10 Best Crossbows For Hunting Season 2023 – Ultimate Review & Guide

Crossbows have played an important role during the warfare that took place around Europe and East Asia. It existed way back into the first millennia  BC, between the 4th century BC and 7th century BC.

As the years go by, crossbows have met technological advances and have been innovated for outdoor and tactical applications.

Some crossbows are used for hunting wild animals. It includes optical scopes which can improve your shooting accuracy and precision.

There are several crossbow scopes available in the market which can accommodate your needs or preferences in terms of hunting. Most of the time, these scopes are multi functional and can be used for other weapons such as rifles. 

The best crossbow scopes are usually able to provide longer distance capabilities for sighting while helping you deliver a lethal shot towards your target. Aside from hunting, crossbows can also be used for recreational purposes such as crossbow sports shooting. First, you have to know how to use the crossbow properly for the better performance. 

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Excalibur Matrix 380 Crossbow Package

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Crossbows come in various shapes and sizes as well as differences in terms of the pulling mechanism, caliber type, and speed. For the most part, knowing more information about the best budget crossbow for hunting might be a bit challenging but it all comes to your preferences.

Aside from determining the best crossbow for the money, there are also some users that are aiming to find the best hunting crossbow with unique features. 

Users also tend to choose the best crossbow for them in terms of its safety features. TenPoint Crossbow, a leading crossbow brand, has always been committed to ensuring the safety of their customers by offering an automatic ambidextrous safety to most of their crossbow models.

Crossbows also include a “dry” fire stopper which ensures that the equipment itself won’t fire without the arrow placed in the position that can prevent potential injury towards the user. It can also inhibit any potential damages to the crossbow.

The latest crossbow models include a “secondary” safety feature embedded on the fore grip which depresses the fire. This happens when the hand is placed forward in a shooting position, ensuring that the fingers do not hinder the string path, avoiding injuries. These are usually the safety wings intended for your fingers. 

With that said, allow this article to help you determine the best crossbow for you while also taking into consideration some traits to look for before buying one. Let us start.

10 Best Crossbows For Shooting & Hunting - Reviewed

1. Ravin R29X Sniper Crossbow

Ravin R29X Sniper Crossbow is one of the best hunting crossbows in the market that is available for purchase. It might fetch an exorbitant price, but its quality performance is top-notch.

You can say that this crossbow was designed to meet technology and innovation, fusing them together. It offers a firing speed of 450 feet per second, which brings about a powerful force when the arrow hits your target. 

Ravin R29X Sniper Crossbow comes with a 6 inches compact axle cock. This product even features a Helicoil Technology with an innovative and fully integrated “Silent Cocking” system that helps in maintaining an automatic safety control.

You won’t run into trouble when affixing the crossbow strings on the field. It also includes a jack plate that can adjust the crossbow scope easily when mounted on an elevated platform.



This crossbow model weighs about 6.75 pounds which can be considered as a lightweight product that can greatly improve your mobility and maneuverability when you are out of the field in hunting. Aside from that, it includes six (6) premium .001 Ravin Arrows with field tips, weighing a total of four hundred grain when drawn. It can even be considered as one of the best crossbow broadheads with its power. For its crossbow scope, it is best paired with an illuminated scope. It can even cover a hundred-yard distance.Ravin R29X Sniper Crossbow ReviewRavin R29X Sniper Crossbow also features other unique characteristics which are as follows:

  • Floating Arrow Set – It helps in acquiring a zero “rail” friction that can adapt at a better and faster speed level when firing. It also greatly affects and improves an individual’s crossbow shooting accuracy.
  • Level String – It is perfectly designed to achieve zero railing friction which can help in prolonging the life of a crossbow string after continuous use.
  • Coiling Cable – This has been designed and integrated to fully balanced out the limbs of the crossbow while increasing the accuracy rating of every arrow shot towards the target.
  • Cam Rotation Level – This feature can efficiently produce a supreme performance which can help in increasing every accuracy and precision of your arrows being fired as the cam rotates at 1.340 degrees.

