Tips To Find Best 22LR Scope – Beginner’s Guide

Hunting can be more fun, interesting, and challenging. Different types of hunting are popular in different parts of the world. If you are passionate about hunting but don’t know how to choose the best scope. Don’t worry, we are here for you; we’ve provided some Tips To Find Best 22LR Scope.

A quality 22LR scope helps you to capture a movement and lets you spot the jumping or fast-moving squirrel and to make the precise shots.

A precise, powerful, and effective scope ensures the best shots. There are many Best 22LR scopes for hunting and target shooting. 

These 22LR Scope provides the quick operation and fast target acquisition. They are good for beginners who would like to perform small game type hunting. Also, these scopes help to reach your desired targets easily

With the development of technology, there are many scopes on the market. Picking the right scope is as important as choosing a gun that satisfies your needs. Read this article to know the fundamental tips to find best 22LR scope.

Tips to Find Best 22LR Scope

America and other European countries’ passionate shooters have adopted the 22lr scope, which is well adapted to any shooting conditions. The 22LR scopes are affordable and best for every avid shooter with the perfect shot.  

There are many decent features that make a 22LR scope ideal for a shooter range. But some essential factors will always be on the list that will make buying a 22lr scope a lucrative deal. Whether a hunter or sniper is on track, a 22lr scope is essential to easily reach a determined target.

The small game type hunting, plinking, target shooting are some activities that can be done well with 22LR scope. When we talk about the construction, the 22LR scope is lightweight and best for beginners. 

The following tips which are given below are considered very crucial for the best 22LR scope.

1. Magnification

It’s the first thing to consider and you need to decide your usual shooting distance. This will help you to decide what magnification you will need. 

Also, Magnification provides the zoom range for your desired game. The objective lens with fixed magnification is only acceptable for a distinct range of shooting. 

The 22LR scopes have the maximum effective range of around 200 yards, so you don’t require any powerful scope. Moreover, you can get a 9x magnification for this distance.

Magnification range of the 22lr scope

Generally, the 22LR scope comes with variable magnification or a fixed magnification range. 

Where the fixed range magnification is apt only for short-range shooting and the variable magnification range is suitable for long-range shooting. 

These variable range scopes are considered as one of the more suitable scopes for 22LR and helps you manage shooting even beyond 100 yards. 

The variable range of scope choices is 2-7x, 3-9x, and 4-16x. Where 3-9x variable scope is enough for the 22LR rifle.

2. Reticle 

Different types of scopes come with various reticle shapes. But the three reticles are most commonly used and are Mildot, Duplex, and BDC.

Reticle of the 22lr scope


Mil-Dot reticles are a range finding device that uses the riflescope’s optics and the dimensions of the reticle at unknown distances. 

It is used to calculate the sighted distance to a target. These Mildot reticles are similar to the duplex reticles. 

The major difference between the Mildot and duplex reticle is locating targets and estimating hold-over. 

This type of reticle is ideal for shooting the range from 100 yards distance or more. Hence this type of reticle is best for long range shooting


Duplex reticles are the most common among the others. This reticle type is characterized by its thin center crosshairs with the heavier section on the edges. 

The thick bars on the perimeter allows you to quickly focus on the center and the thinner lines in the center lets you for precise shooting.

Undoubtedly, the duplex reticles are the most common type of reticle that also help for shooting in low-lighting environments. 

All-round, the Duplex Reticle is perfect for hunting in the areas of thick bushes or big game hunting. Hence it’s considered the best hunting scope reticle.


Bullet drop compensator is becoming more popular, as it provides more accuracy for shooting various target ranges. 

A scope with a BDC reticle allows you to go from nearsighted shooting to far-sighted shooting without making any adjustments. Also, this kind of scope provides more flexibility than your duplex reticle.

3. Parallax Adjustments

While buying a rifle scope, considering the parallax settings is also essential. Parallax settings also play a major role in targeting within the scope based on the distance to the target. 

Generally, it’s an optical vision that may cause some flaws in your shooting activity. To rectify any flaws, then the Parallax settings or adjustments in the scope are very crucial. 

