How Does J Arm Mount Help In Using The Night Vision Monocular

When you are connecting night vision scopes, binoculars, monoculars, and cameras on another thing, there are mounts or adapters that you can use to have a stable and sturdy connection. 

In the first decades that night vision devices were invented, they have been widely used already, yet they have a design that is not that light in weight. 

That is why mounts and adapters are also invented and applied to be of extreme help in mounting the said night vision devices so that people would not have to carry them all the time. 

For instance, when you are hunting in the wilds or in the forests, you do not just carry that you are using as equipment for your rifle or firearm; you buy and use some mounting rings in order to keep it attached to your rifle. 

In this article, we are going to discuss a specific type of mount that you can use to mount your monocular on different things—to be more specific; we are going to feature the use of J Arm Mounts. 

What is J Arm Mount?

J Arm Mounts are the mounting equipment used to attach a night vision monocular to some other things such as a helmet or a stand. J Arm Mounts are designed so people would not have to hold their night vision monocular in their hands all the time. 

With that purpose, people who use would have the freedom to use both of their hands even when they are simultaneously using and carrying their night vision monocular. 

J Arm Mounts are designed to be easily attached so that it would not cause much hassle when you need to attach your night vision monocular for a while. 

In fact, this type of mount is designed to be easily detached too anytime that you want to hold your night vision monocular in your hands. 

When it comes to picking your J Arm Mounts’ quality and durability, you have to be smart in deciding and choosing. Some of these mounts are made from plastic, while some are made from aluminum alloy. 

If I were you, I would choose one that is made from the second material mentioned. Because with that material, you would have lightweight properties, just like what plastics have. But you would have a more durable and sturdier mount for your night vision monocular. 

In addition, the finish of the exterior of your mount is important to be checked too. One recommendation is a matte finish—with this type of finish, you would get both aesthetics and durability at the same time. 

Some of the Common Uses of J Arm Mounts as an Adapter for Night Vision Monocular

  • During Search and Rescue Operations

As you know, firefighters conduct a lot of search and rescue operations after a fire incident. So, in case there are some survivors left, they would be able to rescue. 

When the smoke and other obscurants take over the place where the fire incident happened, firefighters will need the use of a night vision monocular for them through the smoke. 

With the help of a night vision monocular, they would be able to know if there are any more people or animals left inside a burnt place. 

J Arm Mounts come in handy during those types of situations since firefighters can use them to mount the night vision monocular they have. 

With the night vision monocular mounted on their helmets, they would be able to have the full utilization or use of their both hands for protection, rescue, and other important purposes. 

  • During Mining Activities

Miners who do mining activities in the mountains and in other sites also bring a night vision monocular with them. Miners often dig and go underground to find gold, silver, and other valuable metals that they can sell. 

With the dark and confined place that they go through, they surely need to have a ready-to-use night vision monocular with them. 

In that case, they can also bring a J Arm Mount so that they can also use both of their hands for mining instead of being distracted with a night vision monocular in their one hand. 

In addition, mining is a dangerous job to do, so miners have to be equipped with these accessories to keep them ready and prepared at all times. 

  • During Hiking, Camping or Cave Exploring Activities

When you go hiking, there would be times that the elevation of the land that you are walking on gets steep. 

With that considered, you are going to need to hold on to some trees or other supports that might help you climb to the elevation that you want to go to. 

But when you are carrying a night vision monocular in your hands, there is a chance that you fall from the mountains, or you drop your night vision monocular in order to hold on to something. 

But you do not have to worry about that anymore since J Arm Mounts would help you carry your night vision monocular and easily attach it to the helmet that you are wearing. In that case, you would have both safety and the night vision that you need.


J Arm Mounts have been a useful and helpful part of having a night vision monocular. The purposes that it can be used for can vary from usual applications to very serious applications, just like the ones that are mentioned above. 

With the invention of night vision devices, the use of this type of mount has served many people. They may be a bit expensive, but they can help you save your life in unexpected situations. A lot can happen out there, especially in the forests, caves, mining sites, and many other places. 

But if you are prepared and if you take things seriously, you can prevent accidents from happening. J Arm Mounts may be a small accessory only, but the uses that it serves are serious. 

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