Overall, the quality it perceives in line with its price can truly allow you to enjoy only the best hunting crossbow, making it a great investment for you in the long run.

2. Excalibur Matrix 380 Crossbow

Another well-known hunting crossbow is the Excalibur Matrix 380 Crossbow. Although it fetches a high price, it pays quite well when talking about its performance on the field.

This product has been designed to produce a top tier product that can accommodate the needs and preferences of almost everyone, be it for hunting wild animals or a shooting game. Most professionals are using this crossbow since their reputation has been built and trusted over the years.

Excalibur Matrix 380 Crossbow Package


Excalibur Matrix 380 Crossbow is a heavy-duty model that has been made using sturdy materials which makes it durable and can last for a longer period of time without wearing, allowing you to enjoy a great investment that can benefit you.

As a crossbow, Excalibur Matrix 380 Crossbow is a compact and recurve type which makes it challenging yet revolutionary. Every arrow it fires is sure to pack a powerful hit on your target, proving its accuracy and precision capabilities.Excalibur Matrix 380 Crossbow ReviewExcalibur Matrix 380 Crossbow comes with a tactical illuminated scope that assists your shots when on the field. It is well balanced and it offers a limb mounting system that is easier to use when adjusting your crossbow scope.

Considering its price, you can get an equally fast and accurate firing power that can cover 30 yards to 75 yards with a speed power of 380 feet per second, resulting in a 112ft/lbs kinetic energy power.

It includes 30mm rings, 4 pcs of arrow quivers, 4pcs of Diablo Arrow that weighs a hundred and fifty-grain field points. It also features an Ambidextrous Cheek Piece, REDS Suppressors, Rope Cocking Aid, and its safety feature called the Guardian Anti Dry Fire System. 

3. RAVIN R26 Predator Crossbow

If you’re an archery or professional hunter and looking for the best crossbow, then this RAVIN R26 Predator Crossbow will improve your experience on the field. Ravin produces various crossbow models with excellent accuracy for the bowmen and hunters.

The Ravin crossbows come with Helicoil technology to provide you with fast, accurate, and efficient performance. This Ravin R26 is one of the compact and lightweight crossbows available on the market.


This technology helps you to provide accurate performance when hunting on the market. It perfectly balances the cams. This Ravin R26 crossbow has the capacity to shoot 400 ft per second. It improves the accuracy of the shots with the perfect level of cams. 

It is one of the powerful and efficient crossbows that allows you to target small to medium sized animals. It is designed with a compact and lightweight design to ensure convenience while performing.

Barnett Whitetail Pro STR Crossbow Review

It is 5.75-inches wide when it is cocked and 9.26 inches when it is uncocked. It is one of the most compact crossbows available on the market that allows you to hunt easily from the tree stand, ground blind, and other places.

The compact size of this crossbow allows you to carry this easily everywhere for an extended period while hunting. Thus, it is the perfect crossbow for long hunting adventures. It is built with a trigger mechanism that slides the rail forward and increases the speed of the accurate shots.

The frictionless rail present in this crossbow is one of the features that improve accuracy. This feature avoids friction for stable precision and improves cable life.

4. TenPoint Turbo M1 Crossbow

When it comes to credibility and outstanding brand reputation built with the customers’ trust over the years, TenPoint Crossbow Technologies can bring you more top tier models for various crossbow applications just for you.

It is not too pricey nor too cheap, so if you have enough budget allotted for purchasing a crossbow, go ahead and buy TenPoint Turbo M1 Crossbow.

Each arrow shot using this crossbow can produce excellent precision as well as accuracy level. Be confident with each shot without missing your target from afar.

The string latch of TenPoint Turbo M1 Crossbow has been perfectly designed to reduce any friction it might produce successfully while making a way in delivering only a consistent and crisp break after firing arrows on your target.

TenPoint Crossbow Technologies has also known for their number one commitment to ensuring the safety of their customers. On that note, TenPoint Turbo M1 Crossbow is embedded with an Automatic Engaging Safety System and Dry Fire Inhibitor which are vital in preventing any accidental firing while protecting your fingers on the foregrip.