Moreover, it’s mainly important for long-range distance shooting, and helps in hunting and targeting squirrels easily. Therefore, the parallax adjustments in the scope must be accurate and flexible.

parallax adjustment of the 22lr scope 
The parallax adjustments with the 50-75 yards range are ample for 22LR scope while hunting or target shooting. Also, it works well under any harsh weather conditions. 

If you want to use this scope with a small caliber for hunting squirrels, the magnification range of this scope should be kept at normal for easy utilization.

4. Turrets

One of the essential tips to find best 22LR scope is turrets. These are the critical components of a rifle scope. Also, it’s an important thing to consider while purchasing a premium quality 22LR scope. 

The turrets are the little knobs placed on the top and commonly on the left-hand side of the scope. It has finger-tip adjustable features that are kept for comfort and easy usage.

Turrets of the 22lr scope
Thus the overall job of a turret is to make the adjustments required to zero an optic. The turrets with low key features adjust well with the 22LR scope.

5. Optics

The optical power of the scope determines the fast and great precision in targeting and natural shooting experience. 

Usually, optics with low power less than 6x allow you to get a better handle on targeting at closer ranges along with more intuitive shooting. 

Also, the optics with a higher power, which is above 16x, gives you an unbelievable target resolution, but it is larger.

Optics details of the 22lr scope

At such high power, the 22LR scope will provide you with less Field of View; thus, it makes it very hard to get into a target. 

The guns which are used for squirrel hunting mostly have a low caliber and are lightweight. So when you select the scope for squirrel hunting, don’t pick the scope that is large and heavyweight design. 

Always prefer the rifle with small optics for such caliber and lightweight and compact scopes that are perfect for close-range shooting.

6. Lens Size

The lens of the scope must have good clarity, especially for hunters, or else it won’t be worth it. So that the quality of the lens is very important while purchasing 22LR scope. 

It is pretty important for shooting accuracy and shooting range. The objective lens is the part of the scope which is located in front. The main role of this objective lens is to transmit light into the scope. 

Moreover, this lens helps to gather natural light so that you can see a brighter image and acquire your target easily. 

Most of the hunters prefer daytime to hunt squirrels and tree rats because they can be able to see very clearly at that time. 

So, most of the lenses come with cut-down glares and provide a good shade against the sunlight. These coated lenses are not only to increase clarity but also used to increase the lifespan of the glasses.

The scope with a larger objective lens is suitable for hunting squirrels. Since the scope with the larger objective lens provides you a greater view of the target with more brightness and helps in shooting long-range distances at low-lightning conditions. 

The size of the lens also affects magnification. So the larger objective lens provides you a clear and brighter image. 

7. Quality

You should always be looking up to the quality of the scopes construction and its durability. 

Most of the scopes have been made from aluminum or aluminum alloy. The 22LR scope comes with a durable design and high-quality graphite and aluminum. 

Quality construction

The benefits of such scopes are lightweight compared to other models, and they deliver the best performance. 

The scope with high-quality levels works better. Also, they are weatherproof, fog-proof, and shockproof construction and can work in any harsh environmental conditions. Apart from that, your lens of the scope should be designed with an exact click modification.

8. Eye Comfort

Eye relief of the scope is also important to consider. Most of the users will ignore this feature, but it may result in troubleshooting as well as no relief to the eyes. So, this factor should be considered for performing better target shooting.

Usually, eye relief means a suitable distance between the eye and the scope, which gives you a perfect aim view and promotes the clarity of the pictures. Easy rotation is also featured to get quick relief, and your target is acquired perfectly.

9. Price 

The prices of the scopes may vary as per their lens size, construction quality, features, and their performance, etc. 

If you don’t like to spend more money on purchasing large scopes, then these small scopes will be the right choice. 

Usually, a large scope means expensive scopes. For hunting, squirrels’ scope comes with small range capability and is available at affordable prices. 


Finding the best scope for 22LR for target shooting and squirrel hunting can be less time-consuming. These tips will help you to choose the best scope that meets your expectations. Also, it will be quite easier to select a scope that would serve you for a long time. Hopefully, this article has served you with significant tips to find the best 22LR scope that is useful for many passionate shooters and hunters.

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