Tips To Choose The Best Golf Rangefinder – Expert’s Guide

Every golfer looking for new things that bring their game to the next level. In modern gold, there are a lot of new modern technologies used to make the game more interesting. In this case, Rangefinders makes a great revolution among golf enthusiasts.

There is one question almost every golfer asks, “How far am I from the hole?”. A laser rangefinder helps to know the exact distance of the hole that improves your decision-making.

A laser beam from the laser rangefinder will measure the accurate range on the golf course. When using the rangefinder in golf, the game becomes more strategic and precise; it has the ability to measure the pin distance digitally.

You can also see the layover of the hole with the help of advanced GPS technology. The impressive thing about the laser rangefinder is its accuracy; almost every tested rangefinder is accurate to the pin.

If you are still waiting to buy a rangefinder for your game, there are many options available in the market.

To avoid the confusion between the best rangefinder brands, you have to know some buying advice, this guide will help you to find the perfect rangefinder that fit your needs.

A Brief Introduction About Golf Rangefinder

In the golf rangefinder, a laser is used to measure the distance between the object and the hole. The lens of the rangefinder helps to magnify the target, which makes it easily sharpen the image by using the built-in sight devices.

The rangefinder sends the laser pulse, and the in-built clock calculates the time for the pulse to reflect off the target and return. The light’s speed is constant, so you can easily calculate the pulse-return time by extrapolating the distance; the answer will instantly appear in the viewfinder after the pulse is sent.

Usually, a flagstick is a target in the golf game; due to the multiple laser rangefinder in the golf course, the flagsticks with the glass crystal are used in the golf course.

That guides the laser to the hole than the tree or mounted behind the green. The rangefinder is also used to measure the bunker edges, slopes, and trees quickly.

Are Rangefinder Legal In Golf?

Rangefinder Legal In Golf

According to the USGA rule 14-3, using the rangefinder or other electronic measuring device is illegal to use in golf. Using the distance measuring device in golf is the non-observance of Rule 14-3, which explains that the player should not use any other devices during the specific round to measure the distance or the device which is affects the play. 

There is also some exception in this rule. The USGA also declares that the rangefinder or other measuring devices can be used by the golfer using the “Local Rule” exception.

Basically, using the “Local Rule” the courses and local clubs lift up the USGA Rule 14-3 that allows the players to use the distance measuring devices in tournaments. The players who use the devices must be shared with other players while playing. 

According to the USGA, once the Local Rule is approved in the year 2019, the players can use any devices or applications to measure the distances. But you don’t use any other features provided in the device; otherwise, it breaks Rule 14-3. 

For example, if your laser range finder has the ability to measure the distance of the target, but the rangefinder also has the effective playing distance feature for the upward shot, you can use that rangefinder until you do not use the effective playing distance feature. 

How Does The Golf Rangefinder Work?

The working of the golf rangefinder is also similar to the binoculars. The golfer has to use their both hands to look through the eyepiece to focus on the specific spot on the green.

After that, the user presses the button, and the laser helps to determine the distance for the landmark. 

It is also binocular, the golfer has to steadily hold the rangefinder to lock the area so that the laser can measure the distance.How Does The Golf Rangefinder Work

Some rangefinders have some advanced features, like accounting for the elevation change. But according to the USGA rule 14-3, the rangefinder or other devices are only allowed to measure the distance.

The drawback of using the laser rangefinder is, you need a clear line of sight to measure the distance.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Golf Rangefinder


The main function of using a rangefinder in golf is reliable and accurate distance measuring. If you are not playing in the correct yardage, then you might guess for your planned shot.

This is not a problem when using a rangefinder with new technology. But there is no meaning in owning a low-quality rangefinder that will give incorrect yardage.

When you are going to purchase a stable and worthwhile golf rangefinder, you have to concentrate on the model that accurately measures the target’s yard.

Once you purchase a rangefinder, you have to check continuously to ensure the receiving readings are correct. 

Distance Range

When it comes to the rangefinder for golf, distance range is more important for some golfers and less important for others. Anyhow, it is one of the important factors to consider when you are going to purchase the best golf rangefinder.

What is the maximum distance that you shoot reliably? The rangefinder can be able to claim a thousand yards for the genuine shoot, but it is not possible when the magnification is not strong enough to clearly see the target.

In golf, the better ranking of the rangefinder is not the best indicator of every time to determine the quality of the rangefinder. The quality is also based on how the rangefinder will locate the flag and the calculation of the overall range that will differ from the range from the flag.

The overall range is always greater than the distance of the flag. The overall range is better to consider when you are going to purchase a rangefinder for golf, and these rangefinders can also be used for other outdoor activities.

If you are looking for the best rangefinder for hunting, it is better to choose the wider range rangefinder so that you can use it for both activities. 

Usually, the distance measuring range of the cheapest rangefinders is 500 yards, and the good quality rangefinder measures 1000 yards range, but it is a bit pricey and not always necessary for golf.


The magnification is one of the nice features, and also it is an essential feature too. If you can’t be able to see the far distance range target, the long-range rangefinder is worthless.

So make sure that your rangefinder has enough magnification, at least 5X, to see the long-range target. Not only the golf courses unpredictable, and also it is a bit hard to see the long-range targets that’s why you have to consider the magnification range in the best golf rangefinder.

The 6X magnification range of the rangefinder will help to view the target clearly in the golf game.

