10 Best Scopes for .308 in 2020 – Review & Guide


The .308 rifle has become one of the most famous rifles chambering in the stores and markets since its release in the year 1952. 

Since .308 has a lot to offer, it can be used in almost all rifle action types. The .308 is known for its long-range accuracy and versatility. 

It can be used for many purposes like big-game hunting, shooting applications, and even target competitions. Of course, we understand that choosing a scope for it might be a very serious thing to do. 

That’s why we’ve made a list of the best scopes that are all proven to be of great compatibility. Here, the best scopes will be listed, described, and featured for you to have the best pick for your .308. So, if you are ready, here they are:

10 Best Scopes for .308

10 Best Scopes for .308 in 2020

1. Trijicon’s 1-6x 24mm VCOG Rifle Scope

One of the high-end scopes you can consider when buying a scope for your .308 is this specific scope from Trijicon. 

This scope is built like a tank since it has an indestructible design. This scope provides several brightness settings, 6 settings, to be exact. 

In addition, you will not be having any difficulty in looking for a battery for this scope since the usual AA batteries can power it.

This scope for .308 is best known for its:

First Focal Plane:

This specific feature of this scope allows the ballistic reticle to be clearly used at all the magnification options that it provides.

Water Proof Construction:

This scope can be submerged in water up to a depth of 66 feet. Even with the pressure it might experience being submerged at that depth, this scope will surprisingly endure and perform its best.

Multi Coated Lenses:

The multi-coated lenses of this scope cause it to provide the maximum transmission of light that any hunters and shooters want. With a scope like this, you will be able to see through the lenses with brightness and clarity.

Simple Battery Requirement:

As mentioned earlier, this scope can be powered with just the use of the simple AA batteries. What makes it more interesting is that it can run for 700 non-stop hours when at its setting 4 and 6 with just the use of one lithium AA battery.

2. EOTECH’s Vudu 3.5-18x 50mm Precision Rifle Scope

This specific scope is made to be a frontrunner in the battlefield. With its high-performing holographic sights, this scope is another high-end scope that you must consider buying too. 

Its versatility is proven since it can be used for different types of firearms such as Ruger Precision .308 and AR-10. 

The EOTECH brand offers a limited lifetime warranty for this scope, so you be sure that you will your scope fixed once it gets broken or once defects in the materials and construction show up.

This scope for .308 is best known for its:

XC High Density Glass:

The glass type that this scope’s lenses are made of is XC High-Density Glass that is famous for its light transmission that is impressive in all lighting conditions. In addition, a sight picture with clarity is what this type of lenses is known for.

Water Resistant, Shock Resistant and Fog Resistant Construction:

When talking about the durability of this scope, you do not need to worry anymore. It is built with properties that make it waterproof, shock-proof, and fog-proof too. Meaning to say, this scope will last long and perform at its best even when exposed to different tough elements that are inevitable on the shooting grounds.

Ruggedly Designed and Built:

The material type used to build this scope is an aircraft grade aluminum. If you have read from many reviews online, this type of material is known to produce the most durable scope that the world has ever seen. With this built, this scope becomes nearly indestructible; another good thing about this building is lightweight. Thus, it will not affect your mobility in the field.

3. Leupold’s VX-5HD 3-15x 44mm Side Focus Rifle Scope

For five generations until this day, Leupold is an American brand that has been continuously specializing in producing the highest quality of optics in the world. 

Considering that fact, all of the scopes in their line-up are of topnotch quality; but this specific scope is the one that is amazingly well-suited for your .308. 

It has a total weight of 19.2 ounces, and it has a total length of 13.53 inches. Those weight and length are actually just good and will not impair your mobility in the field.

This scope for .308 is best known for its:

Customized Dial System (Zero Lock CDS):

With a dial system that can specifically be customized for the type of ammo and rifle you are using, you will experience no trouble with this scope. In addition, with the use of this feature, the longer shots can be simplified. To be exact, this feature eliminates the need for ballistic calculations and holdovers.

