Best Night Vision Scope for Crossbow in 2022 – [Updated & Tested Picks]

Are you an archer and searching for the best night vision scope for crossbow? You are at the right place. 

If you have ever hunted at night, you know that night vision scope should be a must. Not only does it let you look in the dark, but it also fully enhances your hunting performance. As a result, you will get a very pleasurable shooting experience.

Even in poor lighting conditions, you can count on its performance in the field. With this, you can hunt and target a game with great accuracy.

The crossbow is extraordinary stealth equipment. More than an explosive statement, it is quiet where it is silent, particularly in the woods. 

The loudest part is the bolt that strikes an object, which does not immediately tell anyone where the shooter is, although it indicates the bolt’s direction.

Therefore, the night vision scope of a crossbow is to realize a world of hunting or protection. Not only see your goal, but you can also quietly control it

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ATN ThOR HD 384 Smart Thermal Riflescope

If you do not know how to choose one of the options available in the market, you can read the following for the best choices in night vision crossbow scopes.

Choosing a scope that suits you is very important, but where exactly do you start?

If you are a beginner in this field, you don’t know the difference between one scope or another. Because of it, we are here to help you make the right choice.

Among the choices, we’ve made features that meet the crossbow hunter’s needs like weight and programming, which helps to zero in on your specific scope for crossbows. 

Let’s go for the best night vision scope for crossbow in 2021 on the market.

History of Crossbow

Initially, the crossbow was invented in ancient China and heralded a new era in the world of battlefield missile weapons. 

Unlike the bow, which needed many years of training and strength alignment to use effectively, the crossbow can be caught up to the shoulder, then viewed and shot by usual foot soldiers.

Therefore, any feudal army can afford the cost of crossbows and put missile weapons to use. When melee weapons were still used for centuries, the crossbow was a precursor to what was to come. The shape and type of crossbow shooters will be reflected by the player’s musk shooting. 

best night vision scopes for crossbow
The image shows the step by step procedure of using a crossbow for hunting.

Now, we can’t see the soldiers without the rifle on the battlefield in our modern age. The reliable crossbow still holds its place in modern times. 

In Europe and Asia, special forces still use crossbows as a silent weapon. The crossbow is more effective and, of course, much cooler. (Source)

The night vision scope is to turn it into a very deadly weapon. Here are some of the best…

7 Best Night Vision Scopes for Crossbows in 2021 - Reviewed

1. ATN X-Sight II HD 3-14 Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope

The ATN X Sight II HD night vision scope got the #1 rank on our list of best night vision scope for crossbows. It is attached to the Obsidian Core process; thus, it provides HD quality and crystal clear pictures even if you are in a long-distance. 


Zoom feature

The field of view of this scope is 1000 yards as well as the magnification range is 3x to 14x. It features an e-zoom that lets you zoom in on your targets without losing the field of view. This feature makes it easier to view your target.

Day and Night mode

Do you want the scope that will work both day and night? The ATN X Sight II HD has the answer. It works well anytime, as well as gives the best quality pictures even if you are in low light conditions.


It comes with a built-in rangefinder that makes your hunting easier. With this feature, you don’t have to carry any extra device like handheld rangefinders to range your target. 

It can calculate the target range and provide you a great shot each time.

Ballistic Calculator 

The notable feature is the Ballistic Calculator, which is used to calculate the humidity, wind speed, temperature, barometric pressure, and altitude of your target field.

Enter the environmental information into the device that will automatically calculate all the details. It is very helpful to achieve your target on the first attempt.

Video Recording

Capturing videos and images is the best thing while we are going hunting or shooting because it gives a lot of memory even after some years. So having the quality scope that will record the video and image clarity is essential.

This scope can capture the scene in 1080p full high-quality. Without using any extra USB cables, you can transfer your videos via an SD card. Don’t miss your adventurous moment on your hunting field. After downloading the videos, you can view it on any android and iOS devices.



Why should you purchase this scope for your crossbow?

