10 Best Rifle Scopes Under $300 in 2022 – Updated Picks & Guide

Rifle scopes (or telescopic scopes) used refracting telescope as an inspiration for its design and development. It has an embedded graphic image device, basically known as a reticle, which helps in providing accuracy and precision at the aiming point.

Rifle scopes have several variations that include a variety of features and used for hunters and rifle enthusiasts such as:

  • Reflector Sights 
  • Reflex Sights
  • Iron Sights
  • Laser Sights

These are merged with optical electronics, and different manufacturers were able to develop rifle scopes with night vision, which are welcomed by hunting enthusiasts. 

Some rifle scopes offer multiple types of reticle that can be optimized and enhance one’s marksmanship skills. It can also help in amplifying the potential of your own rifle.

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Rifle scopes are quite popular for both hunting, sports shooting, and tactical military purposes. Some models were developed with a variety of magnification ranges, which allows you to acquire your target at either close range or longer-range applications.

Not only are they versatile and efficient, but they can also be used with most rifles, proving its worth as a good investment. It can be easily mounted on your equipment while conforming to the settings that suit your preferences.

Nowadays, most rifle scopes are weatherproof, making it durable and economically friendly at the same time. It is also flexible, being your reliable partner for varmint hunting, sports shooting, home defense as well as for tactical & military applications.

Looking for a best rifle scope under $300 for your needs may be a little hard while considering both quality and effectiveness. Magnification and the quality of the image play a crucial role in this context.

On that note, this article will discuss about several rifle scopes that you can buy with a budget of $300 and under. Let us proceed.

10 Best Rifle Scopes Under $300

10 Best Rifle Scopes Under $300 in 2021 – Reviewed

1. Vortex Optics Crossfire II 6-18x SFP Riflescope

The Vortex Crossfire Rifle Scope is a versatile scope that is best known for its innovation and quality. It is one of the best rifle scopes under 300 dollars and is specially designed for hunting and target shooting.

Vortex Optics Crossfire II 6-18x SFP Riflescope

5 / 5

Eye Relief

It possesses different magnification settings between 6x and 18x, making it versatile for both closer and longer range shooting. It is sufficient for hunting sessions. It also has a serious forgiving eye box and 3.7 inches eye relief making it the best choice for the rifles.

Also, this Vortex optics scope has an adjustable objective specially designed for target shooting and hunting to aim the object over several distances. It allows you to adjust the image to the center and gives a clear focus of the target. It also comes with a parallax removal knob. 

BDC Reticle

The dead-hold BDC Reticle of Vortex Optics Crossfire II 4-16X50 scope makes it an excellent choice for hunting and distant target shooting. The Dead-hold BDC Reticle is present on the second focal plane that helps you when estimating holdovers for shots at different distances. 


The 50mm objective lens offers plenty of light penetration. The tube is made from aircraft grade aluminum that offers ruggedness and longevity in any situation. The diameter of the tube is 30 mm. The Vortex optics crossfire II provides fully multicoated and anti-reflective lenses that give clear and crisp images even in no light conditions. These combinations provide enough light transmission to give a good quality image. 

Great Thanks to Vortex Optics for developing those fantastic features in the scope at an affordable price.

2. Styrka 4-12x50mm S3 Series Plex Rifle Scope

Styrka 4-12x50mm S3 Series Plex Rifle Scope is a versatile product that costs around $165. It offers supreme sight solution at a great price. This rifle scope is ideal for medium to long-distance applications thanks to its magnification of 4x to 9x.

It allows you to have a complete awareness of your surroundings while observing the movements of your locked target. Every shot you make with this rifle scope can give you excellent results without the extravagant cost.

Styrka 4-12 x 50 mm S3 Series Plex Rifle Scope

4.9 / 5


Combined with the 50 mm objective lens, its optical system is fully coated with SXL anti-reflective coatings, which increases the amount of light being gathered to give you a bright and sharp image viewing with sufficient color and contrast.

The blackened edges of the lens block any unnecessary light, which inhibits the occurrence of glare and reflection, and helps in enhancing the image quality further. Moreover, its Rugged-Erector Tube System helps in maintaining accuracy and point of impact during harsh hunting expeditions.

Eye Relief

With its side-focus adjustment and fast-focus eyepiece, this product can quickly adjust the parallax while allowing you to maintain your shooting location. In addition to that, you can smoothly adjust the focus of your reticle after every magnification adjustments.

This product has a sturdy and durable construction made from aircraft-grade 6061T6 aluminum while being lightweight at the same time. You can be assured that this lightweight scope will last for a long time.


