Zero Light Night Vision Goggles – Will They Work In Complete Darkness?

With many tasks that are done at night, people are really in dire need of night vision devices that would support them to see easier and better during dark conditions. Fortunately, the night vision technology has been invented and discovered by scientists and other people back then. 

For how many decades, night vision technology has helped a lot of people. When it was first invented and use, it can be mostly found in many military applications. But nowadays, it can be seen in other common tasks such as driving, patrolling, hunting, and other types of tasks that are usually done at night.

Nowadays, many types of night vision devices have been used and known by people—one of which is a night vision goggle. Night vision goggles could be used independently or while you are using some other night vision devices such as night vision scopes and night vision cameras. 

The use of night vision goggles could be seen mostly in drivers, hunters, and shooters since it covers the whole eyes and a very wide range of areas that can be seen once worn and used. Truly, night vision goggles are among the best inventions that people can use these days. There are many questions about night vision goggles and work, even in conditions with no light or zero light. To give you an idea about that, we will answer that most frequently asked question in this article. 

Zero Light Night Vision Goggles

Zero Light Night Vision Goggle

Many people have questioned the reliability of night vision goggles once there is no light source, such as the moon and the stars. But do night vision goggles efficiently work, even when there is no light, or there is zero light? The answer to that is yes; they can work very efficiently, even for a moonless and starless night. 

Not all types of night vision goggles could be relied on when used in total or complete darkness. The night vision goggles that can be used in zero light situations are just the ones that are built with infrared sensor technology

Infrared Sensor Technology

Infrared Sensor Technology

The invention of the infrared sensor technology has been one of the best inventions seen in night vision devices’ history. Night vision devices that are known to have the infrared sensor technology are thermal imaging—this is one of the types of night vision technology that are ever invented. The use of infrared sensor technology is quite simple. 

Night vision goggles that have built-in infrared sensors use the emitted heat from infrared radiations and lights. In addition, infrared sensors are very sensitive to heat for them to detect it easily—even the ones that are very small in amount. Mostly, living things are known to emit heat, which is of considerable temperature. 

How Do Infrared Sensors Work in Zero Light Situations?

Infrared Sensors Working process in Zero Light Situations

As mentioned in the previous parts of the article, the infrared sensor type of night vision technology can be used even when there is no light present, or the only thing you can see is the complete darkness of the place or location that you are in. With that said, you might be wondering how it works if there is really no light at all. Well, it isn’t very easy, but it can be understood in a very simple way. 

This type of night vision goggles is built with infrared sensors that are known to detect the presence of infrared radiation and light. This type of night vision goggles then senses the heat that is being emitted by the infrared. Once the heat is sensed by the sensors too, it displays various colors acquired from the varying temperatures. 

Through this process, users can see shapes and other types of forms present in the place or location they are in. With that happening, targets can be easily detected and seen even when there is no light present in the location. 

Uses of Night Vision Goggles

Uses of Night Vision Goggles

Other types of night vision goggles can be used during daytime and low-light conditions besides those used for zero lighting conditions. 

Some of the night vision goggles are truly versatile that they can really be used in daylight too. 

While some are made to have photocathode and photomultipliers—both of these parts are known to amplify the amount of low light is present in the surroundings. 

Once the little amount of light is already amplified, a brighter image of the location or place and targets can be viewed using these other types of night vision goggles. 

Thermal Vision and Infrared Sensor

Thermal Vision and Infrared Sensor

The thermal vision and the infrared sensor can really be used when there is no light is present in the place or location. They have been made with a very high and advanced design from the most modern technologies. Thermal vision and infrared sensors are really one of the most reliable and dependable types of night vision devices that can be bought and used by people who usually go out at night to do outdoor activities. 


It has been proven that some night vision goggles could be used effectively, even in no light conditions outdoors. They can really be used at night to be more efficient and achieve more tasks. So, right now, there is no question about the reputation and usefulness of night vision goggles, even in conditions that are seen as adverse and critical. We truly hope that this article has answered your questions about night vision goggles used in total darkness.

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