Thermal Compound And Its Types

A thermal compound is a paste like substance which is used to fill microscopic imperfection between CPU and IHS. It is also known as thermal paste, heat paste, thermal interface materials, and thermal grease. It is used to cool the CPU, aids the CPU to execute at a higher speed and enhances the overall performance … Read more

EOTech Light Weapon Thermal Clip-On Sight Review

Nowadays, most hunters and shooters are updating their rifle with thermal sights to enhance their hunting and target shooting experience.  The EOTech Light Weapon Thermal Sight is mainly designed with customer’s needs.  This weapon sight comes with advanced technology and innovative features; due to this technology and features, you can quickly and easily know the … Read more

Thermal Paste Vs Thermal Pads

Laptops are our best partners nowadays. In this modern world everyone is working with laptops. And now after the corona issue work from home is followed in all the countries. So it is important to make your laptops work more efficiently. For the flawless performance of laptops you need a thermal pad or thermal paste … Read more

FLIR C2 Compact Thermal Imaging Camera Review

Thermal cameras are part of most people’s arsenal. Thermal imaging will have the utility you need whether you are maintaining equipment, working on a home inspection, or detecting energy loss in a home. The FLIR C2 Compact Thermal Camera is the world’s first pocket-sized thermal imaging camera. Keep in mind that this thermal imaging device … Read more

How to Clean Thermal Paste off the CPU

While installing the heatsink to your Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) or CPU, applying the thermal paste will play an important role in the performance of the heatsink. Without the use or regular replacement of thermal paste, the heatsink will not work efficiently or sometimes it may fail to work.  If you have owned any computers, … Read more