Must Have Crossbow Accessories-Learner’s Guide

Hunting using the crossbow is becoming a traditional sport and the crossbow provides more opportunities for passionate hunters. In this case, if you are new to the hunting world, you must need to know some important things, like types of the crossbow, crossbow accessories, etc.

The hunters who started with the new crossbow have to wonder what accessories they require in their hunting. In fact, the crossbow requires some essential accessories for your crossbow hunting, you may be shocked after knowing about the accessories required in your crossbow hunting. 

Some of the accessories like scope, crossbow bolts are easily understood and also used for some other devices, but some accessories are only for the crossbow like cocking devices, which is a bit difficult for beginners.

Nowadays, the crossbows are packed with some necessary accessories, even though you have to purchase some accessories separately. In this article, we cover some best crossbow accessories that you must need for hunting. 

Crossbow Scope

Actually, the crossbow scopes are used to shoot the long-range target, which ensures the precision of shooting. It is also a rifle, if you are going to shoot the long-range target, a scope provides more benefit to you.

You have to mount the scope on the top of the crossbow stock, which is basically designed for the same function as you use a scope on your crossbow.

Mostly, the crossbow comes with the scope, laser sight, red dot sight, or fiber-optic sight, but some crossbow does not come with them, or you may need to change your scope or sight for better performance.Crossbow ScopeAlmost all the crossbow companies provide the optical scope or red dot sight with their crossbows. In the red dot sight, you can use either a single red dot or triple red dot sight.

If you are using the optical scope, you can have an option to choose a single reticle or multi-reticle in the scope. A laser sight is an additional option for the crossbow.

How to use a scope on the crossbow is an important thing to know for an accurate shot, so once you choose a scope for your crossbow, you have to practice adjusting the scope for different magnification. 

Crossbow Broadheads

At the end of the crossbow bolt, there is a sharp tip placed to cut through an animal in one shot. Mostly, you have to use the crossbow broadhead at the end of the bolt to ensure that the animal you shot will fall down.

The mechanical broadhead and fixed broadhead are the different options in the broadhead for making the kill effortlessly.

When compared to the fixed blade broadhead, the mechanical broadhead will shoot better with the fast arrow.Crossbow BroadheadsGenerally, the fixed points and the broadheads have extremely different characteristics, yet they have the same weight.

The blades in the fixed broadhead are designed as immovable and fixed on the broadhead. So, the blades in the fixed broadheads are sharp razor type, which will stay the same in size after hitting the target.

The blades in the mechanical broadhead are placed in the flight, so it increases the level of lethality against the target. The blades are swing out to hit the target fastly with excellent penetration.

The mechanical broadhead will fly fast due to the streamlined design, but the penetration level is lower because it already uses some kinetic energy for the blade deployment. 

Crossbow Bolt

The crossbow bolts are the arrow shaft that is used to shoot the target. The design is similar to the arrow, but it is shorter.

The carbon fiber and aluminum alloy are used to construct the crossbow bolts, which are shorter than the arrow that you use in bows.Crossbow BoltBut most people use both terms of arrows and bolts interchangeably when talking about crossbow bolts.

Anyhow, nowadays, most of the crossbow bolts are replaced by the fletching or vanes like an arrow, the bold don’t need to have stabilized vanes. 

Cocking Device

Mostly, hunters define the cocking device is an essential tool to have with their crossbow. The cocking device is a hand-operated winch mounted on the crossbow stock, which enables to wind the small lever handle to cock the handle.

It is a mush having accessory for the hunter to manually cock the crossbow, so most of the hunters are using this cocking device, especially if the hunter uses the high-powered crossbow.Cocking Device This cocking device is the best and simplest option. The alternative option for the hand-operated winches is a rope cocking device, which allows you to cock your crossbow roughly half the draw weight. So using the high power bow is very easy.

Usually, the rope cockers will increase the accuracy of the target. The major advantage of the crank devices is, it allows the centering of the string in the trigger, and also it gives better accuracy. 

Crossbow Case

If you are planning to go for a trip with your crossbow, you should have a crossbow case to keep your crossbow safely without getting damaged.

Because you would not like your crossbow bouncing around while traveling, so crossbow case is also an essential accessory to protect your optics.

Good quality optics will provide soft-sided protection for your essential crossbow components. The crossbow cases are well designed and highly functional, it has enough space to put most crossbow models.Crossbow CaseYou have to check that your crossbow cases have a tough nylon shell that covers the thick foam padding that will help to protect your gears.

Some crossbow cases are designed with the external quiver, in which you can place your bolts or arrow. The zipper case will allow you to easily access the gears inside the case, so make sure that your crossbow case with a 330-degree heavy-duty zipper.

In this case, you don’t need the detach your crossbow quiver to shut your crossbow case. The crossbow case must be designed with a rigid side panel and ensures the double seam construction for long-lasting use. 