If you are looking for a high-tech scope that will work both day and night, this one is the right choice. It is powered by AA batteries, so they are found everywhere. This scope features a built-in smart range finder that helps to identify the goal.

2. Sightmark Photon XT 6.5x50L Digital Night Vision Riflescope

The Sightmark Photon XD High-Quality Digital Night Vision for Crossbow is designed to withstand 1,000 GS recoil with its polymer construction. 

It is waterproof, shock resistant, and fog-proof, which allows you to hunt all weather conditions without any worries. 

This scope also features a multicolored lens, which is protected with a lens cap. Like the above mentioned night vision scope, it can be comfortable to use and easy to handle even if you are a beginner.

Sightmark Photon XT​

Image quality

As it has 6.5x magnification, it can boast crisp and clear hunting images. This magnification range is perfect for both medium and long-range shooting. Moreover, the large objective lens comes with a 50 mm diameter that can gather more lights to give clear images. The resolution is 36 lp/mm. 

Battery life

The notable thing that we’ve found in this scope is its battery life. It offers a 33 percent longer battery life when compared to the other scopes. This scope lasts for 3 to 4 hours before it dies. So you don’t have to buy a separate battery for this scope. 

Built-in IR illuminator

This scope is designed with a built-in IR illuminator that helps you to view the target in complete darkness or low light environments. The IR illuminator’s brightness control is done by using the controller knob. 

Reticle Patterns

The Sightmark scope comes with six reticle patterns so that you can choose one based on your preference. Every adjustment scale ring click changes the bullet impact through 1 MOA (minute of angle) that is equal to 25 m at 100 m.

Eyepiece Adjustment Ring

The notable feature of this scope is its eyepiece adjustment ring. You can rotate this ring till the display screen comes with a sharp reticle’s image. There is no diopter adjustment needed after this ring adjustment.



Why should you purchase this scope for your crossbow?

It is powered by 2 AA batteries that can give a continuous performance for up to 72 hours. So that you will get the adventurous hunting experience without any interruptions, it is one of the durable and reliable night vision scopes on the market.

3. ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope

X-Sight 4K Pro is another best night vision scope for crossbows that comes from the ATN brand. It is a well-known brand in the night vision scope industry. 

It comes with the latest image technology and the Ultra HD sensor with the obsidian four dual-core processes. As it has a 600 lp/mm, it will deliver crisp and clear images even if you are in a long-distance. 

ATN X-Sight 4K Pro


First, there was a surprisingly low profile in this direction, which made moving very easy. Its very slim and streamlined design is very comfortable compared to the larger scopes that we’ve tested. 

It does not get caught or brushed as easily as others. After trying this purpose, you will really owe the quality of this product. 

The 4K sensor is very pleasant to use, and it definitely made the experience more enjoyable. You will get high resolution, clear, and images with vivid colors by using this scope.


First, it has a special crossbow reticle that is designed to give accurate measurement specifications. You will need to input and zero in some data such as bolt weight, weather conditions, crossbow speed. 

After that, it will use that data to give you an accurate reticle – shoot accurately at your target with your crossbow.  


This scope changes night vision at the push of a button. It comes with IR light and IR connection. The X-Sight 4K Pro is perfect for beginners with its one-shot zero feature. Both the ballistic calculator and the rangefinder make it easy to see and shoot at your target.

Video Quality

The notable feature is this scope having the ability to connect your mobile device so that you can record the video on your smartphone. 

X-Sight 4K Pro also comes with dual streaming and video recording features that allow you to record and review your hunts. With a 64GB SD card, you can record videos in 1080p resolutions. 

You do not need to worry as the night vision for crossbows will automatically record video for you. Additionally, you can adjust the settings as per your preference.


In terms of battery life, the 4K Pro will last longer due to its lower battery consumption. It is powered by two 2,000-mAh CR batteries that can last up to 18 hours. As it has three rings, it is easy to mount in your rifles.

