Some Tips and Guidelines on How to Add Night Vision to a Scope

Night Vision gives you better visibility in low light conditions, particularly on nights. It is imperative for extreme hunters and snipers to include night vision as mandatory when hunting and shooting at night. 

When you are one of them, the equivalent law applies to you. You can attach some night vision accessories to your existing scope. 

Night vision scopes are mostly used by law enforcement departments, professional shooters, and hunters. Many night vision aims are available as handheld devices and are perfectly suited for night vision when the watcher or viewer and the object of view are stable. 

The military-grade portable scopes can be efficiently utilized with moving objects. Most of the night vision scopes quickly mounted to the firearms. 

When used for weapons, such scopes are commonly identified as riflescopes and are popularly utilized by hunters. There are three main types of rifles-mountable night vision gear available

They are standalone night vision scopes, front-mount night vision optics, and rear-mount night vision optics. The standalone night vision scope begins with a few critical limitations, mainly when used as rifles. 

Most of the night vision scopes cannot be used during the daytime because if their lens is shown directly during daylight, the lens can be permanently destroyed.

For high-quality night vision scopes, you will have to invest more to see better performance from them. But you are not assured if you will invest that amount first, so you can continue with the cheap night vision scopes and update later. 

Since we have already reviewed the NV scopes, in this article, we will discuss some tips and guidelines on how best to add a front-mount and rear-mount night vision optics to a scope.

Is Night Vision essential for your scopes?

First, you need to understand whether you need a night vision scope attachment or night vision scope. 

The night vision scopes are commonly working at night, and you cannot utilize the night vision scope during the day without making few changes. 

Conversely, sunlight can harshly destroy the main tube of a night vision scope. Nowadays, many night vision accessories are available in the store. You can quickly get one of them at a low cost and attach it to your current scope to get some benefits.

Things to Consider Before Attaching Night Vision to a Scope

You can select the front mounting night vision optics or rear mounting night vision optics for adding the night vision technology to your scope. You must analyze the following factors to identify the best choice for you.

Factors are, 

  • Eye Relief
  • Weight and Balance
  • Zero the Scope
  • Recoil
  • Price

Eye Relief

Eye relief means the distances between the hunter’s eye and the scope lens or optical devices. It is the optimal distance, which enables you to view clearly. 

Suppose the optimal distance is more or less than the eye relief, which shows fuzzy viewing. So eye relief plays a vital role in excellent visibility.

You obtain two mounting options since you added the night vision accessories. They are front mounting and rear mounting. 

The front mounting comes with no eye relief changes, but the eye relief has decreased significantly after attaching the rear mounting attachment.

Balance and Weight

Every time you attach a few attachments or accessories to the firearms, rifle, or scope, you have to adjust the balance to carry some additional weight. 

The Front mount attachments are excellent because they do not understand zero of the scope, eye relief, and worsen the recoil. 

But you should know that front mount attachment has a notable impact on the rifle’s overall balance. And they tilt the gun to the front end. 

So you need to balance and fix this problem. The rear mount options have no such issue.

Zero the Scope

Zero the scope means adjusting the scope. Most hunters or target shooters want to zero their scope where they can hunt or shoot the target. 

When you hit or add any attachments to the gun, you must need the scope for zero. If the scope is not in zero, the target will be missed.

As for night vision devices, most of them alter zero without the front mount ones. So after attaching the combination, you have to set the scope zero again, or you can use the front-mount attachment to your scope; you can rid these types of issues forever.


The recoil occurs with every hunting and shooting; The impact will increase when you use a hunting rifle. Hunting at night usually requires night vision, so consider the recoil before choosing a night vision attachment. 

The rear mounting options highly reduce eye relief. Therefore, recoil has excellent potential to injure those who fired. So most of the shooters and hunters avoid rear mounting night vision attachments.

The front mount attachments are best as they do not affect eye relief. You may want to consider rear-mounted attachments if you search for night vision accessories for surveillance or security purposes.


Price is a significant factor w than standalone night vision scopes. Most of the night vision scope comes with a high price, which offers high performances compared to daylight scopes. 

In this case, the front mount optics provide more advantages and are expensive than rare mount optics. The daylight mountable optics come with less cost than other scopes or optics, and it also has numerous disadvantages. 

Nowadays, some piggyback night vision scopes and optics are available in the market, but they do not provide the same performance. You have to pick carefully, thinking of all the positive and negative facts.

Things to Have in Mind Before Attaching Night Vision to a Scope

Before you purchase anything, take sufficient time to get the best option for you. Otherwise, you will be losing your valuable money. Here are some factors you should always remember.

  • Choose the best night vision devices for your scope.
  • Before attaching the device, make assure your weapon or gun is not loaded.
  • After connecting the device, check your scope and zero if required.
  • The night vision devices work in the dark or at night, so you can not use this night vision attachment in the daylight.

Final Words

A scope with night vision is the tool for target shooting and hunting at night. When you add the night vision in your day scope, it is very challenging for various users, particularly beginners. The night vision scopes provide high performance and improve hunting and shooting experience in the complete darkness. In this article, we have reviewed Some Tips and Guidelines on How to Add Night Vision to a Scope, so you can easily select the best one for you without any doubt.

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