EOTech Light Weapon Thermal Clip-On Sight Review

Nowadays, most hunters and shooters are updating their rifle with thermal sights to enhance their hunting and target shooting experience. 

The EOTech Light Weapon Thermal Sight is mainly designed with customer’s needs. 

This weapon sight comes with advanced technology and innovative features; due to this technology and features, you can quickly and easily know the hidden targets. 

This particular model of the thermal clip-on system comes with 640 pixels by 480 pixels resolution. 

It has an exquisite gray finish, making it look like stainless steel with a majestic look. The EOTech dimensions are 6.7 inches long, 3.5 inches wide, and 3.9 inches high. 

To be precise, this device can be powered by four AA lithium batteries. You can use this thermal clip-on system in complete darkness, and it also provides more functionality at night, which is one of the essential features of this weapon sight. 

Today, there are several varieties of thermal weapon sight clip-on systems available on the market. Still, EOTech thermal clip-on sight is one of the best models in the market, and it comes at a reasonable price. 

If you need to know more information about the EOTech Light Weapon Thermal Sight, read our review. 

We have given a comprehensive review of EOTech Light Weapon Thermal Sight with its functionalities and features.



EOTech Light Weapon Thermal Clip-on Sight Review

EOTech Light Weapon Thermal clip-on Sight is an uncooled, solid-state, and long-wave infrared observation

This thermal clip-on sight magnifies the target for both day and night time so that you can hunt the prey quickly and accurately. 

The EOTech thermal clip-on sight quickly converts the daytime rifle scopes into the thermal imaging device. 

It captures the hidden object in the hunting field in low light conditions or at night. 

This thermal clip-on sight has an uncooled microbolometer that enables you to detect the objects or prey in complete darkness.

You can find heat sources that are not lit by fog, smoke, and dust. The EOTech thermal sight eliminates your current day’s scope requirements and replaces it with a thermal imaging scope. 

It is quickly loaded ahead of your day scope and gives an excellent view of your targets. 

EOTech Light Weapon Thermal Sight Clip-on Features

EOTech Thermal Clip-on Sight contains many advanced features that offer excellent performance. 

It comes with more advanced thermal imaging technology to detect the object in any environmental conditions.


This thermal clip-on sight is designed with durable and robust materials, and it also has a rugged construction. So, this thermal device withstands all weather conditions. 

It is constructed to fit quickly in any rifle scope. You can mount it in front of your riflescope without lifting the daytime scope from your rifles and mount it on a quick release using a lockable weaver or Picatinny mount. 

This thermal clip-on sight contains water-resistant, fog proof, shock-resistant, and dustproof features so that you can use this thermal device in all environmental conditions such as rainfall, moisture, and smoke.

Variable Magnification

This thermal clip-on system magnification is incredible because it comes with variable magnification, not fixed magnification. 

One of the best advantages of this type of thermal clip-on magnification is various magnification range options so that you can change the magnification for your targets. 

If you need to zoom in for more magnification, you can do it with this thermal clip-on system. 


The EOTech Thermal Clip-on Sight has a 640×480 Resolution of 17m uncooled microbolometer sensor, which gives you excellent quality images. 

It is designed with Insights Ultra VOx enhanced thermal imaging and contains 640×480 pixels of video resolution to offer superior quality videos. 

Due to this resolution, you can obtain a crystal clear view of the targets. This clip-on sight collects more thermal details and improves image quality.

Frame Rate

The EOTech Light Weapon Thermal Clip-on Sight has a 30Hz frame rate so that you can obtain bright, crystal clear, and crisp pictures for targets. 

It enables you to view the moving objects accurately and get images of the targets. 

It comes with 1x magnification range and 2x digital zoom capabilities. This clip-on sight is constructed to withstand high temperatures.

Automatic Gain control

This thermal clip-on system has automatic gain control features for white-hot and black hot modes. 

It also contains four reticle patterns, and each reticle is selectable in white or black. 

It enables the user to choose the display that enhances reticle visibility and contrast against the hot surface.

Lightweight design

The EOTech Thermal Clip-on Sight comes with 1.85 lbs weight; you can easily carry this night vision clip-on in your pocket or bags since it is very lightweight. 

It is one of the best handheld devices, and the dimension of this night vision clip-on system is 6.7 inches by 3.6 inches by 3.9 inches. 

You can carry this clip-on sight anywhere, like hunting, shooting, etc. This thermal device is widely used in many applications like military, law enforcement, hunting, target shooting, etc.

Battery Type & battery Life

The EOTech thermal clip-on sight has a 1.5 volt four AA lithium battery. Nowadays, these types of night vision batteries are generally available in the market at a reasonable price. 

When it comes to this device’s battery life, you can use this clip-on system for 10 hours. Due to this battery time, you can shoot and hunt the objects or targets for long hours.

Additional Features

EOTech Light Weapon Thermal Clip-on Sight has many advanced features and functions; it also comes with some additional features such as boresightable to 1 MOA, integrated shutter, four integrated ballistic reticles, RS-170 real-time video in/out.



Final Words

EOTech Light Weapon Thermal Clip-on Sight is an excellent night vision attachment for your rifles while in the hunting field. It gives you superior performance and improves your hunting and shooting experiences. If you are a professional shooter or beginner and searching for the best clip-on system for your rifles or weapon, we recommend you the EOTech Light Weapon Thermal Clip-on Sight that is the best option for your needs. 

This clip-on system enables you to hunt at any environmental conditions, and it gives you the thermal imaging ability without eliminating the daytime riflescopes. We hope our review will help you understand more information about EOTech Light Weapon Thermal Clip-on Sight for your requirements and make the best purchases.

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