When Do Cats Get Night Vision?

Have you ever wondered how cats are able to see in the dark? Since they are considered as nocturnal animals, they really have some characteristics in their body which help them in seeing better and doing more activities at night.  With the night vision that cats have, they really can see better at night when … Read more

HD Night Vision Sunglasses, How Helpful Is That?

The night vision sunglasses play a good role in protecting the eyes from the powerful or fluorescent lights.  Wearing the sunglasses, driving becomes safe and you can prevent accidents.  It is available in various styles and in different colors to attract the people. It is provided with a transparent lens to view the images clearly.  As … Read more

Advantages Of G-7 Night Vision Goggle

The G-7 Night Vision Goggles is one of the most widely used night-vision goggles worldwide. It is also referred to sometimes as Otis-G7 Thermal Goggles.  This pair of goggles has been of extreme help for a lot of people, especially firefighters, when they do search and rescue operations in burning places.  Here, we are going … Read more

How Vitamin K Improves The Night Vision?

By consuming the vitamin K, one can have a good eye sight, to vision through the complete darkness during the nighttime. So, it is necessary to add the fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin k to your diet.  As vitamin K is mostly present on the leaves, you have to eat the leafy greens and … Read more

Features Of GG&G Night Vision Mount

One of the most famous applications of the night vision devices is the night vision monocular. This type of night vision device works just like how a telescope does, except this one can be used for viewing a lot of things during nighttime.  Sometimes, a night vision monocular can be used by just holding it … Read more

Facts About Night Vision Technology

The human eye plays the vital role in seeing the things happening around you, also helps to identify any object in front of you in midst of the size, color, and shape.  Sometimes, just the natural eye power is not enough to see the clear image.  There is much development of the night vision technology that helps … Read more