The lenses of Styrka 4-12x50mm S3 Series Plex Rifle Scope are nitrogen-filled, which allows you to perform well in various conditions while preventing fogging internally. It is also completely sealed, which can resist water immersion of 1 meter for at least half an hour.

If you want to purchase this scope, read the specifications below for your reference. If you believe that this rifle scope fits your budget restriction limit, there is no need to hold back. Simply enjoy hunting in the wild or participating in a competition to your heart’s content.

3. Vector Optics – Aston 1-6 x 24 mm Rifle Scope

Ashton 1-6x24mm is a new rifle series from Vector Optics that can fairly compete among the top products globally. If you are in close combat shooting, you might consider buying this product. 

This product costs $299, which makes it quite affordable without compromising its optical performance on the field when used with your rifle. It can also help you in utilizing your marksmanship capabilities combined with the unique features of your own rifle.

Vector Optics - Aston 1-6 x 24 mm Rifle Scope

4.8 / 5


It has a magnification range of 1x to 6x, which allows you to fully understand your surroundings on a larger scope while providing a superb image clarity and contrast. You can fully enjoy yourself in hunting prairie dogs or other prey on the field.

Vector Optics – Aston 1-6x24mm Rifle Scope is great for dusk and dawn hunting. You will never have to worry about the lenses being cloudy in cold weather or even at night since it is purged with nitrogen gas. 


In addition to that, its lenses are completely sealed, which guarantees that it can withstand accidental water immersion at a depth of 1 meter. You can also enjoy having to hunt during wet conditions, which will not diminish the quality of its optics system for producing an image with much clarity and brightness.

Its built is made of premium quality aircraft-grade 6061T6 aluminum. It can definitely withstand the impact and shock brought about by heavy recoil. Thanks to its 3.5 inches of eye relief, you are sure that your eyes won’t get hurt easily. 


The material of this product is finished with an anodized black matte, which ensures that you can completely hide away from the eyes of your target without revealing your position as the finish can block any reflection from bright environments.

Vector Optics – Aston 1-6x24mm Rifle Scope is designed and can work pretty well for bolt-action and M/AR platforms. If you are interested in this rifle scope, check the specifications below for your reference.

This product offers a lifetime warranty, which makes it a great investment, considering its affordable price. 

4. BelOMO – POSP – 4×24 V (B) Rifle Scope

Belarusian Optical and Mechanical Association, or simply, BelOMO, is a major assembly plant that specializes in developing optomechanical products. It is the right choice for you if you’re looking for the best rifle scope under $300.

They have produced quality rifle scopes that possess high precision shooting characteristics, which include lasers, optical devices, multispectral photographic devices, and other equipment that involves laser systems.

BelOMO – POSP – 4x24 V (B) Rifle Scope

4.6 / 5


BelOMO – POSP – 4×24 V (B) Rifle Scope has been designed with Zenit PSO-1 as a basis for the Soviet Union Military. It is basically intended for shotgun firing as well as for monitoring and watching nature to its fullest. It is also good for 7.62×39 cartridges.

Known for BelOMO’s workmanship and ruggedness, you can be confident that this rifle scope can please you in every way, fitting your budget criteria being $289.98 for its price. It is a powerful rifle scope that supports your marksmanship capabilities.

This product is embedded with distance-measuring reticles that support you in executing rough estimates about your target’s distance and position. It also allows you to aim precisely and accurately, even on a twilight hunting schedule.


Its optic lenses are filled with nitrogen gas, which prevents the formation of fog due to cold conditions and changes in temperature. It can operate well under -50°C to 50°C temperature range. Say goodbye to cloudy lenses when performing night hunting. It will definitely help you in performing well.


It can also hold itself against water and corrosion, which are quite helpful in extreme circumstances and rainy weather. It won’t get damaged easily. Thanks to its fixed magnification of 4x, you can easily focus the sight with your eyes while providing crystal clear image details.

Using this rifle scope, you can be sure that your eyes won’t get hurt that easily by excessive glares thanks to its built-in sunshade. 

It blocks the stray light completely, which allows you to fully immerse yourself with its optical performance. If you want to purchase this product, the specifications below can serve as your reference.

If you believe that this rifle scope is appropriate for your hunting preferences, you don’t need to restrain yourself. Enjoy leisure hunting in the wild, or joining a competition to your heart’s content.

5. Vector Optics – Counterpunch – 6-25X56mm Rifle Scope

Vector Optics – Counterpunch – 6-25X56mm Rifle Scope is another product from Vector Optics that costs at $250, which does not affect its optical performance. Using this product can further enhance your shooting skills while offering crystal clear image viewing.

