the compact and lightweight design, you can carry this device wherever you go during hunting or shooting adventures. 

When you’re mounting this ATN PS31 on your head, it won’t add more weight and allows you to extend the period of hunting on the field. 

The adjustment turrets present in this goggle are durable enough to withstand when performing during harsh conditions and ensure accurate adjustments. 

The eyepiece in this goggle is made with rubber material to provide you convenience while using and it protects your skin and eyes from irritation. 

The eyepiece contains a tight seal that avoids distraction while focusing on the target. 

The head-mounting feature of this ATN PS31-3W is one of the advantages for those who perform fast moving operations on the field as it won’t impede you in any condition.


This ATN PS31-3W Night Vision Goggle comes with a rugged construction made of sturdy material to ensure durability and it withstands heavy impact when engaging in harsh conditions. 

It is built to withstand various temperature ranges -59 to 120°F so that many military officers prefer this night vision goggle to use in different conditions. 

This ATN PS31-3W is IP65-rated water-resistant so it 100% resists water and allows you to use it during rainy conditions. 

Moreover, it contains fog-proof properties that prevent entering fog into the optic so you can use this night vision goggle in all environmental conditions without any restriction. 

It contains matte finish housing that protects the external layer of this goggle from dust and other harmful materials. 

The lens of this ATN PS31 is coated with a Proshield lens coating that prevents scratches when used on rough surfaces.



Final Words

The ATN PS31-3W is an effective night vision goggle that is widely used in military, law enforcement, and security operations. It ensures a clear vision of the target and sharp images of the target regardless of the lighting condition. It is specially designed to provide you hands-free operation during hunting, shooting, and tactical observation. This ATN PS31 comes with many advancements to ensure incredible performance and satisfy your needs. We recommend you buy this ATN PS31-3W Night Vision Goggle for your nocturnal adventures with improved night vision. Have a great experience with this goggle and share your experience with us.

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