Twilight Max HD Light Management System:

When your batteries run out of power, this feature will help you have extra 30 minutes of shooting light, especially in conditions where there is a very low amount of light. In addition, this feature has glare reduction properties that will make you see sight pictures that are high definition from edges to edges.

Illuminated Reticle:

With an illuminated reticle that is ideal for conditions with a very low amount of light, you will be able to depend on this scope even at night.

4. Nightforce’s SHV 5-20x 56mm Rifle Scope

When it comes to producing precise and accurate long-range scope and optics, Nightforce is a brand that comes to the mind because they indeed are good at that. 

This scope works well for close range and extended range of varmint hunting and big games. With a massive objective lens with a diameter of 56 millimeters, this scope will surely provide the brightest sight pictures possible even at low-light times like twilight and night. 

In addition, the lens quality of this scope is superb; it really delivers sight pictures that have color contrast and clarity at every magnification option it offers.

This scope for .308 is best known for its:

Zero Set Feature:

When it comes to adjusting your settings when shooting at different elevations, you will be able to quickly return to your initial setting at zero regardless of how many adjustments in the elevation you just have made. 

This feature is truly helpful, especially for those hunters who love to hunt at the most challenging terrain on earth. In addition, this scope is best used when traversing the roughest areas of the earth’s surface.

Magnification Option:

It was already mentioned above that this scope is best designed for close range and extended range hunting; to be exact, that capability is because of the very wide magnification option that this scope provides. 

Starting from 5x and extending for up 20x, you can do a lot with that when it comes to the shooting types you want to do.

5. Vortex’s Optics Viper HS-T SFP Rifle Scope

This scope is the mid-priced scope that you can get for your .308. It is one of the most appreciated scopes by many competitors, tactical shooters, and hunters. 

This scope is considered one of the most versatile scopes since it can be used for different purposes, such as tactical applications, hunting, and target shooting. 

In addition, this scope will not give you much of a hassle when you need to do some adjustments since its finger-adjustable clicks do not need any tools for adjusting.

This scope for .308 is best known for its:

Fast Focus Eyepiece:

This scope’s fast-focus eyepiece will allow you to adjust this scope’s reticle to your eyes properly. Eventually, that will lead to having less time for target acquisition since you will be able to do it quicker.

Water Proof and Fog Proof Construction:

This one-piece tube scope has an o-ring sealing that makes it waterproof in performance. So, when heavy rain happens, and you have nowhere to take shelter in during your hunting trips, this scope will endure. 

In addition, this scope also has argon purging that makes its fog-proof in performance. So, when there are sudden changes in the atmospheric temperature, fogging will not occur.

Fully Multi Coated Lenses:

The lens of this scope is fully multi-coated and has ultra-low dispersion. With that, this scope will give you color fidelity and excellent resolution for your sight pictures.

6. Burris’ 200261 Ballistic Plex 2-7x 32mm

This scope’s compactness and lightweight make it a favorite to many hunters, plinkers, and shooters. It just has a total length of 9.2 inches, while its weight is only around 7 ounces. 

In addition, this scope has some generous eye relief that will allow you to target and shoot even with your eyes both open. This scope is lightweight and very affordable in price, but you can expect it to be heavy-duty and can withstand rough and rugged use even in harsh conditions. 

Another reason that makes this scope worth buying is its lifetime warranty. With that, you can have the assurance of having your scope fixed whenever defects show up.

This scope for .308 is best known for its:

Posi Lock:

This feature is a coil-spring retractable steel post that will secure your accuracy and precision when shooting. It is a helpful feature since you can be sure and confident that your shots will not miss your targets.

Multi Coated Lenses:

The multi-coated lens of this scope causes it to produce the maximum light transmission and clarity of the sight pictures that you are seeing through it.