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Why should you purchase this scope for your crossbow?

This ATN 4k pro is the best choice for those who are looking for high performance and reliable night vision scope for their crossbow. From a reputed brand, this model has come to meet your needs. With this model, you can hunt in the depths of the night. This will take your nighttime hunting experience to a new level.

4. Firefield NVRS 3×42 Gen 1 Night Vision Riflescope

The Firefield NVRS 3×42 Gen 1 Night Vision Riflescope is one of the lightest models that we’ve found in the market. 

It weighs only 2 pounds. As it is made of titanium, it is relatively light in weight and durable. Whether you are searching for a magnifying or non-zooming scope, you may want to check out this item. 

Firefield NVRS


It has IPX4’s water resistance and shock resistance, and fog-proof design that lets you hunt without worry. 

The lens of the scope is protected by a multi-coating and scratch-resistant and a flip-up cover. This scope features high-quality images with its built-in IR illuminator. It enables you to view and shoot even if you are in low light situations. 


With a 42mm objective lens, you can get clear images on your hunting field. As it has a 3x magnification level, this scope is ideal for shooting medium to long-range targets. 

With both of these features, the IR Illuminator activator can hit targets up to 75-100 yards. You can also add an external IR illuminator to increase the detection range.

The Firefield NVRS Riflescope features a quick-detach weaver so that you can change your optics effortlessly. 

It is powered by 2 AA batteries, which is approximately run for up to 50 hours. But it may decrease up to 20 hours if you are using IR.



Why should you purchase this scope for your crossbow?

For its reliability, you can buy this scope for your crossbow. This scope is made of high-quality materials so that it will last for a long time. It is very user friendly, accurate, durable, and reasonably priced. If you want the low technology but effective NV scope for your night hunting at a very low price, this is for you.

5. Night Owl Optics NightShot Digital Night Vision Riflescope

If you are concerned about budget and need a quality scope, Night Owl has the answer. It is one of the cheap night vision scopes available in today’s market. 

It can be used in daylight without damaging the lens. This scope is very simple to handle, install, and focus on even if you are a beginner user. 

Night Owl Optics

Night Owl Optics NightShot Digital Night Vision scope

Built-in IR illuminator

It is a powerful feature that provides a clear view for up to 60 yards, even if you are in complete darkness at night. 

If you have the ambient light, luminous night sky, or moonlight, you can view the target without using the IR. For its price, this scope is the ideal choice for small distance crossbow hunting.


Night Owl scope is designed to be compatible with Picatinny rail or weaver. So, if you have any of these rail systems in your crossbow, you can install it without any efforts. 

This scope may seem to be heavy, but in reality, it is very lightweight, which is an ideal point and can be shot for a crossbow. It offers three reticles, and you can choose from and configure based on your hunting needs. 

Battery life

This scope uses 4 AA batteries. In the tip, you should keep in mind to have good battery life from this scope; it never uses poor batteries. You should use lithium or high-quality alkaline batteries. 

In IR operation, the first one runs for up to 7 hours in low and up to 4 hours at high IR. Despite this, lithium batteries can give the best – for up to 11 hrs in low IR and about 7 hours with high IR.


Like the other excellent scopes, this Night Owl scope is also weather resilient. For this aspect, you can use this scope if you are in snow and heavy rain without harming it.

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Why should you purchase this scope for your crossbow?

It is ridiculously easy and affordable, so if you are looking for the night vision scope for short distance night hunting, you can purchase this scope.

6. ATN ThOR HD 384 Smart Thermal Riflescope

For all intents and scopes on this list, the ATN Thor HD 384 is the best for magnification. There were different choices to select from, so it would be great for someone searching for more specific. 

We would have liked to try them all, but this ATN Thor is on the expensive side. If you’re a professional crossbow hunter and looking for the best night vision scope for crossbow, the ATN ThOR HD 384 Smart Thermal Riflescope is the right choice

It is intended for perfect night vision as it relies on thermal technology. This way, you do not have to worry about darkness because the device will detect heat.



