Active Illumination Night Vision Technology


What is Active Illumination Night Vision?

The Near infrared Active Illumination is one of the major technology under the category of night vision. The active illumination night vision technology is used in the night vision devices such that it is more sensitive to unseen objects placed near the infrared radiation, which effectively combines with the infrared illuminator.

Active illumination night vision

The active illumination is the most popular and inexpensive technique of the night vision, which consists of wide variety of applications. When the active illumination technology combines with the image intensification technology, it creates an active source of illumination in the near infrared band.

What Are The Uses?

The active illumination night vision method is used commonly in most of the commercial, governmental, and residential security purposes for providing the effective night lighting of clear imaging vision under the low lighting conditions. To obtain a reliable low lighting video security system, the active illumination is integrated. Also, it is amplified with the detection and analysis of video motion and the intelligent scene devices.

What Is Its Specialty?

The main ability of the active illumination night vision technology is to provide a high visibility range of vision even in the fog, heavy snow, smoky areas, heavy rainfall, and mist regions. The active illumination night vision theme is widely used to perform the high-speed video capturing of the vehicle movement clearly.

This inexpensive technology is used for night vision by the infrared illumination. The active illumination night vision technology is implemented in the night vision techniques such as the perimeter motion detecting and protection method, intelligent scene analyzing devices, and in high-quality video security systems.

How Does It Help?

The active illumination night vision method is used to eliminate the differentiation in the ambient lighting such that the infrared illuminating users can be detected by others having the infrared illumination system. The active infrared illumination system is used in most of the camera systems to identify the characters, objects, layout of the figure or people, accurately.

This active illumination night vision helps to reduce or destroy the shadow created on the image and the video to improve the visibility through the worst weather conditions when compared to the other visible lighting. The active illumination night vision system consists of the infrared light sources such as LED and laser type. It is extended with the high range of scene illumination in most of the security and surveillance cameras.

What Are Its Applications?

This type of night vision technology helps to identify the differentiation of the high brightness level with that of the emission of narrow band and small beam divergence. The active illumination night vision system helps to offers excellent light source with reliable performance. It includes the applications in fields such as the security, industrial development, surveillance, 3D cameras, machine vision, automated night vision devices and license plate recognition. This compact and robust system offers a high range of the resolution and conversion efficiency.

The active illumination night vision system work on the principle of combination of the image intensification factor and the active illumination of near infrared band sources to convert the ambient photons into the electrons. It is then processed by the electrical processing to form a visible light spectrum. This visible light spectrum helps to form the image on the normal display by differentiating the ground distorted temperature in the surrounding environment by the infrared radiation even in the insufficient light conditioning.