ATN PS15-4 Night Vision Goggles – Expert’s Review

The use of night vision gadgets has been widely known and recognized in the field of hunting, driving, camping, and many others. 

In fact, there is a wide variety of gadgets that you can use for a lot of purposes too. 

One of the most popularly known gadgets is a pair of night-vision goggles. 

With a hand-free use, you will experience seeing better at night and, at the same time, use both of your hands if ever that you need them. 

Using a pair of goggles is a very convenient way to have a better night vision, and with that, we will discuss a certain pair of night vision goggles that you can use for your activities and night. 

The gadget that we are going to discuss is “ATN’s PS15-4 Night Vision Goggles.”

The Properties and Characteristics that Make this Pair of Night Vision Goggles Popular are:

Lightweight and Compact Design:

The weight and the size of this pair of night vision goggles are designed to be light and compact. 

The main purpose of the physical design that this certain product has is to bring comfort and convenience when it is used for outdoor activities. 

In addition to that, the use of this specific night vision gadget will improve the speed and the way you move in the shooting and hunting grounds. 

Furthermore, gadgets that are designed to have a compact and lightweight are beneficial in a lot of ways that you can expect them to be. 

To give you an idea about how much this pair of night vision goggles weigh, it only has a total weight of 1.5 pounds.

Matte Finish:

Matte finishes are one of the best finishes when it comes to the exterior of a lot of things, may it be a home appliance, a car, an electronic device, and even for night vision goggles. 

Most of us appreciate this type of finish since it looks very gorgeous, and it is just amazing and pleasant to look at. 

To be honest, as amazing as it is on the outside, it can provide more than the aesthetics. When a gadget is designed to have a matte finish, it means that it is also designed to be more protected from a lot of things. 

To be more exact, fewer scratches will be observed on its surfaces. So, with the matte finish of this pair of night-vision goggles, you will achieve both aesthetics and protection. 

Designed and Built for Rugged Purposes:

When it comes to talking about the durability of this pair of night-vision goggles, you will never have to worry about it being broken right away when faced with tough and harsh conditions and elements. 

Its armor or housing is made from a hard type of plastic that makes it very durable. This certain housing protects this pair of goggles from some possible damages that it can have. 

One of the biggest advantages of having a device that is made from plastic instead of a type of metal is that it will never develop corrosion, just like how metal does when exposed to some harmful elements. 

1x Fixed Magnification:

When you buy a pair of night-vision goggles that have a fixed magnification, you can expect it to be longer-lasting and more durable too. 


With a fixed magnification, you will not need any turrets for the switching of magnifications. Thus, your night vision goggles will have fewer moving parts and will be much more intact in design. 

In addition to that, you will have one magnification option that you can focus on for your enhanced seeing at night.

Eye Relief:

Other night vision goggles do not have an eye relief since they are worn close to the eyes. 

When it comes to night vision goggles like that, the eyes might experience some irritation since it touches the goggles when you use it for so long. 

But with this certain pair of night-vision goggles, you will experience using it with a maximum eye relief of 25 millimeters. 

So, once your eyes get irritated, you may choose to use the maximum eye relief to have some rest for your eyes. 

You also do not have to worry about having a less functional night vision when you use the maximum eye relief since it will work just as well. 

Water Resistant and Fog Resistant Construction:

The design of this pair of night vision goggles is to have great resistance to water and fog. 

When there are sudden temperature changes in the atmosphere, this certain gadget will not be prevented from doing what it is designed for. 

In fact, fogging will not be allowed to occur even when the temperature rise or drop is large. Also, the sealing of this pair of night vision goggles also has the ability to be used in any weather condition since it is resistant to water. 

Even when it drizzles, or it rains so hard, you surely will be surprised at how you can still use this certain gadget. 

With the combination of these two features, you will experience using a night vision gadget that will last longer and remain reliable even when the condition becomes the opposite of what you expected. 

Optional 3x Magnification:

One of the best things about this pair of night vision goggles is that it is very versatile that it can even be used as a binocular, but it is optional, of course. 

When you want to have an increased magnification, it just simply works like this: equip this pair of night vision goggles with a 3x magnification powered focal lenses. 

As easy as that, you can experience the uses and functions of two gadgets with just one night-vision device. 

This is a very beneficial feature since it gives you the option of having something to help you level up your experience, and it also makes this pair of night vision worth buying since you are just going to spend on one gadget, but you will have the option of using two. 

Operating Temperature:

The temperature range that this pair of night vision goggles can be used in ranges from -40 degrees Celsius for up to 50 degrees Celsius. 

Meaning to say, it can be functional, and it can perform reliably within that range. 

When you try to use this certain product outside that range, you might experience some trouble when it comes to the performance of this pair of night vision goggles. In addition, it might do some damage to this device.

When this specific model of night vision goggles is bought, it comes with a free tissue lens, a carrying case, a tool for head mounting, and a manual. 

It also comes with a free CR123A lithium battery–this is a common battery type that you can buy in stores and markets in case the free battery runs out of power. 

In addition to all that, you can also have an assurance that this device will get fixed or repaired once some defects start to show up since it has a 2-year period of warranty.

Bottom Line:

Overall, the usefulness of this gadget is really one of the most incredible and easiest ways of having an improved night vision. 

With the features that it offers, it is really incredible in a lot of ways. In addition, it is very high-end, yet its price is just reasonable for all the features that it provides. 

In fact, with the quality it has, it has been used in a lot of applications such as law enforcement purposes and military applications as well. 

The dual-tube design of this gadget will let you have the full view and experience that you wanted to have at night. So, check this gadget out, and you surely will have the best experiences during your activities at night.

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