Active Illumination Night Vision Technology

What is the active type of illumination for night vision?

Are you having some problems with seeing at night? Or even when securing your homes ate night? Well, you do not have to think about that anymore nowadays because we already live in a time period where night vision technology is already present.

When night vision technology was invented, there are two main types which it is classified—the passive illumination night vision and the active illumination night vision. 

These two types are the most common types, and they are the ones that are most widely used by people. But in this article, we are going to focus on active illumination only. 

Active illumination is also one of the most inexpensive types of night vision technology which is why it has a lot of applications for a lot of uses. One of the best examples of active illumination is low-light camera. 

The spectral range that active illumination uses ranges from 700 nm to 1000 nm—this range is just right below the light spectrum that is visible to the eyes of humans which is why it cannot be seen with bare and unsupported eyes only. 

Active illumination can be commonly seen in night vision devices used for residential, governmental and commercial purposes.

What are its uses?

Since it was mentioned above that the most common night vision devices that are incorporated with active illumination are low-light cameras or night vision cameras, the most common use that this type of night vision technology can be useful is for surveillance cameras and security cameras. 

As you have known, security cameras and surveillance cameras are usually seen at homes, at stores and shops, and at government facilities such as schools and city halls.

Just as it was already mentioned above, the main uses of active illumination are for residential, governmental and commercial purposes. 

The devices with this type of night vision technology are very reliable in providing clear and bright images even when used in extremely dark conditions. 

These active illumination devices are equipped with night vision properties that can be used for capturing images and video footages at night.

What is the specialty of active illumination?

The most common and probably the main specialty of active illumination night vision technology is the ability to provide a wide range of high visibility even when used in places with heavy snow fall, foggy situations, smokey areas, in heavy rain fall and even in misty regions. 

With all those situations that active illumination can be used for, it is really is a useful type of night vision technology for a lot of people.

In addition to all those uses mentioned above, active illumination can be used in capturing video footages of fast-moving cars too. 

This is a good function since it makes active illumination useful when used as surveillance cameras on the road too.

Especially when there are accidents such as hit and run, active illumination can prove video footages that are of clear quality that provides detailed vehicle movement.

This inexpensive type of night vision technology can be used through the use of infrared illumination. 

This type can also be used in different night vision techniques such as perimeter and motion-detecting devices, protective methods and for intelligent scene-analyzing devices too. 

If you are thinking about the quality of the footages that this type of night vision technology produces, you can never go wrong with the high-quality images and video footages that it produces.

How does active illumination help?

The active type of illumination can be used in eliminating the differentiation when it comes to the ambient lighting situations so that the users of infrared-illuminating devices can be detected by someone who uses it too. 

The active type of illumination has an advantage when you compare it with thermal imaging cameras because active illumination can be used to identify and recognize objects, figures, people and many other things in the dark.

Active illumination also helps in reducing and destroying shadows that are created on the videos and images so that it can produce clearer and detailed images even in the worst conditions. 

Devices that are designed with the active illumination type of night vision technology are better when compared to other types of cameras when it comes to seeing in dark conditions and other weather conditions that may seem adverse to the desired situations. 

Active illumination devices are often designed with sources of infrared light such as light emitting diodes and lasers which is why this type of devices can be used in extended ranges of illumination for the scene that you are viewing through it—also, this is another reason why it can be a perfect device for security purposes.

What are the applications of active illumination?

Some of the common applications of active illumination are for security purposes, for machine vision, for industrial developments, for surveillance cameras, for automated night-vision devices, for recognition of license plates, and for 3-dimensional cameras. 

With the robust yet compact design of active illumination night vision devices, it is fascinating that they have the ability of providing

Active illumination devices work by combining the principles of image amplification and active illumination from near infrared band sources. 

It really works well in conditions that have insufficient light for providing bright and clear images. 

With all its functions and uses, it is amazing to know that it is one of the most inexpensive types of night vision devices that people can buy from the markets nowadays.


The active illumination type of night vision technology is amazingly one of the most functional types of devices that you can use in order to see easily during conditions that are low in light. Besides their functional properties, active illumination devices would not cost you that much when you choose to buy them for your use. With all of that considered, it is just enough reason as to why these type of devices is one of the most popularly used by a lot of people. 

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