Animal Night Vision-Which Animals Have The Night Vision?


About Animal Night Vision

Among all the animal species, some of the animals constitute of excellent night vision capacity in which the night vision comes out with the possible combination of two major factors such as spectral range and intensity range. The term night vision is the ability to see the objects and other things even in the low lighting conditions.

animal night vision

Does Lemur Have Night Vision?

Most of the lemur species has the night vision ability. Among all the other lemur species, the aye-aye is one of the rare and mysterious species of the nocturnal lemur. They come out only in the night timing. The eyes of the aye-aye lemur turn into bluish green color even in the dim lighting area and it helps to find the food materials such as seeds from the trees. This type of lemur species has the ability to detect the colors with the night vision principle and can even point out the young leaves, enriched well with the high protein contents.

Which Animal Possesses Thermal Night Vision?

The snakes possess the best thermal vision among all the other animals. It visions with the temperature sensitive organs placed in between the eyes and nostrils of the snake’s body. This membrane allows the snakes to sense the heat of the prey’s body to capture it easily. The organ located in the head of the snakes observes the other animals deeply and accurately even in the darkest conditions.

Animals With Night Vision

The cats, foxes, and the dogs are the awesome night vision abled animals. They consist of the wide pupils with the enlarged circles to observe a large amount of light entering into their eyes. It consists of a high range of night vision capability to view and hunt the prey even in the deep dark conditions. These animals include the super power of night vision when compared to other kinds of night vision animals.

The mantis shrimp consist of the most complex eyes in the entire animal kingdom. Every human consist of three types of cones in their eyes to differentiate the colors in both day light and night light but, the mantis shrimp consist of the 16 types of cones requiring only seconds to differentiate the different colors even in the dark time.

The mantis shrimp consists of the advanced color recognizing system which allows the shrimp’s eyes to move in different directions independently without compromising vision. This type of recognizing system allows the color receptors to pick down the small color changes of the surroundings, to find their prey and attack them.

The sheep, deer, horse and the goats are the prey animals consisting of night vision ability, to find the prey and trace out the arrival of the predators. These prey animals usually spend time in the open and keep constant alert of the predators with the wide and narrow type of horizontal shaped pupils, to view wider ranges. These grazing animals constitute the ability to view all around with the effective night vision capability.