ATN Thor 4 640 Thermal Riflescope Review

A Riflescope is an essential tool required when you are in the field of shooting or hunting. The thermal riflescope is the best rifle scope which can be utilized to get a clear view in both the night and day time. 

The thermal sensor present in the thermal riflescope enhances the hunting during pitch darkness. Generally, the riflescope is best for beginners and professional hunters. Apart from hunting, this scope is also used by people working in the military, firefighting, and law enforcement. 

While hunting in the forest, thermal scopes are the essential one which will tackle lots of disturbance like trees, bushes, rocks, and worst weather conditions. Enjoy your hunting experience with a perfect thermal riflescope that eliminates distraction.

ATN Thor 4 640 Thermal Riflescope
Magnification: 1-10X
Magnification: 1.5-15X
Magnification: 2.5-25X
Magnification: 4-40X

ATN Thor 4 640 Thermal Rifle Scope

Thor 4 640 riflescope was manufactured by American Technologies Network (ATN) company that was involved in developing Smart Thermal Imaging gadgets for Day and Night time operations. 

Thor 4 640 is the fourth generation optics product of ATN incorporated with high-performance Obsidian 4 core with Dual Processor that comes under the ATN Thor 4 series.

ATN Thor 4 640 riflescopes are built with supreme grade materials and make this product fitted for hunting by withstanding the tough environmental conditions. It is the best thermal scope for hog hunting, and you can successfully hunt by accurately aiming at your target. 

This scope makes your hunting experience better and allows you to hunt even in dim or dark conditions using the heat from the animals to capture the thermal image.

Thor 4 640 scopes are incorporated with special features such as HD video recording, wireless streaming, ballistic calculation, One-shot zero, and various mode views. The processor present in this scope increases image processing abilities and provides high-speed performance. 

These features help the hunters by producing a clear and sharp image of the target. With the latest technologies, the scope provides excellent performance and aids in viewing your target in different modes of view.

Features Present in ATN Thor 4 640 Riflescope

  1. Thermal Sensor

The ATN Thor 4 640 thermal scopes are designed with the Ultra-Sensitive Gen 4 640×480 Sensor, and it is the highest resolution sensor in a thermal rifle scope. 

More number of the sensor (pixels) collects more thermal data from the source and produces an image which is good enough for hunters to view their target. This thermal sensor will create a clear image of your target from a long distance with higher sensitivity and smooth graduations.

  1. Display Resolution

ATN Thor 4 640 has a display screen resolution of 1280×720 HD that shows the target and its surroundings’ supreme quality images. It displays clear, smooth, and sharp images without blur. Due to the large screen size of the scope, you can view your target’s wide range of surroundings.

Even when you zoom in on the Thor 4 640 scope, the riflescope shows minimal distortion images. Using this HD display, one can clearly see the captured video and image of the target. 

  1. Design

The housing of ATN Thor 4 640 rifle scopes is built with Aluminum Alloy that is the reason for durable and lightweight construction. The diameter of the main tube structure of the scope is 30 mm; it has two Picatinny rails and a cantilever ring to attach the scope with the rifle.

  1. Processor

The advanced features of Thor 4 640 thermal rifle scopes provide many benefits to the users. This rifle scope is designed with a fourth-generation ATN processor called obsidian IV dual-core processors with few computer technology features that automatize certain functions of scope. 

This processor is smarter, powerful, shows better performance with improved power efficiency, and receives more details from the thermal sensor elements to provide a sharp image for long-distance targets.

  1. Magnification

In Thor 4 640 rifle scope model, an HD lens that zooms between various magnification ranges is used to get a clear sight of the target. 

These scopes are the expensive versions of the ATN Thor 4 Scope that can detect the target from 830 to 3300 yards. Because of its high magnification range, You can see the maximum viewing range with a human recognition range of 350 to 1450 yards.

  1. Multiple Color Palettes

In ATN Thor 4 640, You can easily modify the views by changing the modes depending upon your needs. There are three Color Palettes present in the ATN Thor 4 640 thermal scopes, which are given below.

  • Color Mode – shows a thermal image of the target.
  • White Hot Mode – display the target in white color.
  • Black Hot Mode – display the target in black color.
  1. Reticles

In ATN Thor 4 640 rifle scope, there are two types of reticle options available, namely One-Shot Zero and Smart Mil-Dot reticles. Users can choose the reticle to shoot the targeted animal depending upon the environment.

  • Smart Mil-Dot Reticle

The smart mil-dot reticle in Thor 4 640 scope enhances shooting accuracy in the tactical environment. It comes with 5 mil dot ranges to easily focus on the correct range of the shooting target. Smart Mil-Dot makes it easy to find the better holdover position and compensate for bullet drop due to gravity.

Mil-dot reticle is also used to calculate the approximate range to your target and identify the variation between the hash marks in mils. You can also use the smart mil-dot reticle with the ballistic calculator that automatically shows you where to place the holdover.

  1. One-Shot Zero

In Thor 4 640 thermal scopes, the Zeroing process is easy and extremely fast, which is crucial to shoot the target accurately. One-shot zero sightings mean you only need a single shot to sight the scope that reduces hunting time.