TenPoint-Turbo-M1 Crossbow


This model also boasts an inverted VX-5 cam, which lengthens the power stroke while increasing its rotation as you launch the arrows within the set range. This greatly helps in landing an accurate and lethal shot you make with every single pull.

It is also equipped with only the best crossbow scope you can ever imagine with a 3x Pro View System being mounted on top of the aluminum fixed dovetail mount, measuring about 0.875 inches. 

The crossbow scope includes 20 / 30 / 40 / 50-yard dots in crosshair when sighting. The package also includes 3 pcs of Arrow Instant Detachable Quiver with ambidextrous side-mount quiver bracket, ACUDraw Silent Cocking Technology as well as 3 pcs of Carbonized Pro Elite Arrows weighing 100-grain practice points.

Despite the toughest hunting circumstances you might experience, you can easily maneuver this product without a hassle, allowing you to enjoy a zero miss shot you make. Weighing only 4.75 pounds, it can give you enough flexibility and mobility when you go out and hunt on the field.

5. Wicked Ridge Invader 400 Crossbow

If you’re a crossbow hunter and looking for the best crossbow for your needs, then you can go with this Wicked Ridge Invader 400 Crossbow. It is a beast of the crossbow and an excellent crossbow available on the market with great features.

It is made in the USA and has a portable design, so it is an ideal for hunting from ladder, ground blinds, climbing tree stands, etc. This crossbow contains many features that provide incredible performance while hunting on the field.


This Invader 400 crossbow is built with durable material to ensure rugged construction and reliable performance on the field. The length of this crossbow is 35.5 inches, while it is 19 inches wide when uncocked and 15 inches wide when it is cocked.

It is light in weight, so it is suitable for long hunting adventures since you can carry this for an extended period. Due to its lightweight design, you can easily hold this crossbow on your shoulder, and the pistol grip present in this crossbow provides you excellent grip.

It contains flight wings that protect your fingers. The crossbows from Wicked Ridge provide several arrows at different kinetic energy and speeds. The arrows of this crossbow are made with aluminum material that offers a speed of 380 fps and 132 fp kinetic energy.

You have to buy a separate Pro-Lite Carbon arrow from TenPoint. This invader 400 crossbow contains three crosshairs and four dots to provide excellent accuracy up to 50 yards.

It comes with a camouflage finish that allows it to blend well with the environment. The ergonomic design and affordable price of this crossbow make it standard among the others on the market.

6. TenPoint Titan M1 Crossbow

The TenPoint Titan M1 Crossbow is one of the best selling points in the crossbow industry. The TenPoint is an American manufacturing company that produces high-quality crossbows on the market. The Titan M1 is a lightweight crossbow from the TenPoint brand.

It is constructed with CNC-machined aircraft-grade aluminum material that ensures rugged construction and reliable performance. It is 14 inches wide when it is uncocked and 9 inches wide when it is cocked.


The arrow of this crossbow reaches the speed of 360 FPS that delivers incredible performance in all weather conditions without any restriction. The weather condition of your hunting field won’t affect the accuracy of the crossbow.

It contains a T5 trigger that has an advanced dry-fire inhibitor and auto-engage safety. The arrow of this crossbow is made with carbon that is fitted with the 61-grain aluminum to provide better shots.

This TenPoint Titan M1 comes with the TenPoint 3x Pro view scope that is mounted on the aluminum fixed dovetail mount. It contains three crosshairs and four dots to provide better performance.

7. EXCALIBUR Matrix GRZ 2 Crossbow

Are you looking for a crossbow that is economically friendly and does not fall behind in terms of supreme shooting performance? You may want to consider EXCALIBUR Matrix GRZ 2 Crossbow. You can place your faith in this product as EXCALIBUR is one of the best leading brands for crossbows.

Taking ruggedness and technological innovation into consideration, EXCALIBUR Matrix GRZ 2 Crossbow is one of the best hunting crossbow ever produced. It is compact and lightweight, weighing only 5.5 lbs, which provides extra mobility whenever you maneuver the crossbow.

