ATN ThOR 4 1.25-5x Thermal Rifle Scope Review

Are you interested in hunting and not having ideas about rifle scopes which are suitable for yourself? The thermal riflescope is the best scope that provides a clear image of your target and useful for both beginners and professional hunters. 

Many of them do Hunting for their food requirements, and some do as their hobby and passion.  Enjoy your hunting with a perfect thermal riflescope that improves your hunting experience. 

Thermal scopes are the major equipment required for safety purposes in the military, law enforcement, firefighting, and also for hunting. Here we have reviewed ATN ThOR 4 Thermal Scope that is one of the best thermal scopes for hunting from our own experience.

ATN ThOR 4 1.25-5x Thermal Rifle Scope

ATN Thor 4 1.25-5x Thermal Rifle Scope

Thor 4 1.25-5x riflescope was developed by ATN – American Technologies Network company that is one of the market-leading companies. Thor 4 1.25-5x is the best thermal scope for coyote hunting, and using this scope you can accurately aim your target and make your hunting experience better. 

This scope allows you to hunt even in the complete darkness using the heat energy from the source to capture the thermal image, and it has an Obsidian 4 core with Dual Processor. 

This scope has special additional features such as HD video recording, wireless streaming, ballistic calculation, One-shot zero, various mode selection options, and image stabilization. Apart from that, it also improves image processing abilities and provides high-speed performance in every condition.

These features make your hunting easier by producing a clear and sharp target and its surrounding images; therefore, it is useful for beginners in the hunting and shooting fields. 

ATN Thor 4 1.25-5x riflescopes are manufactured with supreme quality materials and the latest technologies that provide excellent performance to the users. It is a lightweight design; therefore, users can handle the scope easily and target the object quickly. 

This 1.25-5x thermal scope will ensure your safety, make your hunt successful, and help to view your target, surroundings in different modes of view. Hence you can figure out your target easily at both day and night time.

Working Principle of ATN Thor 4 1.25-5x Thermal Scope 

The ATN Thor 4 1.25-5x rifle scope has a Thermal Sensor that works by receiving heat energy (IR Rays) from the source through an objective lens. Then, the infrared rays are scanned by the elements in the thermal sensors, and then the signal is sent to the microprocessor for further processing. 

The purpose of the microprocessor is to convert the different range of heat energy obtained from the source into different colors, this process happens within a fraction of a second and then translates it into an image which is visible to human eyes.

Features Found in the ATN Thor 4 1.25-5x Riflescope


  • Thermal Resolution: Thor 4 1.25-5x scope is developed with the Ultra-Sensitive Gen 4 384×288 Sensor that is good enough for hunters to aim their target. The thermal sensor will provide a crisp, sharp, and clear image of your target. This scope is configured with higher sensitivity and smooth graduations to view your target clearly in the pitch dark from a long distance. 
  • Display Resolution: ATN Thor 4 1.25-5x comes with a display screen resolution of 1280×720 HD that shows the target and its surrounding images in high quality. You can see the captured image and videos clearly with the high display resolution. Due to the large screen size, you can view the wide surrounding range of your target.


This rifle scope has minimum button controls and an intuitive menu that allows you to navigate through different functions of the scope. Control the scope using the Obsidian app from your phone or tablet, you can change settings which aid to attack the target. 

Navigation and Menu setting in Thor 4 1.25-5x is a user-friendly interface; therefore, anyone can easily navigate the thermal riflescope without any difficulties.   


In ATN Thor 4 1.25-5x, you can modify the views by changing the modes depending upon your requirements. There are three modes of view present in the ATN Thor 4 1.25-5x scope which are,

  • Color Mode – to view the thermal image of the target.
  • White Hot Mode – shows the target in white color.
  • Black Hot Mode – shows the target in black color.

Dual Streaming & Video Recording

With the help of THOR 4 384 1.25-5X Thermal Riflescope, record the video while hunting, and you can stream the images and video to your tablets, computer, or laptop using WiFi.

Mostly, hunters love to record the precious moments of hunting, and here you can use Thor 4 1.25-5X scope that offers an HD video recording feature with WiFi streaming. This rifle scope comes with a 64GB removable SD card to store videos so that you don’t need to worry about the storage issue.

