Flir One Specs-A Thermal Imager For Iphone 5/5S

One of the most useful types of night vision technology is the thermal imagers—this type does not rely on light. That is why it can also be used even in situations known to have no light at all. This type of night vision technology uses the emitted heat from infrared rays that are not visible to the human eye. With the use of the emitted heat, it forms and creates images that are based on the variation of colors caused by different temperatures.

Usually, devices are equipped with a thermal imager type of night vision technology built with infrared sensors or more commonly known as IR sensors. These sensors must be very sensitive to heat since they have to be very reliable, even in the darkest conditions. 

What is more amazing about the modern inventions of the modernization of the fast-advancing technology is that thermal imagers can be used as additional equipment for mobile phones’ cameras. Some mobile phones that can be equipped with such technology are iPhones—this type of mobile phone uses iOS as its operating system. With that said, there are a lot of thermal imager accessories that are designed for iOS. One of them is the FLIR One Thermal Imager for iPhone 5/5s.

FLIR One Thermal Imager’s Specifications 

This accessory for mobile phones like an iPhone 5/5s is specifically designed to be of great heal when it comes to seeing images in dark conditions. It is also specifically designed to be compatible with iPhone 5/5s. This specific thermal imager is known to be very reliable because it can be used under any outdoor weather conditions. It also has a lot of very useful built-in features. Here are some of them:


The unique design of FLIR One Thermal Imager is made very suitable and compatible with iPhone 5/5s. Its bottom part is known to have a space for removable storage while it has a very high-resolution camera for its top parts. The camera has a very sensitive infrared sensor for thermal imaging. 


The quality of images is formed when you use this thermal imager as an accessory for your iPhone 5/5s is the best for having a very high and clear resolution. The colors you are going to see are very defined, and they are updated in real-time, so you cannot question their clarity.


Before this thermal imager is built, all of the materials used for it are tested and proven to be of the best quality. Even when tested under any outdoor weather conditions, it has shown its durability by withstanding and performing reliably. It also has a very strong design that makes it perfect for many other purposes you might want to use. With its durability, it is truly a perfect accessory for your iPhone 5/5s.

IR Sensors: 

This thermal imager has a built-in infrared sensor—this part, as mentioned above, is very sensitive; that’s why it can perform reliably in every lighting condition. These sensors are so powerful that it can detect heat energy from infrared lights and convert them into images that can be seen through the display screen of the iPhone 5/5s. 

These sensors are powered by batteries, but they are very efficiently designed; that is why they consume less power than other thermal imagers. The reliability of these IR sensors is very incredible that it detects any changes in the temperature right away. Hence, it produces updated images of the location or object that you are viewing. 


The battery type used to operate this thermal imager is lithium batteries that are rechargeable. With this battery type, you would be able to save money since they are rechargeable only. But to have the full functions of this thermal imager, you have to use the most powerful rechargeable batteries. 


This thermal imager is a device that is known to be very versatile since it can be used for a wide variety of applications. Even when you are using it as surveillance for your houses, as a guide camera for your driving, you would surely be able to rely on this device as a recorder for observation at night. 

Used in Your Households: 

In Households

This device is very reliable and can detect many dangers when used at home. Some examples of applications that can be used to detect some changes in the temperature, detect any leakage of gas, some wires that are broken, and flaws on your walls. With these applications, you can be assured that your house is safe from any danger.

Used in Your Workplace: 

In Workplace

When you are working in factories or other places that may be dangerous sometimes, this specific thermal imager can come in handy when you use for some proper applications such as detecting heat changes in a specific location.

Pros of Having This Thermal Imager:

 This specific thermal imager’s design is perfect for your everyday use. It has a very compact design that can easily fit your pockets—you would never have a problem bringing it all the time. It also has a very user-friendly operation that you can enjoy using.

Key Features: 

This specific thermal imager’s key features are its powerful IR Sensors and its highly durable camera. It is very easy to use a thermal imager to use, even if it is just your first time to use thermal imaging devices. 


The use of thermal imagers is one of the most recognized safety precautions these days. Not only does it provide one of the best qualities of images, but it also gives the users the safety that they need in a lot of tasks and activities that are usually done at night.

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