ATN PS15 Night Vision Goggles – Excellent Review

Night vision goggles are one of the most useful night vision devices that are ever invented throughout history. 

With its invention comes a lot of great features that humans can use for a lot of tasks, activities, and jobs that they have. 

With that said, we are going to feature one specific model of goggle that is manufactured by a trusted brand that is known to produce the best gears and gadgets for a wide variety of hunting activities. 

The specific goggle we are discussing is called “ATN’s PS15 Night Vision Goggle/Binocular.”

This specific model is known to be very useful since a lot of people have used it already. 

With that said, the features of this specific model of night vision goggles will be discussed in order to further assess the usefulness and the properties that make it one of the top-rated night vision goggles that are ever invented for people’s use.

The best properties and characteristics that make this pair of night vision goggles/binoculars popularly known are: 

Magnification Power (1x):

The magnification power of this goggle/binocular is one of the best features that it has. 

When you examine the difference between having a variable magnification and a fixed magnification closely, you will notice that gadgets with fixed magnification are sturdier and more intact when it comes to its appearance. 

Thus, it is more durable since it has fewer adjustments; meaning today, the turrets and knobs used for its design are lessened. 

So, with fewer moving parts, this certain gadget becomes stronger, and it will not break once exposed to a very strong impact. 

High Water Resistance Level:

The level of water resistance of this night vision goggle is very high to the point that it can be used during heavy rain, and it will not break down at all. 

In fact, it is perfectly sealed for a 100% water tightness. This is a good feature to have since it gives more durability for night vision gadgets. 

Once water, even just a little amount of it, penetrates the inside chambers of a gadget, it will surely be damaged, and it will not be able to perform its functions. 

But you do not have to worry about that through the use of this night vision goggle due to the resistance it has. 

Reliable Fog-proofing Properties:

The reliability of this night vision goggle can also be seen in its fog-proofing properties. 

As you may know, when there is a change in the ambient temperature in the surroundings, lenses tend to be obscured by fog. 

With that happening, the view that you are going to have will be blurred and not clear. 

But when you use this certain night vision goggle, you will never have to deal with that problem since its fog-proofing properties are very reliable.

Dual Purpose Tool:

When you buy this night vision goggle, you can have the option of turning it into a night vision binocular too. 

This is one of the most advanced features to have since you will get to use 2 gadgets in just 1 tool. 

As incredible as this night vision goggle can be when used as just a pair of goggles, you will be amazed at how it can function as a binocular too. 

So, you might be wondering how that can be possible; you just have to accessorize this goggle with a pair of 3x magnification lenses. 

Lightweight Design:

This night vision goggle is designed to have a very lightweight so that it can be very comfortable to use. 

With a total weight of only 1.54 pounds, you will experience not being exhausted by carrying it. 

Even when you just mount it on your head, you will barely even notice its weight since it is really light. 

This feature is an advantage for those who want to experience being fast when it comes to moving since this certain gadget will not hinder them from doing so. 

Night Vision Technology (Gen 3):

The night vision technology used for this goggle is the image intensifier type. 

It simply works by collecting the amount of light available in the surroundings and then amplifying it to have a brighter view when compared to the actual dark situation outdoors. 

On the other hand, the type of image intensifier used is the Gen 3 night vision technology. 

When it comes to this type of image intensifier, it is one of the most advanced, and the sight pictures that it produces is also one of the brightest and one of the clearest. 

Compact Construction:

The size of this night vision goggle is indeed small when compared to other types of night vision technology gadgets that you can use. 

So, it can be used in places that are confined and narrow. In addition to that, the size of this night vision is perfect for camouflaging properties since it is not noticeable in the dark. 

There are a lot of benefits that you can get from the size of this night vision goggle. Even when you are just walking, driving, or even when hunting, this pair of night vision goggles will be of extreme help. 

In addition to that, the size of this night vision goggle will give you fewer chances of bumping into something that might come into your way. 

Matte Finish:

The matte finish that this pair of night vision goggles has is more than just the aesthetics that it gives to the exterior of this certain gadget. 

In fact, it gives a lot of benefits when it comes to the overall protection of the goggles. Dust and other harmful materials do not stick to the matte finish of this gadget. 

Another protective property that it has is that it prevents scratches from occurring on the surfaces of this pair of night vision goggles. 

Depth Perception:

Since this night vision goggle is made to have 2 tubes, it gives more convenience when you use it for viewing compared to a monocular. 

And with that, it adds more depth to the way you see your surroundings—it is like the experience of having 2 eyes that are made for night vision, unlike you are just using a one-tube viewing device that will require you to keep your other eye open in order to have an awareness about what is happening in your surroundings.

With the dual-tube design of this night vision goggle, you will have the best experience when viewing at night. 

The hand-free use of this night vision goggle is indeed helpful, and it is worth the money that you are going to buy for it. As mentioned, it can serve for the purpose of two gadgets. 

So, it is really one of the most advanced night vision goggles that you can buy. 

It comes with free lens tissue that you can use to clean the lenses, and it also comes with a free case that you can use to carry it anytime you want to dismount it on your head. 

If you ever get confused about using it, there is also a manual that comes with the package. 

Bottom Line: 

The use of this night vision goggle has widely and positively affected a lot of activities that are done at night. From walking to driving, from hunting to observing, this will surely serve the main functions that it is designed for. Overall, this night vision goggle’s features are worth more than the price that it can be bought for. You will be amazed at how incredible this gadget can be used for your tasks too. So, check out this night vision goggle if you want to have an improved experience during nighttime and other dark conditions that you might encounter out there.

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