Hunting Vs Golf Rangefinder: Take a Close Look

Optics takes a major role in the integral part of modern outdoor adventures. It plays a major role in archery, golfing, hunting, wildlife observation to mountaineering, hiking, fishing, etc.

Consequently, rangefinders, binoculars, and other similar devices are used more than optics by the hunters and outdoor devotees. If you are looking for the best rangefinder for both golf and hunting, it seems like a similar device.

They both are laser rangefinders and similar in size and both are designed to measure distances from wherever you stand with the specific feature that you are choosing. One of the major differences between these rangefinders is the hunting rangefinder is covered with camouflage print.

Apart from the cosmetic difference, is there any major difference between the performance of these two types of rangefinder or can any better laser rangefinder for both hunting and golf? Let’s take a close look at these two types of tools to determine the difference.

Hunting Rangefinder Overview

Hunting rangefinders are specially designed to help hunters to get the accurate distance of the targeted animals. This type of rangefinder is also allowed in archers, specifically to get the perfect shots while having the chance of shooting the different distances.

Rifle hunters can also use this rangefinder. Generally, rifles are used for long-range hunting, so a good rifle shooter does not require any extra devices for a few hundred yards for the perfect shot.Hunting Rangefinder

Specially Designed for Hunting

Hunting rangefinders are specially designed with the hunting application in the mind, so most of the in-built features are hunting-specific.

For example, you can see most of the hunting rangefinders are comes with camouflage print. It does not mean all the hunting rangefinders have to camo cover, but most of them.

At least, they come in neutral colors. You don’t like your prey to get aware in the field by using the bright-colored rangefinders.

anatomy of hunting rangefinder
Anatomy Of Hunting Rangefinder

For the hunters, calculating the angle is most important while changing the distance for the shot. The features in the hunting rangefinder will automatically adjust the slope while ranging.

Hunting is not daily work

Even the most passionate hunters are also not done hunting every day. There is a particular season for hunting certain animals.

Based on the season in the year, hunting animals is legalized in most countries. Hence, hunting rangefinder is not for daily use.

Even, hunting rangefinder is also used only for a few minutes in hunting. Due to these reasons, the hunting rangefinders are made by the cheaper parts.

It also does not require long battery life, but it should be very lightweight and compact in size for easy carry. Moreover, you can get the hunting rangefinder at a reasonable price.

Golf Rangefinder Overview

The appearance of the golf rangefinder is similar to the hunting rangefinder, but it has some differences in the features that are designed for the golf game.

Certainly, you have not seen any camo-print rangefinder for the golf course. The purpose of the in-built features of the golf rangefinder is to assist you while playing games.Golf Rangefinder

Designed for Golf Rangefinder

The needs of the golfer are different than hunters and the features of the golf rangefinder are reflect the requirement. The prominent features of the golf rangefinders are not seen in the hunting rangefinder.

anatomy of golf rangefinder
Anatomy of Golf Rangefinder

For instance, flag lock allows you to lock on the flag for the accurate distance, it ensures that you are accidentally reading the wrong object.

In most amateur golf tournaments, using rangefinders is legal. Anyhow, there is some provision of using the rangefinder, you can’t use the slope feature.

Most golf rangefinders do not come with this feature because it is not legalized in tournaments. But some models come with this feature.

Occasionally Golf Rangefinder is not for part-time

Most golf players are playing that game as much as possible they can. Many play this game as a part of their daily routine and it is not just a few-minute game.

You will play golf for many hours by using the rangefinder for every practical shot. It means, the best golf rangefinders have been durably built for repeatable use.

Usually, golf rangefinders are designed with high-quality components, it also has durable built. Usually, the golf rangefinder is not concentrated on weatherproof features but they prominently concentrate on long battery life so that you are left in half of the play. it also means the golf rangefinder is pretty pricey.

Hunting Vs Golf Rangefinder

Both types of rangefinders are designed to calculate the distance between you and the target. Whether it is a flag, animal, tree, or something else related to these things.

But each type of rangefinder is designed for some specific reason, which means there are some differences between these types even if they perform the same job.


One of the major differences between the golf and hunting rangefinder is its in-built features. The golf rangefinders have some specific features like pin lock and flag lock.

You are not find these features in the hunting rangefinders. But you can find the camo-print exterior in most of the hunting rangefinder models that will never be designed in the golf rangefinder.


Manufacturer provides first priority to the battery life in the golf rangefinder and durability is the first priority in the hunting rangefinder.

In the hunting rangefinder, durability is valued based on portability, weatherproof, etc. When it comes to accuracy, the golf rangefinder is better but the hunting rangefinder is usually used to calculate long ranges.


Usually, the built quality of the hunting rangefinder is not the same as the golf rangefinder because golf rangefinders are used for many hours on most days of the week.

Just like that, hunting rangefinders are built with low-quality products, so you can get them at an affordable price.

Functional Difference

If you are using the single rangefinder for both hunting and golfing there is some difference in the functional even they required the same laser technology.

Golf rangefinder requires First Target Mode to detect the closer target in the golf course like pin or flag near the hole.

Hunting rangefinder requires Distance Target Mode that avoids the close target focusing in the wild environment.

Golf rangefinder does not require accurate targeting that requires in hunting. The magnification system in the hunting rangefinder is technically updated, unlike the golf rangefinder.

The golf rangefinder covers 400 yards, which is enough for golfing and bowhunting. If you are hunting with a rifle or long-range shooting, you should use a hunting rangefinder that usually covers 1000-1500 yards.Functional Rangefinder

Similarities of Hunting and Golf Rangefinder

Apart from many differences, hunting and golf rangefinder has some similarities too. Some people use one rangefinder for both hunting and golfing.

But, it does not mean that all the rangefinders are suitable for both purposes. Moreover, if you are purchasing one rangefinder for both purposes, its cost is also high.

However, you can see those rangefinders are had versatile features. Usually, the midrange laser rangefinder has both FTP and DTP modes, so it provides high-end performance.Similarities of hunting and golf rangefinder

If you are looking for a rangefinder for both hunting and golfing, it is better to choose the rangefinder featured with two modes.

Actually, the Bullseye Mode in the hunting rangefinder is also called FTP Mode in Golf Rangefinder.

If you are a professional golfer and occasional hunter, you can choose a golf rangefinder for both purposes. You can see both hunting and golf rangefinder has some common features in the preference.


There is some difference between golf and hunting rangefinder. The golf rangefinder has some special features like a flag lock that helps to ease gaming.

The slop function in the golf rangefinder should be off in tournament play because the slop function is not allowed in tournaments. Hunting rangefinder is a portable and affordable price.

They also come in camo or neutral color but the golf rangefinders usually come in bright colors. You can also use the single rangefinder for both golf and hunting.

If you are find the neutral-colored, accurate with good battery life rangefinder that allows you to shut off the slop feature in the tournaments.



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