Flir One Specs-A Thermal Imager For Iphone 5/5S


Thermal imaging is one of the useful techniques that helps in night vision. The thermal imaging is done with the help of the IR sensors. These sensors are sensitive to heat and whenever the IR radiation flows through any path, the heat changes of that path is recorded and viewed with the help of a camera.

Flir one specs

This thermal imaging technique can be implemented in the mobile phones with various accessories and devices. iPhone is also a type of mobile phone that uses the iOS operating system. There are various specially designed thermal images for iOS; one among them is the FLIR one thermal imager for iPhone 5/5s.

FLIR One Specs

This is a specially designed thermal imager of FLIR one brand for iPhone 5 and 5S. This thermal imager can be used in any weather condition and it has many inbuilt features. The important features of the FLIR one thermal imager for iPhone 5/5s is given below.


The design of the FLIR one thermal imager for iPhone 5/5s is unique and it can be used along with the iPhone. It has a removable storage space at the bottom and a high-resolution camera at the top. This camera has IR sensors that can be used for thermal imaging.


The resolution of the FLIR thermal image camera is high and the image is viewed only in particular colors. These colors adjust based upon the heat and hence a high-resolution image is created. Minute heat variations are recorded with this device and so it offers higher clarity in the image.


All the components of the FLIR thermal image camera are durable and have undergone prior testing. This camera is made up of high-quality material that can withstand any weather condition. Other than this, it fits the iPhone 5 and 5S easily.

IR Sensors

The thermal image is captured in this device with the help of the IR sensors. The IR sensors are powerful and they detect the heat bodies easily. These IR sensors are designed with highly sensitive materials and can detect any minute heat changes and record them. The power to these sensors is offered by the battery and these sensors require less power for operation.


This thermal imager is also a battery operated device. This device uses high quality and a powerful rechargeable battery. Most commonly, the Lithium-ion batteries are preferred in this thermal imagers.


This device can be easily connected to the iPhones with the simple flip mechanism. This device has various applications such as in homes, in workplaces, and in defect detections.

In Households

This device is used in many households to detect the variation of heat changes within the houses. It can also be used for detecting gas leakage, detecting broken wires, etc. With this device, one can avoid damages to the houses. Added to this, it can also detect the flaws in the walls.

In Workplace

The thermal imagers are used widely in the workstations operated with the help of the heat and electricity. Any heat variation in the surrounding areas are detected and the causes of the heat variation are also recorded.

At Night

The thermal imagers are used for night vision, hence, with this device, one can view all the other objects in the night. So, this device can be used for hunting, shooting, and even in homes, to view others at night.

These are the various important features and applications of FLIR one thermal imager for iPhone 5/5s. So, if you have iPhone 5 or 5s then, use this thermal imager and have vision even in the dark and dim light.FLIR One Thermal Imager For iPhone 5/5s

Key features: IR sensors, durable camera and battery operated.

Pros: compact, easy operation, and high resolution.Purchase This Product on

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