Vector Optics Counterpunch Rifle Scope

4.5 / 5


It boasts a magnification of 6x to 25x, which can be utilized for both mid-range and long-range applications. Moreover, adjusting the image focus using the eyepiece is quite easy, especially after changing the magnification settings that you use. It could definitely afford quite a great viewing field even when using its highest magnification setting.

Its FFP glass-etched mil-dot reticle has two illumination colors – green and red. It can be used if powered by a battery. Also, if you are into hunting at night, it can help you in acquiring your target quickly. 

As the product includes 5 levels of brightness, there is no doubt that it can adapt well to any lighting conditions. What makes it good is that the illumination within the tube does not hurt the eyes by having stray light.


This rifle scope has a huge objective lens, which greatly helps in gathering and delivering light to the scope. This characteristic greatly improves the sight performance of the scope, which offers a precise and detailed image of your target as well as your surroundings. 

The optic lens is also multicoated, which helps in eliminating the sun’s glare while maximizing the transmission of light to your scope. Thanks to its built-in sunshade, you will never have to worry about your eyes being hurt or strained since it can completely help in blocking any unwanted light.


Vector Optics – Counterpunch – 6-25X56mm Rifle Scope has been used as part of the weaponry by the military and law enforcement. It is also popular as its sturdy construction made from premium quality aluminum can withstand heavy recoil while allowing you to have longer eye relief.

As this product is filled with nitrogen, you can be sure that it can prevent the occurrence of fogging caused by colder temperatures. Significantly, it can resist water damage for a maximum of 300 mm depth and a temperature of 54°. 

If you are interested in purchasing Vector Optics – Counterpunch – 6-25X56mm Rifle Scope, see the specifications below as reference.

This product also has a lifetime warranty, which can greatly support hunters and enthusiasts alike, proving its worth as an investment.

6. Vector Optics Forester 1-5×24 mm Rifle Scope

Vector Optics Forester 1-5x24mm Rifle Scope is the most economically friendly rifle scope that you could ever have while guaranteeing excellent optical performance. 

With its magnification options that range from 1x to 5x, acquiring your targets at a close distance of 30 yards to a longer distance of 300 yards will be a piece of cake.

Vector Optics Forester 1-5x24 mm Rifle Scope

4.3 / 5


Vector Optics Forester 1-5x24mm Rifle Scope will not disappoint you. It is made up of premium quality aircraft-grade 6061T6 aluminum. Thanks to its durable built and exceptional strength, it can withstand 750g worth of shock, which can somehow neutralize the impact of recoil.

It has also been designed to achieve zero easily, which is crucial for adjusting the appropriate elevation and windage settings that can further enhance your marksmanship skills and capabilities by ½ MOA clicks. Achieving perfect precision and accuracy ratings will definitely be much easier.


Its 24 mm objective lens will help you experience a clear and edgeless image quality that allows you to see your subject in detail with enough sharpness and contrast suitable and perfect for both close and medium-range applications.

Its optical lens is also fully purged with nitrogen gas, which eliminates the occurrence of fogging internally. This is true if you have to hunt during the winter season, most especially if hunting is your own livelihood. Your sight won’t be compromised under this condition. On the contrary, you can still perform well in shooting quite precisely and accurately towards your target.

Eye Relief

On this note, the likelihood of having some bruises or eye restrain due to heavy impact will lessen, supported by 3.7 inches to 4.5 inches of long eye relief. Moreover, Vector Optics can guarantee you that their Forester model can hold itself against the water of under 300 meters in depth at 54°.

If this scope can address your needs, you better purchase it. The specifications below can also help you figure out if this rifle scope is the one for you.

This rifle scope offers a 5-year warranty, which is advantageous for most hunting aficionados. That is to say, the company itself also cares for you by delivering quality customer service over their products.

7. Discovery HI 4-14×44 mm Rifle Scope

Discovery HI 4-14x44mm Rifle Scope provides you with a unique optical device while being cost-effective. It costs around $247.99, which does not hinder its performance when it comes to image viewing.

This product brings out an exceptional image clarity that covers a larger scope for your viewing field. Its supreme performance has been praised by other rifle enthusiasts, which proves it worth, making it a great partner for you and your rifle.

Discovery HI 4-14x44 mm Rifle Scope

4.2 / 5


Its optic lens is extraordinary by having the best optical technology embedded in its system. It is also multicoated in several layers of green, which rivaled its competitors when it comes to giving razor-sharp and crystal clear image quality.

Its HK-SFP IR-MIL glass etched reticle has been exceptionally praised by air-rifle and firearm enthusiasts. It allows you to enhance your long-range shooting by quickly locking in your targets. It can also adapt pretty well under certain conditions. You can precisely take your shot comfortably under close and long-distance applications.