One-Shot Zero helps to focus on the target without any disturbance and makes you to zero the scope instantly. Just tune the reticle to aim where the bullet hit the object and store the settings to reduce the time you spent for sighting.

  1. Ballistic Calculator

Various factors in the forest or outdoor environment affects the accuracy of the shoot. So, THOR 4 640 thermal rifle scope comes with the built-in Ballistic calculator to shoot the target exactly in any environmental conditions. 

Ballistic Calculator has the environment profiles such as angle, altitude, range, wind speed, temperature, and humidity that help estimate an accurate bullet trajectory for shooting the target.

The ballistic calculator is controlled by spinning the wheel to make your hunting easy by making your shot hit the target every time. Together with the rangefinder, the ballistic calculator increases shot accuracy and aids in using bullets efficiently. 

You have to just enter the information of your surroundings to the ballistic calculator, and it will automatically adjust the reticle to focus the target. 

Some of the data are measured automatically using the internal sensor present in the scope, and other data values should be entered manually. The Ballistic calculator helps to avoid guessing, complicated charts, and calculations.

  1. Laser Rangefinder

ATN Thor 4 640 has been designed with the laser rangefinder, which is used to estimate the distance of the targets. It will send the data to the ballistics calculator through Bluetooth to center the reticle and help in estimating the distance of your target without any complex calculations.

  1. Dual Streaming and Video Recording

Hunters love to record and playback the thrilling moments of hunting, and the impressive thing is ThOR 4 640 has a recording feature. Users can record the video and stream it to their tablets, computer, or laptop using WiFi. 

The video resolution of Thor 640 is 1280×960 at a frame rate of 60 fps which is convenient while recording a moving target. Using the new processor, ThOR 4 640 can stream live video through the Obsidian app and store video to an SD card. 

This scope has a 64GB removable SD card to save videos so that you don’t need to worry about the storage issues and just enjoy hunting. Mobile users can stream the video by using the Obsidian app by clicking the button on your mobile to capture the images or videos of the target.

Image and Video format: Images are stored in JPEG format, and the videos are saved in the MOV format.

  1. Recoil activated video (RAV)

Mostly, hunters forget to record the hunting moments, but the ThOR 4 640 has recoil activated video feature for recording the video. When you turn ON the Recoil activated video, the scope will save a video from a few seconds before, during, and after the shot. Here, Video recording is provoked by the rifle’s recoil, and you can also adjust the timing it records before and after the shot.

  1. Battery Life 

The battery size is bigger than the scope because the scope has premium quality batteries that offer high power for a long time. The efficient processor is powerful, smarter, improves power consumption and battery life by cooling down the processor quickly. This battery of the scope can be charged using the Micro USB Charger.

  1. User Interface

Thor 4 640 thermal riflescope has a remote controller with minimum button controls and an intuitive menu that allows you to navigate. You can also control the scope using the ATN Obsidian app from your smartphone or tablet to focus and attack the target. Navigation and Menu control in Thor 4 640 is a user-friendly interface, so anyone can control the thermal riflescope effortlessly. 

  1. Refresh Rate & Eye Relief

ATN ThOR 4 640 scope series has a refresh rate of 60 HZ that helps to create smoother images without blur while trying to shoot fast-moving targets. Eye relief is the distance between the objective lens and eye that you can maintain when shooting to prevent your eyes from injuries. Thor 4 640 has an eye relief of 90 mm that provides a better viewing experience and protects your eyes.



Comparison Table of ATN THOR 4 640 Riflescope

SPECS THOR 4 640 THOR 4 640 THOR 4 640 THOR 4 640
SENSOR 640x480, 60Hz 640x480, 60Hz 640x480, 60Hz 640x480, 60Hz
MAGNIFICATION 1-10X 1.5-15X 2.5-25X 4-40X
FIELD OF VIEW 32×25 24×19 12.5×9.7 8.3×6.2
MICRO DISPLAY 1280×720 1280×720 1280×720 1280×720
MIL-DOT VALUE 4.0-10 4.0-10 2.0-10 1.0-10
DETECTION RANGE 830 Yards 1050 Yards 1950 Yards 3300 Yards
RECOGNITION RANGE 350 Yards 530 Yards 800 Yards 1450 Yards
IDENTIFICATION RANGE 225 Yards 330 Yards 475 Yards 800 Yards

Common Features in the 4 Models of ATN Thor 4 640

  • Video recording resolution: 1280×960 @ 30/60 fps
  • Micro-Display: 1280×720 HD Display
  • Wifi: link with iOS or Android
  • Eye relief: 90mm
  • Battery Life: 16 to 18 Hour
  • Mount: 30mm rings included
  • Core: ATN Obsidian IV Dual Core
  • Micro SD card: 4 to 64 GB
  • Multiple Color Patterns: Reticle Options, and Reticle Colors

Has 3D Gyroscope, 3D accelerometer, Smart Range Finder, Bluetooth, E-Barometer, Recoil Activated Video, Electronic Compass, and Microphone


ATN Thor 4 640x thermal rifle scope gives hunters an amusing, thrilled, and fun-filled experience in various environmental conditions. It is the best rifle scope with a high display resolution, making it perfect for hunting and providing high-quality images and videos of the targets. 

This scope is recommended for both professionals and beginners to operate in the shooting field. This scope is available at a reasonable price with special additional features.

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