AGM Comanche 22 NL3 Medium-Range Night Vision Clip-On System Review

Indeed, one of the best inventions that have been introduced to the world is night vision devices. With these types of devices, many tasks that are done at night have been made easier. Hunters are now able to hunt at night with confidence, precision and accuracy. Firefighters can do their operations, even when the conditions they are required to work in are dark. Campers and hikers can enjoy seeing better at night during the trips and activities they are doing. 

So, one of the best night vision devices that are invented is this specific night vision clip-on system from the brand of AGM called “AGM Global Vision Comanche 22 NL3 Medium-Range Night Vision Clip-On System.” Through reading this article, you will know the features and the traits of this certain night vision device that you can use for your hunting trips.

Before discussing the features and the traits of the night vision clip-on system from AGM, here is a little background about the company that manufactures and produces it. AGM Global Vision is one of the recently rising companies that manufactures night vision devices. This certain company is known to be one of the bests in the industry of thermal technology. 

So, AGM Global Vision has become one of the top producers of different products, such as thermal imaging products, direct view products, night vision products, and illumination products. With over 65 years of serving the people and other industries with their reliable devices, AGM Global Vision is indeed one of the most trusted companies by a lot.

Now, let us move on to the product itself. We are going to be discussing the features that make it worth buying. Together with other properties, you will surely love the performance that this product offers to have more enjoyable hunting trips at night. Without any further introductions, here is the product.

This Specific Night Vision Clip-on System From AGM is known Popularly for its:

Compact Size:

This night vision clip system is known for the compact size that it is designed to have. Its dimensions are 6.6 inches by 3.3 inches by 3.2 inches—with a size like this, it can easily fit in your bags when not in use, and it can also be carried in a pouch if you want to. This specific scope from the company of AGM Global Vision is designed with a size like that to bring convenience to the users, especially when hunting is down in places with narrow places. You will also find this device very useful when you hunt in a location where there are many obstacles. 

Lightweight Design:


Every feature that this night vision device is designed to have are all packed that weighs only 1.65 pounds. When you worry about mobility, this night vision device will be your greatest choice since it is indeed light in weight. You will not be slowed down when you want to move fast because this device’s light weight will not prevent you from doing that. 

Operating Temperature Range: 

One of the best features of this night vision device is the operating temperature range that it is designed with. When talking about the operating temperature range, it is simply the range that the scope can function well and reliably. The operating temperature range of this device is from -40 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius. With that range, you will have no problem in using this night vision device, even when the condition becomes rainy, snowy and in hot sunny days.

Storage Temperature Range: 

When this device is not in use, you have a wide temperature option to store it. This device will be safe from a temperature of -50 degrees Celsius to a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius and not get damaged. You can confidently store this device at your house with this range since the ambient temperature of usual houses is just within the storage temperature range of this night vision device.

Quick and Simple Conversion: 

Quick and simple conversion

When it comes to versatility, this specific product is top notch in quality. It is really reliable when you use it in the daytime. In fact, your precision and accuracy will be ensured while you are using it in broad daylight. But what makes this device more amazing and incredible is that it can be converted into a night vision device once the sunsets. It is just mounted in front of daylight scopes through the aid of just one standard weaver or a Picatinny rail. In addition, there will no required re-zeroing when you use this device for night vision.

Fast Release Mount: 

Fast release mount

The mount is used for this scope will not cause you to be distracted when you want to mount and dismount it anytime. In just a matter of a few seconds, you will be able to do that with just using your fingers; no additional tools are required. In addition, the design of this clip-on system is really versatile that it can be mounted on any daylight scope that you have. But it is advisable to be mounted on scopes with a maximum of 7 x magnifications—this is for the best performance, but you can still choose to use it on daylight scopes with other magnification power.

Battery Life and Battery Type: 

When you look for the battery to use this night vision clip-on system, you don’t have any trouble looking for it since you can choose from two battery types—1.5-volt AA Alkaline battery with or 3-volt CR123A Lithium battery. These two types are very common and can be bought from any stores and markets anywhere. When it comes to this device’s operating life, you can use it for 60 hours before it runs out of battery power. With that duration, even when you hunt for extended and long hours, you will surely have the full use of this device.

Mid-Range to Long-Range Accuracy: 

Mid range to long range accuracy

This night vision clip-on system is specifically designed for mid-range shooting. Within a medium range, you will have an ensured accuracy and precision. This night vision device is also designed to have a built-in infrared illuminator that makes it useful and reliable even when you use it for long-range shooting and hunting. With the range that this device can be used for, it is really one of the most versatile devices that you can find in the stores and markets for your hunting needs at night. 

This night vision clip-on device can be bought for a very reasonable price since AGM Global Vision offers it for the lowest price possible. Another thing that makes this specific product worthy of buying is that it comes with some free accessories that you can enjoy using too. These accessories are one lens cloth, one long range infrared illuminator, and one soft-carrying case. 

Bottom Line:

This specific night vision clip-on product featured in this article is indeed a very reliable and helpful device that can be used for every night vision hunting trip you want to do. It is indeed worth every dollar that it is sold for with the amazing features that it has. Through the use of this product, you’ll surely have no problem with seeing your targets better at night and hunting them down with the precision and accuracy that are unstoppable. This product is indeed one of the best devices are ever invented in the night vision and scope industry. So, check this product out to have more enjoyable and successful hunting trips.

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