The brightness settings have at least 5 levels, which can be quickly adjusted depending on your hunting preferences and situations. It can also be quite useful even at night, having an excellent optical viewing solution for you.

ZEZ Technology

The Zero-Error Zoom (ZEZ) Technology can control at least tolerate ¼ MOA whenever you adjust your magnification settings. It can ensure an established sight performance for long-distance purposes. Moreover, its built is extremely strong, which can withstand harsh conditions and impact. 

Its daring design is aesthetically impressive, which makes it eye-catching compared with other similar scopes. In addition to its durable construction, the Discovery HI 4-14x44mm Rifle Scope can also guarantee you a 100% resistance against water and fog. 

If you want to purchase this rifle scope, read the specifications below to give you summarized information. As long as you believe that this product is perfect for your preferences, then try it. You may want to enjoy a quality scope while being inexpensive at the same time.

8. GOWE – New ACOG – 4X32mm Rifle Scope

Being an advanced combat optical gunsight device, GOWE – New ACOG – 4X32mm Rifle Scope has been designed to be used for military and tactical weaponry, which is compatible with M4 and M16 firearms. 

This rifle scope has a fixed magnification of 4x, which allows you to view your surroundings on a wider scope while quickly acquiring your target. This product is quite suitable for close combat purposes, which can prove its worth for prairie dog hunting.

GOWE - New ACOG - 4X32mm Rifle Scope

4.1 / 5


The material itself is made of quality aluminum, making it durable and longer-lasting. You are sure that it won’t wear that easily.

This product possesses quality fiber optics, which can help in increasing the amount of light being delivered to its optical system, giving you a clearer image quality with enough sharpness and details. It can also allow you to enhance your situational awareness, which is crucial for any impending danger.


Utilizing its illuminated reticle does not need the use of batteries. The volume of light it gathers is enough for you to perform accurate shooting towards your target. 

Through the scope, you can see that the reticle shows a triangular extremity in a needle-like style, which is illuminated by either black or red. It solely depends on the amount of light gathered during the hunting. Moreover, you can easily adjust the reticle in accordance with the appropriate elevation and windage settings. 

As long as it suits your preferences, this rifle scope might become your great companion during your sports hunting spree. Just take your aim comfortably while watching the movements of your target.

9. TAC Vector Optics – Sentinel Series 8-32x50mm Rifle Scope

TAC Vector Optics – Sentinel Series 8-32x50mm Rifle Scope is a flexible product that includes several magnification settings ranges from 8x to 32x. While considering its magnification features, this rifle scope is perfect for deer hunting. It can transition well from middle range to long-range shooting applications.

It allows you to perfectly see your targets by providing you supreme precision and accuracy rate with every shot you release from your position. It is also perfect for snipers who are undergoing an entrapment mission against terrorists.

Sentinel Series 8-32x50mm Rifle Scope

4.0 / 5


Its huge objective lens boasts an ability to gather enough light, which is critical for achieving excellent sight performance on varying brightness conditions. With much confidence, you can pinpoint your prey effortlessly while aiming comfortably on your position within the vast field.

Its multicoated optics can also support in increasing the volume of light that can be transmitted to the scope. It can adapt really well under dimmer environments, which permits you to hunt with ease even at night. 


Put your faith in this product as it can certainly last longer due to its durable and strong built made up of supreme quality aircraft-grade 6061T6 aluminum. It has both an exemplary strength and high level mechanical built which can withstand extreme conditions without hindering your shooting accuracy and precision.

TAC Vector Optics – Sentinel Series 8-32x50mm Rifle Scope can guarantee you that it can resist fogging by having the lenses purged with dry nitrogen gas. You will never have to deal with cloudy lenses whenever you are out hunting on colder temperatures.


Moreover, the edges of the lens are completely sealed, which prevents any moisture or water elements from entering the scope that may damage it. Below are the specifications of this product, which might be of assistance to you before buying a rifle scope.

This product also includes a sunshade, which helps in blocking unwanted or stray light that can hurt your eyes. It makes quite a lot of effort in eliminating glare that might hinder your accuracy and precision shooting on an open field without any trees or shades. 

Aside from its quality performance, it is also cost-effective. You can purchase it at around $235, most especially if you are looking for a best rifle scope 300.

10. Discovery FFP 4-14x44mm Rifle Scope

Discovery FFP 4-14x44mm Rifle Scope is a good investment considering it being as a 1st focal plane that can be purchased at an affordable price of $209. 

Although it is relatively lower price compared with premium brands that are expensive, this rifle scope will never obstruct you from obtaining optimal sight performance.