Forward Mounting:

The design of this scope can be used for forward mounting in front. Thus, this feature allows for extended eye relief and shooting with both eyes open. With this feature, you will be able to have more awareness in the situation you are in, and it will also cause you to have a faster target acquisition.

7. UTG’s 3-12x 44mm 30mm-Tube Rifle Scope

Since every shooter cannot buy high-end and mid-priced scopes, this scope is for those on a tight budget. With its low cost, you do not need to worry about its quality since it can be a great competitor for the best scopes for .308. 

This 30-millimeter tube is sold with a limited lifetime warranty that makes it a good investment since you will have the assurance of having it fixed once there are defects in the way it was constructed. 

In addition, this scope weighs 25.6 ounces, and it has a very user-friendly design that can be very convenient even for beginners.

This scope for .308 is best known for its:

Water Proof and Fog Proof Construction:

The o-ring sealing of this scope makes it a very good scope when it comes to repelling water. Even when the downpour of rain happens in the shooting ground, you can be sure that this scope will endure. 

In addition, the nitrogen purging of this scope is the property that makes it fog-proof. Even when you experience temperature changes take place, fogging will not be allowed to happen.

Multi Emerald Coated Lenses:

For an optimized and more than adequate light transmission, you will be able to rely on this scope. It has multi emerald coated lenses that will ensure that to take place as you need it in the shooting grounds even in conditions with very little light.

8. Nikon’s Buckmasters ii 3-9x 40mm Rifle Scope

Another option for hunters who do not want to spend much for a scope for their .308 is this one. Based on its name, this scope is perfect for those who are serious about deer hunting. 

This scope has a matte black finish that makes it less likely to have corrosive surfaces. This scope only weighs 1 pound and will not affect your mobility on the shooting grounds.

This scope for .308 is best known for its:

Fully Multi Coated Optics:

The fully multi-coated optics of this scope is best in transmitting the maximum possible amount of light from dawn until dusk. With multiple layers of compounds that are anti-reflective, this scope delivers bright and vivid sight pictures of the shooting grounds.

Reticle Adjustments:

The positive click reticle adjustment of this scope will give you a quicker time to zero or maintain your settings. Even when heavy recoils take place, you undoubtedly will have no problem with this scope’s adjustments.

Spot On:

This scope will allow you to determine all the exact aiming points of your scope’s reticle. This feature can be used for a wide variety of distances; thus, it will improve your precision and accuracy more. With this feature, your shots will always be spot-on as you want it to be.

Magnification Option:

The magnification option that this scope provides is very versatile and flexible that it can be used for any situation in hunting. From close-range and long-range shooting, this scope can be relied on and used.

9. Monstrum’s G2 1-4x 24mm FFP Rifle Scope

One good scope for close-range and mid-range types of shooting is this scope. This scope has a very aesthetic design that makes it look like a powerful addition to your .308. 

It has some ranging information that is very easy to be read and this information remain constant no matter the magnification option is. 

This scope comes with a free CR2032 3V battery, one set of spring loaded, and flip-up lens cover, a cleaning cloth and a detachable honeycomb filtering sunshade.

This scope for .308 is best known for its:

Ruggedly Designed and Built:  

Made from aircraft grade aluminum, this scope is proven to withstand any condition thrown at it when in the shooting grounds. In addition, this scope will endure even when used for a long time for rugged purposes.

Water Proof and Fog Proof Construction:

The o-ring sealing of this scope makes it waterproof even when exposed to heavy rain or moist surroundings, while the nitrogen charging on its inside chambers is responsible for making it free from fogging. With these properties working together, a durable and reliable scope is produced.

Dial Controlled Illumination of the Reticle:

The reticle illumination of this scope can be controlled in its dial. You can choose from two different colors: red or green. The reticle illumination of this scope comes with several brightness intensities to provide better visibility of the reticle even when used at night or when only a little light is present.

10. ATN’s X-Sight II HD 5-20x Smart Day and Night Rifle Scope

This scope has some serious and high technology features that are all advanced and can be used to better hunt. 

