UTG 3-9X32 1″ BugBuster Scope Review

Are you confused with so many scopes and brands to choose the best one? Sometimes it may be hard to decide to choose the right optic. 

One thing you need to do before choosing the right optic is, do a lot of proper research and study the features of the device you are considering. 

This may help you to choose the right optic for all your needs. Also, it can save your money on unnecessary expenses. Nowadays, most of the scopes are often judged by their prices. 

Most people think that if the price is low, then it can’t be a good working scope. If the price is high, then the device must be a good one. Well, it’s wrong. 

Yes, stop judging the devices by their price. It might be bad in some cases but not in all cases. 

To prove it, we have reviewed one of the best budget scopes and reliable scope for your rifle, which is great for using difficult tasks. And, it’s a UTG Bug Buster 3-9×32 scope review! 

Keep reading this article to know more good features, and we will assist you with the pros and cons of this product. Let’s start!



Features of BugBuster Scope 

The UTG Bug Buster 3-9×32 1″ scope provides plenty of features that are described below. 


The UTG Bug Buster scope comes with a 3-9x power optic and has an objective lens of 32mm. 

The scope is good enough for 100+ yards at its lowest magnification range. Also, it offers parallax adjustment, going from 3 yards to infinity. 

Although, it still has an adequate light transmission even in low light conditions. The Field of view of the scope at 100 yards is 37.7 feet to 14 feet. 


The UTG Bug Buster has a one-inch tube with an Emerald Coated lens for offering the maximum light transmission and crystal clear view. 

The lens coating protects the scope lenses from scratches and reduces the glare from the sun on very bright days. 

Also, they are waterproof, shockproof, and fog proof. Furthermore, you will get a 2-inch sunshade to help if you are aiming below the sun.

Reticle Options

The UTG Bug Buster scope has used the TRE mil-dot reticle. A refined and improved concept of tactical Range Estimating has been used in this Mil-Dot Reticle. Where this Mil-Dot reticle is used for optimum targeting and enhanced shooting. 

This Mil-Dot reticle is widely accepted throughout the rifle industry. These reticles can be easily found on the market, which has 4 dots in 4 directions of the cross-hair. 

As well as the reticle itself has 9 aiming dots at each side of the windage and elevation crosshairs resulting in 18 dots. In addition to that, the center and inner edges of the duplex crosshairs bring a total of 21 dots for adjustment.  

The UTG Bug Buster scope comes with premium zero lockable turrets with a zero-resettable turrets feature for easy adjustment of your settings. 

Moreover, the UTG Bug Buster provides you with green or red dual illumination for the efficient use of the optic in all weather conditions. 

The efficient lighted reticle is perfect to use in dark environments. The features present in this scope makes it best scope for Ruger 10/22 available on the market.


UTG 3-9×32 Bug Buster Scope is built with sturdy materials to ensure its durability and reliability when out in the field. 

The scope is designed using a strong platform that includes a smart spherical structure (SSS). It controls the joints between inner and outer tubes.

The body of the scope is made using aluminum, and it’s filled with 100% nitrogen and completely sealed. Also, it can withstand shock, water, and other elements. 

The scope has been built well on the outer side with a nice grip. It’s not only for providing a convenient handle but also fits well with different firearms and keeps your scope steady.

RGB Illumination

Another unique feature of the UTG Bug Buster scope is that it is made with RGB illumination, which provides quick and easy access for the reticle. This RGB illumination controller is hard to find on most of the scopes. 

Bug Buster Turrets

The turrets are finger adjustable and easy to move and rotate. The UTG Bug Buster scope has 3 main targeting knobs. 

The main two turrets are used for adjusting windage and elevation and it’s commonly found in most of the scope. The third one is a mock turret used for an optional illuminated reticle. 

It’s used to activate and change the color of the reticle. The target turrets are both resettable and lockable, which means they are easy to work with when you are out in the field. 

The distinct color options of a reticle are red or green, and if the flash is off, it turns black.

Detachable rings 

It’s one of the useful features, as it gives more flexibility. The BugBuster scope has come with a quick detachable ring. 

This can be easily released and replaced with some other. Also, it offers more compatible options, and it depends upon the rifle that you choose.

Flip-open lens cap

The UTG BugBuster scope has a Flip-open lens cap to cover your lens. This lens cap protects your lens from dust, and dirt getting inside your lens when not in use. Also, it works as a sunshade when you keep it half-open. 

Easy Mounting Options

The scope allows easy mounting options, and if you are a  beginner you will like the ease of mounting. Another good thing about what you will like in this scope is the price. 

The UTG Bug Buster has considered one of the best scopes under $100. Choosing the UTG Bug Buster is the right option, as it easily fits over different types of rifles. 

Also, the device is compact, lightweight, and easy to carry around for your hunting or shooting tactical applications. Altogether, the device is easy to mount and easy to use when you won’t use it for long-range shooting.

Inside the Package

The entire product is quite impressive, especially when considering the price. And the package of UTG Bug Buster scope comes with the following additional accessories.

  • 2″ Sunshade
  • Flip-open lens cap
  • 1/4 MOA per click adjustment
  • 2 Lithium metal batteries included
  • Heavy-duty rings
  • Fully adjustable quick detach lever locks



FAQs – UTG 3-9X32 1″ BugBuster Scope

What is the Swat Illumination on the BugBuster Scope?

The RGB Swat comes with an illumination enhancing reticle, where RGB stands for Red, Green, and Black. 

The intensity of both the red and green illumination options can be adjusted with the help of illumination control. 

What batteries does the BugBuster require?

BugBuster requires a CR1620 3V battery to take the benefit of the illuminated reticle. Without the battery, the scope works only with the black reticle.

Who is UTG?

UTG is a brand imported by Leapers, and the UTG stands for Under The Gun. They have gained worldwide recognition and their mission is to promote a quality lifestyle for shooting or hunting by providing solution-oriented and innovative accessories. 

Final Thoughts

The UTG Bug Buster scope is among the best on the market as it is compact, lightweight, versatile, and reliable scope. And if you are seeking to buy a rifle with new updated features, as well as a budget-friendly scope, the UTG BugBuster 3-9×32 Riflescope is the apt choice for you. Also, the scope has been successful with a large number of hunters and shooters, and if you are a beginner, surely go for this one.

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