Excalibur GRZ 2 Crossbow


Equipped with a fixed power scope with 1-inch rings, it can provide you with sufficient sighting performance. The arrow of EXCALIBUR Matrix GRZ 2 Crossbow is 18 inches in length and weighs at least 200 pounds when being drawn with the product with 11.2 inches of powerful stroke.

Additionally, the overall length of the crossbow measures about 33.25 inches which are comfortable enough to carry around and maneuver without feeling any flimsiness. In terms of speed, every arrow you fire can reach 305 feet per second which are good enough to take down your target.

Made of quality materials, EXCALIBUR Matrix GRZ 2 Crossbow won’t easily break, resisting corrosion and chipping while being able to maintain high-quality standards all year round.

Its speed and trajectory won’t be affected easily by the rain or the wind which makes it a great hunting ally for you. It also includes 4 pcs of Arrow Quivers & Bracket, 3 pcs of Diablo Arrows with 150-grain practice points as well as a rope cocking system.

8. Barnett Blackspur II Crossbow

Barnett Blackspur II Crossbow is one of the best budget crossbows you can find in the market. Some hunters use this crossbow model for hunting turkeys and deers on the field.

It is ideal for shooters who tend to move frequently when hunting as it weighs 6.2 pounds, being a compact and lightweight crossbow product. What makes it special is its Turkey design that is only unique for Barnett products.


The arrows fired from this crossbow can reach a maximum speed of 340 feet per second with a hundred fifty drawing weight which can result in a powerful blow that can measure for up to 97.6ft/lbs Kinetic Energy.

Each power stroke measures 12.5 inches while the axle to axle cock system of Barnett Blackspur II Crossbow is about 16.125 inches which are also contributors to the accuracy and power of the fired arrows.

This product also features a Soft Lock Floating “Bristle” Arrow Retainer, Nock Sensors, and Crosswire String / Cable System.

Barnett Blackspur II Crossbow is equipped with a premium quality dot sight that comes in red and green illumination colors.

This crossbow product also boasts its Trigger Tech Frictionless Technology that is responsible for the zero creep release and 3-pound pull. There is also an embedded Anti Dry Fire Trigger System which protects your fingers while providing comfort on every shot.

The package includes 2 pcs of 20 inches headhunter arrows which can be considered as one of the best crossbow broadheads for this particular product. There is also a Rope Cocking Equipment and Lubrication Wax which can help you in keeping the overall condition of the crossbow and its strings, contributing to its durable and consistent performance.

9. PSE ARCHERY Fang HD Crossbow

PSE ARCHERY Fang HD Crossbow fetch a good price, being the best crossbow for the money when you decide to buy one. It has been designed and produced to accommodate a wide array of users that are into various crossbow applications.

This includes leisure crossbow shooting as well as hunting. Moreover, it can produce a firing speed of 405 feet per second which is a great deal out of its cheap price.

PSE ARCHERY Fang HD Crossbow


PSE ARCHERY Fang HD Crossbow is built with strong and quality materials that can withstand various environmental conditions, proving its durability. It has an overall length of 35.5 inches while weighing 7.3 pounds.

As a lightweight crossbow, it increases your mobility, allowing you to observe and move smoothly as you take into account your target’s behavior and movement while perfectly concealing your location.

Each arrow you draw weighs 205 pounds which contributes to a powerful impact that takes down your target, measuring for about 134 ft/lbs of kinetic energy. The power stroke of this crossbow measures 14.5 inches while having an 18 inches axle to axle cock system.

For its crossbow scope, it boasts the HDV 425 1.5-5×32mm Illuminated Reticle Scope with a powerful variable magnification that uses a reversed cam system control that can increase the power as well as the speed of your shots.

For safety concerns, this crossbow has an embedded Anti Dry Fire and Automatic Safety Trigger that greatly eliminates accidental firing while protecting your fingers in every arrow you fired.