This scope has features that can be used both in daytime and nighttime. It has a Wi-Fi streaming property that can be used to view the videos from your hunting trips that you recorded from it. 

In addition, this scope has a remote control that you can use for some various settings that it has.

This scope for .308 is best known for its:


With this scope, you do not need to carry some additional equipment for ranging your target because this scope comes with a built-in one that makes it very easier to use. The distance with be calculated by this rangefinder in order for you to have a perfect shot every time.

1080p High Definition Video Recording and Photos.

This scope also comes with a recorder that you can use for your hunting trips. The videos you recorded or photos you have taken can be viewed using a phone or a tablet.

Magnification Option:

With a magnification that starts from 5x and reaches for up to 20x, you can be sure that you will be able to use this scope for activities that require the use of mid-range to long-range shots. In addition, this range is paired with a smooth zoom that adjusts your magnification in a very smooth way every time.

Buyer’s Guide:

To have a full understanding of the importance of the features mentioned. Here are some further explanations of the factors that you should consider before you buy that could help you get the full grasp of understanding that you need to appreciate these scopes more. In addition, these factors are the ones that you should look for in your scopes for .308.


When it comes to the scope’s longevity, it usually tackles the durability and the reliability of the scope. Those two factors are always connected. Once the durability of scope gets affected negatively, its reliability will start to fade too. 

With that said, it is important that you buy a scope that is made from very high quality and durable materials for it to have a performance that lasts long. 

In addition, it is important that you check first the materials that the scope you are buying is made of since it is where the durability and reliability of it depend. 

Everything you purchase reflects the investments you are into, so if you want to have a good investment, buy a scope that would perform well for long-term use even when used for harsh purposes and tough conditions.


Some people often think that high-priced materials are always better than low-priced ones. That is wrong. These days, there are many scopes offered for mid-range and low range of prices but have more quality than the high-end ones. 

You have to be smart in buying and choosing. A high price does not always mean that it has the best quality, and a low price does not necessarily mean that it is of a low quality. 

With the advancing technology we have today, scopes are made more affordable, with many new inventions added to it.

Quality of Lenses:

If you want to see sight pictures of the best quality, you have to pick and buy a scope that is made from high-quality lenses too. 

One of the main reasons you want to buy a scope is that you want to see sight pictures that will help you shoot with more accuracy and precision. With that said, optics and lenses of low quality must have no place in your decision. 

In addition, the quality of the lens is one of the most important things that you must look at first since it is where your accurate shots depend.

Easy Adjustments:

A scope with some easy adjustments will not be much of a hassle for you when you have to do quick adjustments in the shooting grounds. 

So, pick a scope with adjustment turrets that will not require you to bring out other tools in order to have your desired settings. As much as possible, turrets and adjustments that can be done using your fingers are recommended. 

Of course, a scope that will require you more than that will just distract you and eventually slow down the progress of your hunting trips; so, consider this one as an important factor too.


If you want to do close-range shooting and hunting, you must have a scope with that specialized magnification. If you want to do long-range hunting, get a scope with a magnification range that will let you do that. 

Furthermore, if you want a scope for both ranges of hunting, whether it is close or long, you must get a scope with a very wide range of options for the magnification. 

The activities you can do depend on the magnification you are choosing, so be sure to choose the one that suits your needs as a hunter and a shooter.

Bottom line:

The scopes that are listed above all proven to be a great accessory to .308. They all are also proven to improve the capabilities of the said firearm. With many options that you have in the stores and markets, it is truly confusing to find the right one. 

In this case, we already listed them for you. We hope that the list above has somehow helped you decide what to buy and what factors to consider before buying a scope for your .308. Be sure that you consider all of the ones listed above before finally having a pick.

One last tip is that you must get a scope that will suit your needs as a hunter and shooter. After all, you are the one in control. Whatever the capabilities of your .308 and your chosen scope, it all depends on how you use it and how you execute it.