ATN PS15 Night Vision Goggles – Complete Review

Night vision goggle is one of the effective night vision devices widely used in various applications to view the objects clearly in dark conditions. 

The night vision goggles come with many desirable features that humans can use for different outdoor activities. 

With plenty of models available on the market, we are going to feature one specific model of goggle that is manufactured by a trusted brand. 

The PS15 Night Vision Goggle/Binocular from ATN, which is one of the popular brands for manufacturing high-quality optics and gears for many activities. 

This Night Vision Goggle is preferred by many experts for better visibility during the night. 

If you’re a professional hunter or military officer, then this ATN PS15 is the best night vision goggle on the market with great features. 

In this review, we’re going to discuss about the features of this ATN PS15 night vision goggle along with its properties. Let’s get into the review.



ATN PS15 Night Vision Goggles Review

The PS15 comes with lots of desirable features that provides you incredible performance on the field. 

The features and properties present in this night vision goggle improve your vision and allows you to easily acquire the targets in all conditions. It is one of the premium models available on the market.

Magnification Power (1x)

The magnification power of this goggle/binocular is one of the best features that it has.

When you examine the difference between having a variable magnification and a fixed magnification closely, you will notice that gadgets with fixed magnification are sturdier and more intact when it comes to their appearance. 

The night vision goggle with fixed magnification contains few adjustments so you don’t need to adjustments frequently while using it. 

It doesn’t come with many turrets and knobs adjustments when compared to variable magnification goggles. 

With fewer moving parts, this certain gadget becomes stronger, and it will not break once exposed to a very strong impact.


This PS15 Night Vision Goggle comes with a hands-free design for convenient operation. It is constructed with a durable plastic material to provide you high-impact performance. 

The turrets and knobs present in this goggle are durable enough to provide you sturdy and precise adjustments. 

The eyepiece of this night vision goggle is molded with a soft rubber material so it provides you more convenience when you rest on your skin and won’t cause any irritation. 

The tight seal around the eyepiece won’t distract you while viewing through the ATN PS15. It comes with a head-mounted design so you can mount this on your head without any hindrance. 

They perfectly fit on the center of your head constantly and you can flip the goggle up or down based on your needs. Many experts wonder about its convenience while operating on the field. 

This ATN PS15 is designed to be light in weight so you can carry this easily on your head without getting tired easily. 

This feature is an advantage for those who want to experience fast moving while using since this certain gadget will not hinder you. 

There are a lot of benefits that you can get from the size of this night vision goggle even when you are walking, driving, or hunting, this pair of night vision goggles will help you extremely.

Night Vision Technology (Gen 3)

The type of night vision technology used in this night vision goggle is an image intensifier. 

It simply works by collecting the amount of light available in the surroundings and then amplifying it to provide you a brighter view when compared to the actual dark outdoor situations. 

On the other hand, the type of image intensifier used is the Gen 3 night vision technology. 

It is one of the advanced night vision technology that provides you clear and bright images of the target in all lighting conditions.


When talking about the performance of this ATN PS15 night vision goggle, the dual image intensifier tubes present in this goggle provides crisp and clear images of the target in dark conditions. 

It is built with an infrared illuminator that allows you to see the targets and read the information in complete darkness. 

You can wear this goggle on your head, helmet, hat, beanie, etc. This ATN PS15 allows you to see the targets from long range distances with its high resolution. With this, you can see up to 500 yards.

Depth Perception

This Night vision goggle is made to have 2 tubes as it gives more convenience when you use it for viewing compared to a monocular.

With that, it adds more depth to the way you see your surroundings like the experience of having 2 eyes that are made for night vision. 

Unlike you are just using a one-tube viewing device that will require you to keep your other eye open in order to have an awareness about what is happening in your surroundings.

With the dual-tube design of this night vision goggle, you will have the best experience when viewing at night.

The hand-free use of this night vision goggle is indeed helpful, and it is worth the money that you are going to buy for it. As mentioned, it can serve for the purpose of two gadgets.

Thus, it is really one of the most advanced night vision goggles that you can buy.

It comes with free lens tissue that you can use to clean the lenses, and it also comes with a free case that you can use to carry it anytime you want to dismount it on your head.

If you ever get confused about using it, there is also a manual that comes with the package.

High Water Resistance Level

The level of water resistance of this night vision goggle is very high to the point that it can be used during heavy rain, and it will not break down at all.

In fact, it is perfectly sealed for a 100% water tightness. This is a good feature to have as it gives more durability for night vision gadgets.

Once a little amount of water penetrates the inside chambers of a gadget, it will surely be damaged, and it will not be able to perform its functions.

But you do not have to worry about that through the use of this night vision goggle due to the resistance it has.

Reliable Fog-proofing Properties

The reliability of this night vision goggle can also be seen in its fog-proofing properties.

As you may know, when there is a change in the ambient temperature in the surroundings, lenses tend to be obscured by fog.

With that happening, the view that you are going to have will be blurred and not clear.

But when you use this certain night vision goggle, you will never have to deal with that problem as its fog-proofing properties are very reliable.

Dual Purpose Tool

When you buy this ATN PS15 night vision goggle, you can have the option of turning it into a night vision binocular too.

This is one of the most advanced features to have since you will get to use 2 gadgets in just 1 tool.

As incredible as this night vision goggle can be used as just a pair of goggles, you will be amazed at how it can function as a binocular too.

Thus, you might be wondering how that can be possible; you just have to accessorize this goggle with a pair of 3x magnification lenses.

Matte Finish

The matte finish that this pair of night vision goggles has is more than just the aesthetics that it gives to the exterior of this certain gadget.

In fact, it gives a lot of benefits when it comes to the overall protection of the goggles. Dust and other harmful materials do not stick to the matte finish of this gadget.

Another protective property that it has is scratchproof so it prevents scratches from occurring on the surfaces of this pair of night vision goggles.  



Bottom Line 

The use of this night vision goggle has widely and positively affected a lot of activities that are done at night. From walking to driving, from hunting to observing, this will surely serve the main functions that it is designed for. Overall, this night vision goggle’s features are worth more than the price that it can be bought for. You will be amazed at how incredible this gadget can be used for your tasks too. So, check out this night vision goggle if you want to have an improved experience during nighttime and other dark conditions that you might encounter out there.

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