Pulsar Phantom Gen III 3x50mm Night Vision Riflescope Review

Hunting and shooting in the darkest environments are challenging and tedious. The hardest thing is that we can’t be able to see clearly and brightly, so we need a perfect night vision riflescope. Here we’ve given the Pulsar Phantom Gen III 3x50mm Night Vision Riflescope Review

Generally, wildlife observers widely use Night Vision Technology to study and research the natural habitats of nocturnal animals. So, they need the right night vision optical to do their research. 

Several types of Gen-3 night vision rifle scopes are available in the market. These Gen-3 devices are currently the peak of Night Vision Technology. 

They are specially designed to use in extreme darkness because many nocturnal animals are active at nighttime, that’s why hunters prefer nights to encounter their prey. 

Many night vision riflescope featuring an IR illuminator that allows the users to see in dark situations.

The best Gen-3 night vision riflescope will amaze you in terms of features and performances. 

Also, these devices allow you to see better and acquire optimal targets in low light conditions or darkness. 

Here we have reviewed the Pulsar Phantom Gen III 3x50mm Night Vision Riflescope. This rifle scope is considered as one of the top picks of Gen-3 night vision Riflescope. 

The scope comprises several features that make it outstanding. It has a long-range of viewing and good image resolution. 

If you love to hunt hogs, coyotes, or any other nocturnal predators, this is an obvious choice for your hunting.

Gen-3 night vision technology

U.S military uses this generation.Gen-3 devices provide the best resolution, sensitivity, clearity and brightest images, reliability, durability, and also the best performance. 

Depending on the model, the scope ranges up to 300+ yards. Gen-3 night vision scopes are further improved over the Gen-2 night vision scopes.

The quality of the images is extremely clear and bright due to the application of chemicals known as gallium arsenide photocathode. 

Thus, it converts the photons into electrons efficiently. These types of scopes are more priced, aimed for application in high professional settings. 

Also, these generation devices are ideal for operating without the use of IR illumination on covert operations.



Features of Pulsar Phantom Gen-3 3×50 Night Vision Riflescope

Design and Construction

The Pulsar Phantom night vision riflescope is a fully weather-resistant scope, as it is designed with a nitrogen-filled optical channel and a standard IPX6 waterproof. 

So, the scope is ready to do its job regardless of any weather conditions. The phantom series consists of 2 basic viewers equipped with Gen3 image intensifier tubes. 

Moreover, the Pulsar Phantom gen 3-night vision scope is designed and built for long-term use. 

The device is ultra-durable due to its construction with duralumin and glass-filled nylon composite housing. The device has built with a strong composite housing that allows the user to mount the heavy calibers

Also, the device has an internal focusing knob for easy operations and adjustments. 

The scope has a rubber eyecup with a long eye-relief that covers the entire orbit of the eye. 

This rubber eyecup protects your eye from recoil and avoids leakage of the green intensifier light. The scope has all the main controls on the top of the body for easy access. 

Quick detach mount 

The Phantom comes with a quick detach mount that provides an easy return to zero. 

Also, it offers the ability to detach and reattach the riflescope quickly without having to re-zero the weapon’s sight. It’s one of the advantages of this scope.

Mil-Dot Reticle

The Phantom night vision rifle scope comes with a green and red illuminated Mil-Dot reticle with brightness control. 

This reticle allows the shooter to calculate the target’s distance and also to adjust the bullet lead time and bullet drop. Hence, this Mil-Dot reticle helps you get a clear and sharp target.

To indicate the battery level the reticle starts to blink, and it has to be replaced within 10-15 minutes. 

Magnification and Optical lens

The Phantom night vision riflescope features a magnification range up to 3x and it’s good for short-medium range also. 

It comes with a resolution of 64 Ip/mm and a11° Field of View. The device offers a 700-meter range of crisp observations. The scope has a large 50mm objective lens for gathering more light.

Stabilized Power Supply

It can be powered with either a CR123A lithium battery or a 1AA battery. This makes the scope heavy. 

The stabilized voltage of the power supply prevents reticle shift and drop. Also, it ensures the correct operations of the infrared illuminator and the tubes, even when the batteries are drained. 

Vertical positioning of the batteries enhances the reliability of the power supply when recoiling. 

Phantom Remote Control

The Phantom has included a 3-button remote control, that has two duplicate ON/OFF functions of the device and an IR illuminator. 

This function is very convenient and useful for tactical situations also, it can be mounted on any part of the weapon. The third button is kept for the instant startup of the riflescope.

Fast Start-up Option

The Phantom riflescope operates by pressing the fast start-up button. It’s appropriate when you don’t conduct permanent observation and for your quick assessment of the situation.

Package Contents

The Phantom night vision riflescope also includes a quick-detach mount, Hard protective case, cleaning cloth, remote control, Weaver rail for digital camera adapter, modular IR illuminator, warranty card, and a user manual. 

Also, the scope has additional accessories like cameras or flashlights, laser pointers, and a Picatinny or Weaver rail.

The scope has a protective lens cap that protects the lens from water, scratches, and chips when the scope is not in use. While you use the scope, just slide the lens cap back along the side of the housing.



Final Thoughts

The Pulsar Phantom Gen-3 3x50mm night vision riflescope is well built and robustly featured, and it’s widely used for hunting scenarios. Moreover, the Mil-Dot reticle is another great feature that allows you to get a clear and accurate target. Whenever you purchase a night vision rifle scope, don’t forget to read the user manual for more pieces of information. 

If you need a riflescope with a powerful infrared LED, then the Pulsar Phantom 3x50mm night vision riflescope is the best choice. This scope provides you with excellent functionality and it’s one of the best night vision riflescopes for performing activities such as hunting, surveillance, and observing wildlife. We hope you love the scope we recommended here as well as Pulsar Phantom Gen III 3x50mm Night Vision Riflescope Review.

Happy Hunting!

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