Polaris Night Vision 12×50 High Powered Monocular Review


There are many types of powered monocular available. But, the best performance of the product differentiates the extraordinary ones from the normal ones. This monocular is provided with the special features which help to identify the objects better than the others.

polaris night vision

It plays a nice role in observing the objects and the animals from the farthest distance and views it in the low light conditions.

Polaris Night Vision-Features

It consists of 4 roof prism, which provides the extra clarity and excellent color dispersion. As it is a multi-coating one, it plays a good role in transmitting the light. The carrying case is made of the nylon mesh and non-abrasive lens cleaning cloth. It includes an eyepiece and lens protection cover to keep it safe.

It comes with adjustable magnification to rotate above the eyepiece for adjusting the control for the view of the object. This monocular is made of the waterproof materials to use it in any weather conditions.

Thus, the barrel is filled with nitrogen and optics are being sealed with the O-rings, which help to keep away the dust, debris, and other small particles. The outer covering of the monocular is made of the durable armor to give a good grip in viewing the objects very clearly.


The high-resolution monocular gives a sharp focus to the people. It offers good magnification of the objects.

How To Maintain It?

It has a strong coating for resisting the rust. So, it can tolerate all type of weather conditions.  It includes a special cleaning cloth, to remove the dust present in the lens.  When you are in motion, the carrying case is used to protect the monocular.

Color And Price

The color of the monocular is black. The price of the product ranges from $ 60 to $70.


As it is a lightweight product, it is portable to carry anywhere. So, the hunters use it to detect the presence of animals and birds.

Also, it is provided with the 50mm lens to offer the superior focus clearly and sharply. So, you can view the objects 12 times closer than seeing by your naked eye.

It is useful for fish hunting, war, animal hunting, boating, to identify the thief hiding behind the bush, etc. Besides, it is also used by the army persons to detect their enemies.


The tripod is made of the stainless steel of poor quality. It can’t be used during night time.Polaris Explorer – 12×50 High Powered Monocular

Key features: stainless steel tripod, waterproof materials, and durable armor.

Pros: Gives clear vision, perfect for boating, hunting.Purchase This Product on Amazon.com

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