Image Intensification Night Vision Technology

What Is Image Intensification Night Vision?

The image intensification is one of the major night vision technology implemented in most of the night vision devices. Image intensifier tube acts as a heart of the night vision device. Also, it is mostly intended for the night vision device in the form of a vacuum tube, in order to increase the light intensity appearing in the optical system.

image intensification night vision technology

This incident optical light intensity helps to allow the user to make use of the device even under the low lighting conditions in the night timing. The collected light intensity then migrates the photons into amplified electrons, which is then translated again into the amplified photons for clear image vision. The image intensification is the main basis for the night vision which is one of the complex conversions of energy created on the vacuum tube.

What Is The Working Principle?

The image intensifier system mainly works on the collected photons on the objective lens, which further converts the collected photons into the electrons through the photocathode unit. The photocathode helps to increase the electrons on the implemented micro channel plate, to convert the electrons back to the photons, which is incident on the phosphor screen. The resulted image can be viewed through the eye lens, on the phosphor screen display.

Where Is It Used?

The image intensification night vision technology is widely used in the night vision device for amplifying the incident light to achieve the better imaging vision. This device uses the conventional lens for capturing the ambient texture of light formation. The gathered light on the phosphor screen is then translated to the image intensifier tube, to release the light energy to electrons; derived from the accelerated cathode.

The collection of the accelerated form of the electrons enters into the micro channel plate. It then bounces and manipulates to from more number of electrons. These large ranges of electrons is then allowed to enter into the channel.It further make the original electron to collide over the existing atoms to arrive on the channel for other electron creations.

What Is The Color Of The Resulting Image?

The new formation of original electrons collides with the other atoms, to create the chain structure on the image intensifier tube. The newly created electrons strike on the phosphor screen, where the electron energy releases the photons for creating the green image layout on the screen. The resulted image on the green phosphor is then viewed through another lens.

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