TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder Review

TecTecTec is the top brand for golf rangefinder. It is a french based company.This brand manufactures the best golf rangefinder in the market.

Nowadays, many of them play golf and go for survival. Everyone needs to find the distance of their destination or anything. You aren’t able to see the clear view or correct distance, so you can use a rangefinder.

Similarly, for golf players, military fields and hunters use a rangefinder for those people this is the  best golf rangefinder.

In these modern days, rangefinders with more new technology have been invented. There are some rangefinders with night vision technology invented to see the clear view of the target at night and low light conditions.

In this case, you can select TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder. It is made up of dual display with black color. This model is most attractive and user friendly.

You can keep this safe with the premium protective case, and wrist strap, cleaning cloth, CR2 3V battery has been provided for you with this product. This rangefinder makes you easily find the range so we can save time and lock the target with good accuracy.

The diopter adjustment will provide the perfect vision so that you can accurately measure the target distance. You can feel more comfortably reaching the target.

This can be made to target easily while raining and enjoy the game by using this product. To improve traction, they added a silicon case that prevents the rangefinder from losing during the rounds in golf.

This is the best golf rangefinder in the market, which can be purchased at an affordable price. You can buy easily, if you feel not comfortable with this product you can be able to return it.

Key Features

This rangefinder has pinsensor technology to find the accurate target.
This high quality product can be purchased at an affordable price.
Easily find the multiple targets.


TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder is lightweight, portable and durable. Its weight is just 0.19 kilogram. So we can  easily carry it anywhere.

Plastic material is used to construct this golf rangefinder and the black color gives an elegant look to this rangefinder.

A quality 6X monocular lens is used in this rangefinder that provides the bright and clear view. This lens has the multilayer coating, so it ensures clarity in the sunny field.

Basically the   golf rangefinder has two barrels like a chamber with a lens. It has zoom in mode to see accurately the long distance target.

We can remove or adjust the lens for fantastic range. Compared with other products it is easy to use. This golf rangefinder is designed with the waterproof and fog proof.

Premium Laser Rangefinder

VPRO500 Golf Laser rangefinder is a premium product. It has a waterproof body, so it can withstand rain or snow, with which the people who like to play golf in snow can consider this rangefinder.

It can continuously measure upto 540 yards, which helps to easy gaming. The poor views make your game hard, but the high-quality optics of this rangefinder can give crisp and clear views.

Pin-Seeker Technology

The pinseeker technology in this golf range finder helps to get the accurate measurement of golf flags, wooded area and hazards.

It may have +/- 1 yard accuracy that helps to get the accurate measurement of the target.

This Pin-seeker technology performs as the good sensor and locks the target at the same time while ignoring the background.  The new hybrid technologies are used in this product so it is a good one for users.


It has 6x magnification and 7 degree field of view for fast measuring. The 6x magnification gives 6 times closer  to the object that your  eyes unaided to see.

This golf rangefinder has some appropriate amount of magnification that has ranging upto 1600 yards.

This golf rangefinder is able to range the flag upto 540 yards and range tree at 1000 yards with continuous scan mode and calculate the readings.

Scanning Mode

VPRO500 golf refinder has the adjustable lens and has continuous scanning mode. zoom in zoom out has been used to find the specific target.

You can calculate the distance in both yards or meters.You can rotate the eyepiece to adjust it.

Fog Proof And Waterproof

It is waterproof and you can be able to use it while it is raining. You can keep this at room temperature.

This HD plus  golf rangefinder has optical tubes that have filled with nitrogen to ensure the fogproof.


CR2 battery used in this Golf rangefinder. It has a low battery indicator, this can show  when the battery becomes drained.

It helps you to identify a low battery and tells that  your rangefinder needs charge and you have to charge it while going outside.

The battery  is placed under the eyepiece. You can easily remove or replace the battery by pressing down and sliding it to open.

Average of the golf season approximately  the battery will last for 40 to 50 rounds.


Actually a long time warranty given for optical products. This rangefinder has the lifetime warranty for the manufacturing defects, so you can be able to service it when it has some problems.




Tectectec VPRO500 golf rangefinder has advanced features and high quality to give great performance.

Nowadays these rangefinder are modern devices in the market for long range observation. This  rangefinder helps you to find the target accurately.

This device is a good one for players at a low price.This review will help to purchase the best golf rangefinder in the market.

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