Featuring the Obsidian Core process and Smart HD optics, the Thor HD Riflescope features high-quality, clear, and crisp images. With a 30Hz refresh rate, you don’t have to worry about blurred or pixelated images. Also, Riflescope offers several reticle options to enhance your hunting experience.

Built-in smart rangefinder and ballistic calculator both are simple to use. When compared to the ATN X-Sight II HD scope, these aspects were a bit speedy. 

It is definitely something you have to consider if you need to use this ATN for hunting as it can create a different world in a few seconds. 

The calculator can measure humidity, wind, temperature, and angle of your hunting or shooting field. 


Another advantage of this scope is its connectivity. WiFi connection lets you connect pictures and videos with your phone. 

Also, you can install various Android and iOS apps to help increase your precision. There are many target training, calibration, and GPS applications for you to pick from. 

The drawback of the ATN Thor is its size, which is a bit large. However, this does nothing to stop you from buying. Compared to some of the small scopes on our list, it still tries to come to light at 2.8 pounds.



Why should you purchase this scope for your crossbow?

Overall, the specific features and quality of this scope will be worth it. If you are someone who wants to zoom in on a very powerful scale, you should consider this. It comes with some special features like an electronic barometer, e-compass, identification ranges, and recognition.

7. Sightmark SM16012 Ghost Hunter 2×24 Night Vision Riflescope

The Sightmark Ghost Hunter Riflescope is a great purchase for anyone interested in getting the most out of a product – as it doubles as a monocular, you can save backpack space and money. Whenever you want to use it for a crossbow scope, you have to load the weapons.


Thanks to its 24mm lens and 2x magnification that gives good quality pictures and videos. When you are in total darkness, you can use the IR illuminator to get a better experience.

Sightmark SM16012

Another great feature is its weight and size – just over half a pound and five inches, which is one of the lightest and smallest scopes on the market, making it ideal for a crossbow. Moreover, its polymer construction ensures the durability and reliability of the scope. 

The package includes a nylon carrying case and lens cloth to protect your device from all the damages. 

However, the biggest downside is that there is no reticle system that can severely affect your goal – you can see it as you would with a monocular.

Battery life

That aside, battery life is very decent and can provide several hours of usage time even when IR is enabled. 

The scope includes a lifetime warranty, and another useful feature is that the scope is automatically turned off whenever exposed to bright lights, which helps with its longevity.

With the diversity of scope in mind and its affordable price, it would be more than a better purchase if the missing reticle system does not bother you.



Why should you purchase this scope for your crossbow?

It features an 805nm infrared illuminator that captures vivid pictures even if you are in low ambient light situations and complete darkness at night.

Compare Best Night Vision Scope for Crossbow

Products ATN X-Sight Sightmark ATN X-Sight 4K Pro
Objective lens diameter 30 mm 50 mm 70 mm
Tube diameter 30 mm 30 mm 30 mm
Weather resistance
Battery Type 20000mAh 2xAA 2xAA
Price $$$ $ $$
Learn more Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now

What is Crossbow Hunting?

Crossbow hunting is a combination of the ancient technique of bow and arrow hunting. Made history, the bow and arrow style is a great way to target and drop prey in the hunting field. 

Over time, advances in technology have allowed for more advances, and the result has been a crossbow.

It is an advanced automatic version of both bow and arrow. Setting up a murder requires less effort and input from the user. Instead of pulling the bow backward for force drag, the crossbow will do itself and hold in that position until it is released.

Crossbows basically provide a handless method for bow and arrow hunting. The hunter can give his full attention to the target in question. It is very simple to keep the bow cocked. 

When getting ready, the hunter just presses the trigger to release the bow. The crossbow is aimed at the target. Night Vision Crossbow scopes are becoming more and more popular as prices have come down due to advances in technology.

If you are a beginner, then this guide on how to use night vision on a crossbow is very helpful for you.

