Features Of GG&G Night Vision Mount

One of the most famous applications of the night vision devices is the night vision monocular. This type of night vision device works just like how a telescope does, except this one can be used for viewing a lot of things during nighttime. 

Sometimes, a night vision monocular can be used by just holding it on your hands, and sometimes they can be used while being mounted on a stand. 

Here, in this article, we are going to be discussing the basic things about night vision monocular and one of the night vision mount that can be used for mounting this specific device. 

But first, you must have some basic knowledge about night vision monocular to have an overview of its uses and properties.

What is a Night Vision Monocular?

A night vision monocular is one type of night vision device that is considered as optoelectronic devices—this type of device allows the formation of images in low-light conditions and even in total darkness too. 

Mainly, there are two types of night vision devices and these two types can be applied to the types of monoculars too. The first one being the image intensifier and the second one is thermal imaging. 

Two Types of Night Vision Monocular

Image Intensifier

This type of night vision monocular is the type of night vision monocular that is commonly used for just viewing and seeing through dark situations. 

This specific type uses the available low amount of light from a source—may it be from stars, from the moon, and many other types of sources. 

Once a night vision monocular acquires a little amount of light, it uses it in a way that the light gets amplified. 

When the small amount of light gets amplified already, more photons are produced in the night vision monocular; thus, providing brighter and clearer images or sights of the surrounding that are viewing through it. 

This type is called image intensifiers because it intensifies or amplifies the small amount of light it gets in order to produce a view that is much, much brighter in appearance when compared to the actual view. 

Thermal Imaging

The second type of night vision monocular is known to be called thermal imaging. This type is commonly used for some applications that are very dangerous. 

For example, firefighters use this type of night vision monocular to search and rescue some victims once fire and smoke take over a build or a place. 

Since the first type—the image intensifier—does not have the ability to see through smoke, thermal imaging is then used for that application. 

In addition, thermal imaging is the type of night vision monocular that does not use light in order to be functional. In fact, it detects heat from the surroundings and uses it to form an array of colors that creates images. 

What is the Difference Between a Night Vision Monocular and a Night Vision Binocular?

The difference between Night Vision Monocular and Night Vision Binocular

Well, this one is pretty simple. A night vision monocular is a device that features the use of one eye only. That is why it is called “monocular,” the mono as its prefix means that “one.” 

On the other hand, night vision binoculars feature the use of two eyes while viewing through a night vision device. Based on its name, “bi” from its prefix means “two.” 

So that is pretty much their difference. It is a matter of your preference for what to use from the two since they both work and serve for the same function. 

GG&G Night Vision Mounts

Going back to the main topic of this article, GG&G night vision monocular mounts are devices that are used to mount a night vision monocular on a stand. 

There are different types & shapes of mounts available for GG & G scopes

This device has been proven to be of extreme help when you want to have a sturdy and perfect positioning of your night vision monocular. GG&G night vision mounts can be used to rotate at any angle and position for any position that you want to use if for. 

The GG&G night vision mount is a very flexible yet durable device that has a lot of various advantages when used while viewing through a night vision monocular. 

The body of this night vision mount is usually made up of a very high-strength and durable steel and premium quality of aluminum. 

With those two things as its main component, it is light in weight, but it can be used for heavy-duty applications. 

This GG&G night vision mount has passed the quality of the gears of military standards that is why it is used in a wide variety of military applications nowadays. 

GG&G night vision mount is compatible with a lot of night vision devices, and it can be used as sturdy support. 

Features of Night Vision Mounts

The most common features of GG&G night vision mounts are its aluminum and steel construction. 

Night vision mounts also have an anodized finish that makes them less susceptible to scratches and corrosion, this finish is made more durable because this anodized finish is in the appearance of matte black that is why has a very little chance of getting damaged. 

In addition, night vision mounts are known to have a very lightweight. It has some rings that are used for connecting it to a stand and to a night vision monocular. 

Also, with the built it has, it can be used to easily detach and attach night vision devices to it. Also, the lever used for night vision mounts is very easy to manipulate. 

In addition, night vision mounts can be used to mount night vision devices on helmets too. 

Takeaway: Importance of Having a Night Vision Mount

Night vision mounts are a great invention that can be used once your hands are already tired of holding night vision devices.

With the support that night vision mounts give, you would surely experience a consistent and sturdy positioning of your night vision devices; thus, it would result in having a good viewing experience. 

You may also choose where to mount it—if you are want to mount it on a stand, you can do so; but if you want to mount it on your helmets too, you would be free do to it too.

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