Crossbow Quiver

The quiver is an essential thing to have for the people who are using the crossbow. It is a bag, which allows to safely place all the crossbow accessories.

It is not the matter that you have all types of quivers, but you have to select the harder material bags to keep the crossbow broadheads and bolts.Crossbow QuiverYou can take out your quiver with all your gadgets like crossbow arrows, bolts, and broadheads. You can easily handle the quiver on your shoulders and belt. 

Crossbow Stand

Once you use your crossbow and want to place your crossbow in someplace where the crossbow is not knocking around. A crossbow stand will help to safely keep the crossbow.Crossbow StandUsually, the crossbow stands are made of plastic, metal, or some kind of wood that will provide great benefit even at the range or at home to keep the crossbow downward until it’s ready to shoot the next target.

Crossbow Sling

Another important accessory you need to have is the crossbow sling, especially if you are planning to walk anywhere with your crossbow for hunting your target.Crossbow SlingIf you have a sling, you can comfortably carry your crossbow in the forest that allows you to walk with the freehand. So you can easily use some other devices, climb over the deadfall or you can easily drink the water. 

Field Points

The field points are mostly used for practicing at the same time, you can also use the crossbow broadheads, but it may be damaged after some use and you need to purchase them again.Field PointsIn this case, you can purchase the field point in the same weight as the broadhead to boost your gaming performance to the next level. 

Crossbow Target

Nowadays, choosing the crossbow target is a very easy and less challenging task.

Today’s crossbow are designed for more efficiency and energy storage, so crossbow target provides fast pace using the technology it has. It is more thicker than the standard archery targets.

There are four types of crossbow target available in the market, you can choose one from that. The four types namely, 3D practice target, 3D competition target, bag target, and layered foam target.Crossbow targetThe 3D competition and practice targets are available in different proportions, shapes, sizes, and positions. It duplicates the target in the wood or water. These targets are designed with the durable arrow and it has a scoring ring which can be used for both ASA and IBO scoring methods.

The Bag targets allows easy removal of the arrow and it has the fiber fill feature to stop the arrow in high velocity flight.

The layered foam are durable and budget friendly target in the market. Due to the simple design of this target, it is very portable and lightweight, so it can be easily used with field point and razor-sharp broadheads. 

Some Other Optional Accessories

Some of the crossbow accessories are not mandatory, but it makes your hunting using crossbow more easier. But it is better to avoid long-range shots; here our guide will explain why should we avoid long-range shots

Anyhow, we have mentioned some optional accessories that makes your hunting much better; they are, noise dampening kit, lighted nocks, rail and trigger lube, conditioner and string wax, discharge target, shooting sticks, stock extension, and arrow puller. 

Noise Dampening Kit

Staying silent is the challenge of the hunter during hunting. The sound from the crossbow has the chance to scare the animals, so you may miss your target.

If you have the noise dampening kit, you can avoid this problem. Applying it on the crossbow string, limbs, and foot stirrup will reduce the maximum of sound, so you can scare off your prey.

Lighted Nocks

The lighted nocks are the great advantage of the crossbow bolts. But, it is not legal in some countries.

There are some differences between losing the bolt and finding it, whether you hit or miss the target.

When you shoot the target, the nocks light up, so it allows you to track and find out the bolt. 

Rail and Trigger Lube

Using the rail and trigger lube is one of the best ways to maintain your crossbow in good shape.

Some types of lube may gum up to crossbow string or damage the crossbow, so it is  recommended to use only the lube intended for crossbow.

Whenever the rail of the crossbow looks dry you have to lube it, it may after 50-60 shots.

Conditioner and String Wax

When your string looks damaged, sure you can buy a new one, but why don’t you maintain the string of your crossbow?

The String conditioner and wax will help you to maintain  your string in good condition.

Make sure that the string wax is only made for crossbows. Using some other types may have the chance to gum up the crossbow. 

Discharge Target

When you are done hunting, you have to unload the crossbow. Without using the discharge target, you can’t discharge the crossbow in a safe way.

You can replace the broadhead with the field point and then discharge the crossbow using the discharge target. 

Shooting Stick

If you need some stability while using the crossbow then you can choose some shooting sticks like, bipod, monopod, which helps to improve the target accuracy. 

Stock Extension

Sometimes the stock in the crossbow will not be enough to reach. Thus you can perfectly fit your crossbow with the stock extension.

It fits on the back of the crossbow stock that gives some length to your crossbow. It helps you to aim accurately with more comfortable.

Arrow Puller

Arrow puller is the most important accessory for safely removing the crossbow bow on the target or the ground without damaging the arrow shaft.

It allows you to securely grasp the bolt and pull out with the minimum tugging, so it has the least chance of damaging the bolt. 

Final Verdict

After purchasing these accessories for your crossbow, you can safely and accurately shoot your target.

Just use those accessories based on our guide and see the result. We hope it will help you in your hunting. Our guide how to use crossbow will help the novice for safe hunting.

All the best for safe hunting!

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