Crossbow Vs. Rifle

Here we’ve mentioned the notable difference between crossbow and riflescope hunting.

best night vision scopes for crossbows
Crossbows Vs. Rifles


Rifles lead to less blood when penetrating an animal, but they create a lot of trauma. While the crossbow creates a lot of blood flow, the trauma to the animal’s body is much less severe, i.e., less meat is lost.


Generally, rifles can cover long distances when compared to crossbows.


Crossbow needs some energy from the hunter to operate it. But the rifle doesn’t require any effort from the hunter except the bullet loading and trigger pulling. 


Naturally, crossbows are heavier and hard to carry as it comes with some additional parts. Riflescopes are lightweight and occupy less space to store. 


You can reuse the crossbow ammo to a certain extent if it is successfully recovered. However, there are also cases where the ammo may break when in contact. Rifle ammo is not reusable.

Crossbow Scope Mounting and Rail Types

When purchasing a night vision crossbow scope, keep in mind the type of train you are working on when mounting.

Crossbow rails can vary depending on the brand. Some rails are fixed at the crossbow, while others are removable.

Adapters can also be purchased to connect a specific scope with a specific rail. When choosing the best night vision scope for you, learn about your crossbow rail type.

Types of scopes

Red Dot Scope

It is simple and beautiful optics. It doesn’t have the magnification range and no expensive ballistically calibrated reticles. If you had the clean and clear red dot scope, you would achieve your target accurately.

Parallax Error

The good endpoint of red dot sights and why they are so famous in the military is that the dot will go around wherever you are. It is called a parallax error.

When you look through optics or a traditional scope curve or a black circle around the edge, it comes out. The red dots don’t get it, and it saves lives on a bad shot when exiting or following a threshold.

Red dot shots, legal, are often the best view for the crossbow because they offer a bold hard, and simple aiming system that is hard to miss.

Of course, like glass, you get paid. So, if you want to improve your package’s look, this may be the part where you spend a little money.

Magnified Scope

Having a magnified scope for a crossbow seems like the best idea at first glance. Who cannot use the big look? It is essential to keep in your mind the optical rule: magnification helps to look better, not shoot better.

You need to determine where you are going to use the magnifier and how much you really require.

The crossbow does not shoot far, but a little zooming can help with things like trophy identification, twisting the needle with the brush, or picking up the edges of the game with a thick brush.

Importance of Magnification

If you are an aged person but still like to hunt, then the magnification scope is essential. The suitability of scope with magnification is a case based on case sites. But you should remember that it is often not the best here. The absolute maximum range of a crossbow is 75 yards.

Ballistically Calibrated Scope

Ballistic calibrated scopes have reticle designs that help to predict the flight path of an arrow. Trust it or not, multi-pin sights of the vertical bow are ballistically calibrated. You have a pin for some distance, and every pin is for a different range.

The BDC reticles are identical, except you can’t adjust them, so the scope cannot go beyond the designed parameters or be disabled. If you have a BDC scope, keep in mind what crosshair goes with the range and training, training, and training!

How to Select the Best Night Vision Scope for Crossbow?

The market is full of a variety of night vision scopes. In this case, you need to be sure that you are going to pick the right one for the hunt. 

To make things easier for you, we have taken the time to learn the most important features when buying a crossbow night vision scope.

best night vision scopes for crossbows
One night vision scope captures the hog by using the night mode.

Do not forget that there are a lot of features that you may consider essential, and they are mostly based on your personal preferences.

1. Magnification Range and Size of an Objective Lens

The first thing you have to notice when you are going to purchase the night vision scope is the magnification and objective lens.

Scope for a crossbow with magnification starting at 2 inches to 9 inches already will give you a better shooting experience. A crossbow with a wide magnification range allows any hunter to adjust the sight level of pigs, worms, or wolves, so it is easy to shoot. 

