Eyeclops Night Vision Goggles Review


Are you a person interested in outdoor activities at night? Then the best solution for you is the night vision goggles. The night vision goggles are devices that offer perfect vision at night. Our eye is sensitive to visible light and not to dark or dim light.

eyeclops night vision goggles review

Hence, to see the surrounding area at night, night vision goggles are used. Mostly, many night vision devices use infrared sensors for viewing the surroundings. One such device that uses infrared technology for operation is the Eyeclops night vision goggles.

Eyeclops Night Vision Goggles Review

As mentioned above, the Eyeclops night vision goggles come built with the infrared technology and camera. This goggle has various uses and it can be used in many places such as hunting, backyard operations etc. Also, this goggle has various features and uses, some of them are given below.


The design of this Eyeclops night vision goggles is unique and it has a solid construction. This construction keeps the goggles durable. This goggle is compact and is suitable for backpacking and camping. It can be used easily by people of all ages and can be easily adjusted to the size of the kid.

Infrared Technology

This is a thermal imaging device which has built-in infrared technology with it. This technology detects the variation of heat in the surrounding areas, records them, and is viewable to the users, with the help of a monitor. These sensors are durable and are operated with a battery.


This goggle uses the camera for suitable and sustained operation. This camera captures the heat bodies efficiently and views them with the help of the monitor. The captured images have a high resolution; any minute details of the targeted area can be viewed easily. Added to this, the display monitor is also durable and it makes high-quality images, visible to the users.

Night Vision Technology

As the IR sensors used in these devices are powerful, they can view the images in complete dark and dim light conditions. These sensors detect and track all the heat bodies within the given area and display them effectively to the users. This night vision technology acts as a key feature of this device.

Coverage Range

The coverage range of this device is higher compared to the other devices. With this coverage range, the heat bodies up to 50 m can be easily tracked. This goggle also has zooming with which the targets of this device can be marked easily.

Binocular Design

The design of this goggle is similar to that of the binocular as it has a dual eyepiece. Both the eyepieces are connected to the monitor so that the user can view the region effectively. Added to this, it also has many features of binocular.

Other Features

Some other features of this device are explained below.

This device has military and spy display modes. It also has a long range mode detection for recon missions. It also has a stealth mode and this mode can be used for detecting closer proximities. The monitor used can be used for detailing the information accurately.


  • This device can be used easily by the kids and other.
  • It is very easy to use and operate
  • The design of this device is durable and it can be used in any climatic condition.
  • Further, it is a battery operated device and the power consumed for operation is very low.

Eyeclops Night Vision Goggles

Key features: various operating modes, high coverage area, and night vision technology

Pros: durable, light weight and high accuracy.Purchase This Product on Amazon.com

These are the various features and advantages of Eyeclops night vision goggles. So, use these goggles and enjoy your camping and hunting experience.

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