Both the Android and iOS mobile users can also stream the video by using the Obsidian app through which you can easily change the options. Just click the button on your mobile to capture the images or videos of the target with its surrounding sights. 

Smooth Zoom 

This best ATN rifle scope has a smooth zoom-in technology that shows you clear images, and provides a close view to easily figure out the target. Users can modify the zooming size by just spinning the adjust wheel. 

One-Shot Zero

In THOR 4 1.25-5X scope, One-Shot Zero is one of the main features that help to focus on the target without any disturbance and make you to zero the scope instantly. Using this feature, tune the reticle to aim where the bullet hit the object and store the settings to minimize the time you spend in sighting.

Ballistic Calculator

This thermal rifle scope has the ATN Ballistic calculator that helps to shoot the target exactly. Ballistic Calculator has the angle, altitude, range, wind speed, temperature, humidity, and other profiles that aids in estimating an accurate bullet path for shooting the target.

The ballistic calculator is controlled by spinning the wheel that estimates the trajectory alterations of the bullet and that will make your hunting perfect and easy by making your shot hit the target every time without fail. Together with the range finder feature, the ballistic calculator increases shot accuracy that helps in using bullets efficiently.

Laser Rangefinder

The scope has an in-built laser rangefinder that helps to find out the long-distance target. It will pass the information to the ballistics calculator through Bluetooth to adjust your reticle to get a clear view. You can easily calculate the distance of your target without any guessing or complex calculations.

Smart Mil-Dot Reticle

One-shot zero and smart mil-dot reticle are the two types of reticle options available in the ATN THOR 4 1.25-5X riflescope model. Select the reticle depending on the brightness of the environment to aim the target. 

With the Smart Mil-Dot, identify the variation between the hash marks in mils and help in accurately shooting the target in the tactical environment. 


THOR 4 1.25-5X scope is built with a new Obsidian IV Dual-core processor that is smarter, powerful, shows better performance, improves power efficiency and cooling performance. The new core processors receive more details from the thermal sensor, offering a sharp image from long-distance.


ATN THOR 4 1.25-5X has developed with an HD lens to provide a clear view of the objects and the magnification range is also a major factor to get an exact target view. In ThOR 4 series, totally 8 different magnification range scopes are available. 

THOR 4 1.25-5X is the first version of Thor 4 series with a range of 1.25X to 5X, and using this scope you can shoot the target up to 750 yards. ATN THOR 4 scope has manual and digital zooming abilities, and here buttons are found in the scope to zooming in & zooming out.

Refresh Rate 

ATN ThOR 4 1.25-5X scope has a refresh rate of 60 HZ, and it helps in producing smoother images while trying to shoot moving targets or fixed targets from moving vehicles. It also allows the rifle to scan surroundings and create images or videos without any blur.

Eye Relief

Long Eye Relief is the main factor that should be considered to prevent your eyes from injuries while hunting. Eye relief is nothing but the distance between the objective lens and eye that you can maintain when shooting. Thor 4 1.25-5X has an eye relief of 90 mm that provides a comfortable viewing experience. 

Battery Life 

This scope has a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, and you can continuously use this scope for 22 hours without charging the battery. This scope’s battery can be charged using the Micro USB Charger so that you can use it for a long duration of time. Normally, Overheat may reduce the battery life, but here the processor cools down quickly.

Remote Control

ATN THOR 4 1.25-5X has a remote controller to access various features such as Recoil Activated Video, Rangefinders, Ballistic calculator, reticles, etc. It also has the spin zoom wheel to make the perfect shot on your target. This ergonomic design makes your shooting experience comfortable.

Easy to Mount

Detach mount is the additional option in ATN THOR 4 1.25-5X riflescope and using this you can take advantage of the profile manager of the scope. You are able to move from platform to platform with zero retain. The optimal support of the rifle scope included 

  • Standard rings
  • L-shape ring




A thermal rifle scope is an essential tool that should be in hunter’s backpacks to make their hunting experiences amusing, thrilled, and fun-filled in different environmental conditions. 

ATN ThOR 4 1.25-5x is the best rifle scope with a medium magnification range of 1.25 to 5x and high sensor, its display resolution which makes it perfect for hunting and law enforcement. 

It provides premium quality images and videos of the targets and its surrounding. This scope is the best choice for both professionals and beginners in the shooting field and gives the best shooting experience.

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