This is ideal for medium and long-range applications that match the magnification setting that varies from 4x to 14x. It allows you to fully immerse yourself with the premium accuracy and precision ratings that can be utilized when equipped on your rifle.

Discovery FFP 4-14x44mm Rifle Scope

3.8 / 5

Being an FFP rifle scope, you will never have to worry about any drawbacks in hunting or even in sports shooting. It is also a better option for you most, especially if you are in long-distance hunting. Rest assured, hunting will be more enjoyable for you.


Its lenses are made with lanthanum-dispersed glass, fully multicoated in several layers. It can completely reduce refractors, which can support sight optimization, giving you a better performance. Ideally, most top brands used lanthanum elements for their products, which might cost a fortune, considering their standing in the rifle scope industry.


The design of this product’s DLT-FFP MIL reticle has been hugely praised by shooting aficionados that are in long-range tactical shooting, hunting, and air rifle shooting. This rifle scope can cover 10 yards of side focus, which will enable you to take a precise shot on both close and further distances. 

It delivers quite an unbeatable punch by offering you an exceptional sight viewing quality. It can also hold itself against extreme recoil, proving its durable strength and excellent construction.


Discovery FFP 4-14x44mm Rifle Scope guarantees you a 100% resistance against fogging that can be achieved thanks to its optics being filled with nitrogen gas under varying temperatures. In addition to that, it is also water-resistant, which makes it a good ally despite rainy days of hunting.

Significantly, this rifle scope can easily obtain and maintain zero after adjusting the turrets while fully utilizing the reticles. The specifications below can serve as your reference if you ever intend to purchase this product.

As long as this product can address your preferences and needs, then having this rifle scope is indeed a good catch.

Factors To Consider Before Buying a Best Rifle Scope under $300

There are at least 3 factors that you need to take note of if you are planning to buy a scope for your rifle. These factors are important, which can further improve your shooting skills, especially if you are out for hunting, participating in a shooting competition, and others. 

Below are the factors that you might want to keep in mind before buying.

1. What will you use it for?

Several firearms and equipment were primarily used as part of the military weaponry supplied for tactical and covert operations. Others are used for sports hunting, and shooting.

Now, identifying your purpose for purchasing scopes is deemed crucial. You might have to answer the following common questions:

  • What shooting range will you use the rifle scope for?
  • Is the purpose of buying a rifle scope for:
  1. Varmint/Prey Hunting?
  2. Leisure Shooting?
  • Joining a Target Shooting Competition?
  1. Home Defense?
  2. Law Enforcements?
  3. Military and Tactical Applications?

Determining the appropriate scope for your firearm or rifle might become clearer from this point moving forward.

2. Magnification

Determining the suitable magnification for your rifle depends solely on what you will use and need it for. It helps you in monitoring and viewing your target more clearly, depending on your shooting distance. 

Buying a scope with too little or too much magnification might become a mistake if you are at a loss of its usage for yourself.

  •       Close Range ( > 200 yards) – If you prefer short distance shooting that is ideal for prairie dog hunting, purchasing a rifle scope with a low magnification range of 1x to 4x is a good choice for you.
  •       Mid Range (200 yards to 400 yards) – If you are into deer hunting or want to participate in bigger hunting games, acquiring a rifle scope with a magnification range between 5x to 9x might be suitable for you. These types of rifle scopes allow you to pinpoint your subject easily without compromising your shooting position.
  •       Long Range ( < 400 yards) – If you are a sniper working in a covert military operation or into longer range hunting, a rifle scope with a magnification of 9x and above can amplify your rifle’s potential while enhancing your marksmanship skills. Most shooting enthusiasts use more than 9x magnification when joining a competition, which increases their chances of winning.

3. Image Quality

The main reason for owning a rifle scope is to let you have better optical performance and focus on your marked target. 

Having a precise image quality enables you to have an accurate distinction of your target’s movements while strengthening your situational awareness towards your surroundings.

Strong magnification power and flexible lighting conditions usually offer substantial image precision, especially when used for medium-range and long-range purposes.


Several types and models of rifle scopes are available in the market, which makes finding an appropriate scope for you a bit challenging. 

Fortunately, having sufficient knowledge about several, it can increase your chances of purchasing a suitable one for your rifle, which fits your preferences.

There is no doubt that most premium quality rifle scopes are expensive, but you don’t have to worry about it. The rifle scopes discussed in this article won’t compromise the quality optical performance it can offer you while being cost-effective.

I hope that this article was able to help you determine the suitable rifle scope that costs under $300 that fits your hunting requirements. Thank you, and enjoy the hunt in the wild!

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