10. CenterPoint Sniper370 Crossbow

By far, CenterPoint Sniper370 Crossbow is the cheapest crossbow listed in this article. On that note, it does not mean that its performance will be inferior.

With a compact design built with aluminum, it allows the shooter to carry it easily on the field most especially when you navigate within the woods.

There is also sufficient firing power that can land a lethal blow on your target when combined with a speed of 370 feet per second and a hundred and eighty-five drawing weight. Moreover, it has a built-in stock that is easy to adjust according to your preferences.

CenterPoint Sniper 370 Crossbow


CenterPoint Sniper370 Crossbow has an installed string suppressor which greatly lessens the vibration and noise produced whenever you fire the arrow.

Additionally, its pass-through foregrip can greatly accommodate your hunting styles which include the accuracy and precision of your shots, combined with quad limbs using the CNC-machined Cam Technology.

In terms of scope, it uses a 4x32mm crossbow scope which supports your marksmanship skills. Maintaining the zero mark is fairly smooth, resulting in exceeding your expectations, making it one of the best crossbow scope with decent accuracy results.

For safety concerns, CenterPoint Sniper370 Crossbow has an Anti-Dry Fire Trigger System with Ambidextrous Safety Feature that can ensure accidental firing inhibition while protecting your fingers on the foregrip.

Additionally, it also includes a trigger guard and safety lock which is a great way of showing concern and commitment towards the crossbow users.

Different Types Of Crossbows

Compound Crossbows

Anatomy of Compound Crossbow
Anatomy of Compound Crossbow

The compound crossbow is the most popular type than the other types. The performance of the crossbow is not the only reason for this popularity, and you can purchase this type of crossbow at a reasonable price than the other types. Most people say this type of crossbow is best for deer hunting.

Many brands produce durable and versatile compound crossbows. There is no worry about getting wet or muddy while using this crossbow in the forest, so this type of crossbow is best for hunting.

The compound crossbows are usually designed with synthetic material, so it is very hard to break or damage whether dropped. Moreover, the materials are not the lightest one, but it is a great medium. 

This crossbow is operating with a pair of cams that are connected to the dual-limb system. This type of limb system greatly reduces the vibration when shooting and maintains the minimum recoil. By using the cams, this compound crossbow reduces the noticeable drawback.

When you are going to shoot by using the compound crossbow, you have to pull the string until it locks in the firing mechanism. This process will help limbs flex and increase the genuine amount of energy when fired. 

The compound crossbow is the most popular type, but it also has some drawbacks. As we mentioned before, the compound crossbow is not the lightest one in the market. Due to the material used to design like carbon fiber, these crossbows are a bit weightier than the other types.

After much use, the string of the crossbow may frey, decay, or snap. By using the string wax and proper care, you can avoid this damage. If you want to replace the string, you have to use some special tool for that task. Taking the crossbow to the authorized dealer to do this task is safe and easy.

It is also like the other type of crossbows, repeated dropping will affect the lifetime and accuracy. When comparing the compound crossbow with the recurve crossbow, it is relatively noisy, but some components help to reduce the noise created by string. 

Recurve Crossbows

Anatomy of Recurve Crossbow
Anatomy of Recurve Crossbow

The next type of our list is the recurve crossbow, the design of this crossbow is most similar to the traditional crossbow that made in Asia. The crossbow has some visual similarities, but it got the place in the list of today’s design.

The “recurve” name is influenced by the curvature of the crossbow’s limbs, and the end points towards the target. The curve in the end is the crucial part that helps to keep the string in place and protect it from going where it shouldn’t. This will help to provide safety to the user and ensure the longevity of the crossbow.

The name of the curved bows ensures that the crossbow string is pressurise to work. The Recurve Crossbow is the effective hunting weapon, it the commonly used crossbow type in the hunting world. 

Nowadays, most of the recurve crossbow is designed by using the aluminum alloy. Some brands also use carbon fiber or Magnesium for its weight. Not like the compound crossbow, this type crossbow has huge drawbacks.