The magnification is included in all price ranges of the rangefinder. In 2020 updates, the 5X magnification rangefinders are old things. The latest model rangefinders have come with a 6-7X magnification range.

Don’t choose the rangefinder that is good enough for you, make sure that your rangefinder makes your game as easy as you can. 


Choose the rangefinder that has the ability to stay in the course for a long time. What if you accidentally drop down the rangefinder in the course?

The durable construction of the rangefinder will ensure that it will work for a long time. The best golf rangefinders are constructed with sturdy material.

An average golfer uses their rangefinder 30-40 times per round and uses it more times in tough courses with a lot of hazards.

The rangefinder will take in and out from the case, roll around, left in the golf cart seats, mishandled, drop down, rained on, drop again, etc.

The sturdy construction of the rangefinder will ensure accurate yardage without a blink of the rangefinder.


Like a high-quality binoculars, a good rangefinder has a good quality optical lens that helps to see the crisp and clear view of the targets and yardage.

The top of the list for the best golf rangefinder has a magnification range of up to 6X. The high range of magnification will show the long-range targets closely. The protective layer of the optics will protect the lens from water, spills, and other weather conditions. 

Display Technology

The Environmental lighting condition plays an important role in the calculation of the distance.

The rangefinder has different display options than handheld devices or GPS watches, so the display technology is important to consider when purchasing a rangefinder for golf.

You have to choose the rangefinder that has to adjust the display color based on your playing condition. You need to find out the golf rangefinder that has the best display option.

Maximum visibility is an important thing, and the view through the display has to bright and clear. The best golf rangefinder has the option to adjust the focus based on the playing conditions.

You have to enhance the brightness level if the climate is overcast. Adjusting the brightness level will help to easily and accurately focus on the target.

Some of the high-quality devices have the slope setting, crosshair, which provides more information for some players.

Battery Life

Most of the rangefinders are designed for use both rechargeable or batteries that the consumers can easily find out in the local stores.

The rangefinders do not consume a large amount of power for reading, so the batteries are work for last long before they need to recharge or change. 

Horizontal / Vertical Locator


Either the horizontal or vertical locator is used in the golf rangefinder, and the best golf rangefinder has both locators.

The vertical locator is designed in most of the golf rangefinder, in which the player can use one hand to operate, it is a great benefit in the golf course.

The horizontal locator is useful in long-distance, but it is not important for golf, and you can plan to play based on the ground. Horizontal-Vertical Locator

Obviously, the other features that we discussed here are exclusively for golf, so it is better to stick with the vertical locator. 


When it comes to the golf rangefinder, price is the major decision point for most people. However, we all expected to purchase the best rangefinder at the price that we are willing to pay.

The rangefinders are greatly varying in their price because of the expert’s design and the lack of trusted brands for rangefinders.

A low-budget rangefinder is definitely attainable, anyhow once you improve, it will limit your improvement.

Investing in a high-quality rangefinder, it will continuously assist you in developing and upgrading your skills.

Investing in a good quality rangefinder is worth it when people use it for other purposes, and if the rangefinder that you choose is “all-rounder,” you can invest wisely in it. 

A good quality rangefinder at a low price is rare, and it may lack some important features. But it does not mean that a good quality rangefinder is not found at the cheapest price.

Anyhow, if you are willing to spend some more money on your product, you can get a great deal of difference in quality. 


The first thing you have to decide if you want the rangefinder with slope or not. The slope feature in the rangefinder helps to found the exact yardage needed for a perfect shot, it will calculate the change in elevation between you and your target.

But, according to the USGA rule, using the slope calculation is not legal in golf or tournaments.

Anyhow, the playing partners have a gentleman agreement of using slope in the game, then the players can choose the rangefinder with slope measurements.

Most of the slope-enabled rangefinder comes with the “tournament mode”, so you can deactivate this mode when playing in the official events or tournaments, or your playing partner does not want to use the slope measurements. 

Easy To Use

If you have good experience of using a golf rangefinder, you will probably use any current models.

Anyhow, if you have trouble in hitting the target using the laser or if you never used one, the important factor to consider, like accuracy, is becoming more reliable and straightforward to use.

It does not mean that all the rangefinders are easy to use, so you have to consider that the feature of the rangefinder will help to easily acquire the distance to the right target.

Ideally, you have to choose the rangefinder that has to easily pick up, hold with one hand, hit a button, and exactly measure the distance to the flag or hazard.

If your rangefinder does not quickly measure the right distance every time of use, it is not good for you. 


Usually, rangefinders do not come at an affordable price, so you have to make sure that it comes with a case that has the ability to handle tear and wear.

When using the rangefinder in harsh weather, in traveling, between being dropped, you have to make sure that the case will help to increase the lifetime. 


If you are the person who is going to winter golf or in the rain, you have to ensure that your rangefinder will withstand all weather conditions.

You have to check if your rangefinder has the water-resistant or waterproof feature for won’t lose your money.

Final Words

The Best golf rangefinder is a good combination to have on the golf course. It helps to accurately and clearly measure the distance to the target.

Most of the golf rangefinders are easy to use, comfortable. Due to the lightweight design of the rangefinder, the player can easily carry this with them.

A rangefinder will help to play the natural game without any worry. Using the best golf rangefinder will save your effort, time and it improves your play and allows you to enjoy your game. 

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