Which Night Vision Generation Works Well With The Eotech Night Vision Devices?

The use of night vision devices has been known to the world for several decades now. Throughout the years that have passed, the development of night vision technology has been advancing very, very fast. There are a lot of different generations that are invented and introduced for people such as military men, navy SEALs, and many other more. Through these developments made, the images produced when night vision devices are used are now very high in resolution and brighter when compared to the first inventions. One of the most advanced generation developed for the night vision technology is Generation 3—this was first introduced in the 1990s and is still improved to have a better night vision experience these days. With that said, this article would discuss one specific company that manufactures and produces some of the best night vision devices that feature the use of Generation 3 night vision technology. The specific company is the EOTECH. In order to have full knowledge of what EOTECH is all about, here is a history of the company. 

History of EOTECH

EOTech’s humble beginning in the industry of scopes and other devices used for hunting is one of the reasons why it is known these days.


1972: In the year of 1972, the University of Michigan has established an institute called Environmental Research Institute of Michigan or more commonly known as ERIM in Michigan. This is a non-profit organization. This specific organization grew to be environmental and military research that has greatly contributed to a lot of developments made when it comes to radar, holography, and remote-sensing applications. 

1986: The Environmental Research Institute of Michigan has presented some weapon sights that are incorporated with holographic applications for the U.S. Army to use. These weapon sights were used for anti-aircraft artillery and for gunships on helicopters.

1995: The EOTECH company has started to create some holographic applications for sights that are used for some small-sized firearms. ERIM has been its support all throughout this period since ERIM served as the incubator of the researches and devices made by EOTECH.

1996: The company of EOTECH introduced to the world their first holographic weapon sight at a television show, one of the leading brands, Bushnell, was there too. Later that year, the sight manufactured by EOTECH won an award from SIAE or Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence. 

2001: EOTECH first introduced their sights for the use of military and some law enforcement applications. In addition, the Marine Corps of the US and their Special Operations or also known as USSOCOM chose the sights made by EOTECH as one of their most preferred combat optics when it comes to close quarters. 

2005: One of the largest and most known defense contractors in the world has partnered with EOTECH. The defense contractor is known for the name L-3 Communications, it is known as L3 Harris nowadays. 

2016: EOTECH has introduced VUDU brands for precision rifle scopes that are made to have some properties that are known to contribute to faster target acquisition, accurate range estimations, and powerful levels of magnifications. 

2018: The NRA or National Rifle Association has honored the company of EOTECH with another award because of the outstanding rifle scopes that they have manufactured in the prior years. This year has been another achievement for the milestones it has reached. 

The Best Night Vision Technology for EOTECH Devices

It is said that the night vision technology that can be best partnered with the devices manufactured by EOTECH is the image intensifier tubes that are of the third generation. The image intensifier tubes are known to amplify or intensify the amount of light gathered from the environment in order to produce images that are brighter and clearer in appearance. 

How Does Image Intensifier Tube Work?

Devices that are designed to have an image intensifier type of night vision technology are known to rely on the little amount of light available in the surroundings. 

When the small amount of light that they gather enters their objective lenses, the photons in the light are being converted into electrons. 

These electrons strike a multiplier which causes it to multiply in number; thus, producing more flashes of light. Once all that happens, a brighter image of the actual surrounding can be viewed on the device. 

What is amazing about all this is that it happens in a very short span of time, once you look through your night vision device, you would be able to see an image right away. 

Generation 3

The third generation of night vision technology that is used for EOTECH night vision devices is still one of the most reliable and advanced types of night vision technology that can be used in the world these days. This type of night vision technology makes use of a more advanced photocathode and other materials in order to produce images that are brighter when compared to the first generations. In fact, the amplification produced by Generation 3 is much higher and a lot better too. 

EOTECH in 2020

Up to this current date, EOTECH is still manufacturing some devices that can be used for a lot of applications and a wide variety of weapons and firearms. Right now, EOTECH has officially separated from one of their major partners—the L3Harris. That is why they are an independent company again whose main focus is producing optics that are of superior quality and of the highest technology. 


The night vision technology used for the devices of EOTECH is one of the reasons why this company has been known not just for their optics that are best in the daytime, but also during nighttime. EOTECH devices are known to be used all around for a wide variety of applications and missions that are conducted by military and other special forces in the United States of America. As mentioned above, this company has won several awards for the products that they have manufactured that is why it is one of the most trusted companies and brands these days.

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