This recurve crossbow may be inconvenient for some people, but it creates more acceleration for the bolt to reduce the recoil and noise. The biggest down grant of this recurve crossbow is, it has the ability to shoot the long-range targets with the punch that needed to damage the target. 

Like all other types of crossbow, this also has some drawbacks that you have to be aware of it. The short life span of the spring is the biggest drawback of the recurve crossbow. Because the string is continuously under the pressure so that it frequently reaches the replacement point.

It is always recommended to use the high-quality string for the recurve crossbow, but it affects its price. The recurve bow is large in size, so it is heavier and sometimes it is very hard to carry during the hunting expedition. 

Rifle Crossbows

Anatomy of Rifle Crossbow
Anatomy of Rifle Crossbow

This is one of the modern type crossbows, this rifle crossbow  has the use of a normal crossbow, but it also has the advantage of the rifle that provides the high-tech crossbow for hunters. When it comes to the feature of this crossbow, accuracy is the most impressive feature with the effortless control.

Due to the fiber-based frame, enhanced sights, and dead silence of the rifle crossbow, you can easily shoot the target up to 250 ft. Not like the other types of crossbows, the width of the crossbow is one of the most admirable features. Because it is far narrow so that it allows the user to shoot and venture in the rough terrain where the compound crossbow would struggle. The rail system of the rifle crossbow provides the incredible speed to the fires bolts, the velocity is not matched. 

The only drawback of this rifle crossbow is it’s complexity, sometimes it is difficult to use. If you want to get the incredible velocity, you have to get one best crossbow, this seen as a small price to pay. 

Repeating Crossbows

Anatomy of Repeating Crossbow
Anatomy of Repeating Crossbow

The repeating crossbow is very simple and easy to use. This primitive crossbow crossbow is the most simplest type because you can easily take a shot in just one movement. The repeating crossbow is very small and compact  yet they pack a devastating punch and it has the ability to fire multiple shots with reasonable impact and speed.

The repeating crossbow is prominent for its speed and also it is not the most precise or customizable weapon; it is certainly used as a limited pro hunting tool.

Because the singular thrusting motion of the repeating crossbow is very difficult to adjust in the wind or bad weather conditions, this crossbow is frustratingly stubborn in certain settings.

This repeating crossbow is the limited tool, it is used for the close quarters. This type of crossbow has the ability to fire rapidly and the repeated shot is very useful when you are going to shoot the small moving prey.

Step-Through Riser Crossbows

Anatomy of Step-Through Riser Crossbow
Anatomy of Step-Through Riser Crossbow

The Barnett’s range of Carbonlite Crossbow is equipped with the Step-Through Riser Technology (STR), which provides the mobility and lightweight power by using the specially designed light carbon crossbow riser.

Visit the Barnett site to see some exclusive carbonlite crossbow with the step-through riser technology. The STR model crossbow includes the Ghost 420, Whitetail Hunter, Raptor Pro, Predator, TS 390, Droptine, Ghost 375, and Whitetail Pro.

Reverse Draw Crossbows

Anatomy of Reverse Draw Crossbow
Anatomy of Reverse Draw Crossbow

The reverse draw crossbow is another modern type crossbow, this type of crossbow has a lot of loyal followers in the pro hunting community. The ‘upside down’ or ‘reversed’ limbs configuration is the only difference between the classic crossbow and reverse draw crossbow.

The name of this type crossbow ensures its performance. Most of the crossbow aficionados and hunters said that the reverse draw crossbow provides accurate shooting because the trigger is placed in the front side.

The lower draw weight is the supposed benefit of this reverse draw crossbow, it enables the faster arrow speeds. The compact frame of this type of crossbow enables easy mobility. The price of the reverse draw crossbow is suitable for every budget and the hunter capacity. 

Pistol Crossbows

Anatomy of Pistol Crossbow
Anatomy of Pistol Crossbow

The pistol crossbow name ensure the size of this crossbow, it is relatively compact in size. The weight of this type of crossbow is 80lb to 150lb, so a significant amount of strength is required to use it.