Moreover, these objectives already give an excellent eye view of the field up to 100 yards. Once you select, do not be ashamed to try the item and see if you can enlarge the images as recommended for its product specification.

To understand the whole concept clearly, look at the numbers that go into the description of each device. So 3 × 42 mm indicates two things. 

First, that scope offers a 3x magnification range, and the image you are trying to view will appear three times closer than it actually is.

The second thing is 42 in this case – indicates the diameter of the objective lens mentioned in millimeters. With a large-diameter lens, you can get  its both good and bad sides. Larger objectives provide sharper images because they allow more light to go inside, but they make the scopes bulkier. 

2. Lens Quality

The vision quality is all about the scope of a crossbow. Hunting at night can be very challenging in situations where there are fast running targets, poor lighting, and shooting range in general. That’s why the quality of the scope is very essential.

You can start by deciding on the lens coating types. The scope that comes with more finishing will do more exhibitions. 

Choices are coated, multicolored, fully coated, and finally fully coated motives. The coating makes it harder for the lens to withstand extreme shooting conditions.

Most experts prefer the scope with a nitrogen-filled lens. This type maintains a clear view of fog, water, and snow.

3. Types of Scope

There are many different types of scopes in the market, and although many ways to fit them into categories, in this case, the Reticle type is used as the main criterion.

The reticle type is also known as crosshairs that vary from product to product. If accurate shooting worries you, this is the aspect you want to focus more on.

Some of the advanced day scopes come with digital features or many color choices. Other scopes have red on green types of reticles, while some other scopes don’t have crosshairs at all.

 4. Durability 

The next considering factor of a good-quality night vision crossbow scope is its firmness. Durable scopes will not last forever but will last at least as long as you save your money.

Check the materials used to construct the entire frame of the lens and scope. As mentioned earlier, you can think of a lens that is supported with a better finish. There are lenses made of special glass, which are not very brittle and have low glare from HD image quality and light.

On the other hand, the whole body of the scope is considered to be flexible even when hard and resistant to impact. The aluminum quality and titanium are some of the favorite materials for scopes.  To ensure scope’s longevity is also important for low weight, waterproof, stainless, shock resistant, and weather resistant. 

5. IR Illuminator

IR – Infrared – illuminator can become an easy feature on most night vision devices. It works by emitting infrared light; the human eye cannot see this light, but the device can. Therefore, scopes with the IR Illuminator feature should let you get the best quality images at night.

6. Budget

If you are concerned about budget but want the best quality scope, there are many models available. You can compare prices and quality of scopes coming from different brands on the market. 

Decent scopes have some price tags, they are like high-calibrated scopes, but you can always go with affordable scopes that have competitive quality.

If your budget is tight, you can buy the second-hand pieces, but consider the features if there are some irregularities.

7. Weather Resistance

The last factor for the night vision scope is weather resistance. It is essential for those who want to use their scopes regardless of the season or outdoor weather conditions. 

Keep in mind that using your night vision scope in inappropriate situations can cause your device to crash or stop working completely. There are many choices when it comes to weather resistance.

No weather confirmation devices can be used under any conditions other than dry. If rain or moisture gets within your range, your vision may become blurred, and your device may break down after a while.

Weather-resistant devices include a technology that prevents moisture from entering. However, only waterproof scopes are perfect to use in rainy seasons. An easy feature in optical devices is called fog proof, which prevents lenses from fogging inside.

Experience Hunting At Night !

We hope you now understand the basic features and options for making a better decision regarding your next purchase. Until you make a good assessment of your needs, you can choose well and get the most out of your device.

As mentioned earlier, night hunting is an exciting and challenging hobby. However, it is an undeniable fact that the night vision scope for crossbow must be carefully considered.

No one likes to spend more time and money on buying and changing scopes every time. Having a good scope for your crossbow can dramatically increase target acquisition and improve your shooting ability. After reading this article, we hope you can find the right scope today!

Lastly, make sure you understand and follow all the rules for hunting and shooting.

Good luck and a great night hunt!

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