The pistol crossbow is mostly suitable for hunting small games, such as rabbits or raccoons. This type of crossbow provides high accuracy so that it is an excellent choice for beginners. 

Bullet Crossbows

Anatomy of Bullet Crossbow
Anatomy of Bullet Crossbow

The Bullet crossbow is apt for the performance of this crossbow because it shoots bullet-looking projectiles at high speed. Generally, it is made of leads, stone, or clay. Some bullet crossbows has the barrel and single slot design while others has the double string design. 

How To Choose The Best Crossbow For You

Just like any other product, choosing the best crossbow might not be easy for you. You have to consider several factors into account most especially when you are limited with the budget. However, if you have a sufficient amount of money, you can most certainly find a high-quality crossbow from leading brands.

But then again, assuming that you have a limited budget, you might want to consider the following traits before buying a crossbow.

Safety and Security Features

Safety is one of the important things that you must consider when buying crossbows. It should never be neglected nor sacrifice. Most manufacturers include safety measures for every model produced.

Researching and identifying what the safety feature of your chosen model is can make a difference. The best example for the crossbow safety commitment would be TenPoint Crossbow.

Their products are fully equipped with DFI or Dry Fire Inhibitor as well as Safety Wings for the fingers installed on a foregrip. Having safety features for the crossbow you like can protect your fingers and any potential injuries will be mitigated.

Crossbow Weight

Knowing the overall weight of your chosen crossbow is also important. It can be light or heavy depending on your preferences or purpose for using a crossbow. If you are given a chance to try out several crossbow models before finalizing your purchase, that would be great.

Remember, a crossbow that is too light can be harder to control most especially if it has a heavy recoil. The same thing applies with heavyweight crossbows that might be hard to control, limiting your mobility and shooting accuracy.

Moreover, the best crossbow for the money is usually the model you are most comfortable with while finding its weight that is right for you.

Crossbow Balance

Trying out numerous crossbows can help you identify their balance points. Usually, a crossbow with extra weight tends to be more challenging to manage when you shoot or whenever you try to hold your position as you stand.

On the other hand, a reverse draw crossbow models tend to be easier to maneuver as it gains popularity continuously. Its balance point is found farther at the back and towards the user preparing to shoot.

This makes it much more lighter and comfortable when aiming and shooting. Remember that trying out different models and types can affect your purchasing decision.

Crossbow Speed

Nowadays, the latest crossbow models can shoot with a speed that ranges between 300 feet to 380 feet per second (or fps). If your chosen crossbow has a speed of 300 fps, that is fast enough to shoot down your target when you hunt, doing its purpose efficiently.

On the other hand, a crossbow that can shoot 380 fps will be able to hit a bit harder while having a flatter trajectory aim which concerns distance as a lesser issue. Some manufacturers even achieve another level of speed by adding several cams as well as an increase in the stroke power.

Speed is an important denominator as it signifies power when taking down your target. However, these add ons usually tend to have louder firing shots, heavier recoil, and an increase in cocking difficulty.

Crossbow Recoil and Noise Level

Another important trait to know is the recoil and noise level of the crossbows. In terms of recoil, heavy recoil power can directly affect the accuracy of your arrow shots.

Well known and leading manufacturers have continuously improved their products to lessen the recoil amount which can increase your accuracy and precision level when shooting an arrow from your crossbow.

As for the noise level of a crossbow, it can be considered as the primary concern. Some manufacturers tend to focus on the improvement of noise level a crossbow emits.

For other manufacturers, they divert their focus on producing accessories that can reduce the noise level. The best example would be the Bowjax Noise “Dampening” Kit. 


In terms of hunting and recreational activities, crossbows and rifles are one of the same but with different features and shooting capabilities. With that said, modern-day crossbows use only the best crossbow scopes available in the market to enhance your shooting accuracy.

If you are looking for the best hunting crossbow for the money, it is better to try out several models to get the feel while ensuring that only the most suitable model for you will be purchased. 

I hope that this article was able to help you provide sufficient information about crossbows, several models to choose from as well as the characteristics to look for before buying one. Get the feel and enjoy!

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