10 Best Scopes for Marlin 60 – 2020 Reviews


The Marlin 60 is a weapon that is used by hunters and plinkers every time they do frequent hunting activities. Almost all of the hunters around the world is fond of this rifle since it is known to have the endurance, the fast-action performance and almost all the needs they have from a firearm.

But for this firearm to be a more effective hunting tool, you need to equip it with a scope that would be an aid for it to have more precision and accuracy.

Well, there are a lot of scopes that you can mount on this firearm—from cheap rimfire scopes up to high-end model of scopes. In this article, the best scopes for Marlin 60 would be listed along with the features and the properties that made them to end up on this list.

Now that you have quite some knowledge about Marlin 60, here are the scopes that you can equip it with as well as their best features to help you decide:

10 Best Scopes for Marlin 60 - Reviewed

1. UTG 3-9X32 1" BugBuster Scope

If you are one of those hunters who want to experience more magnification for your Marlin 60, UTG’s 3-9x32mm Bug Buster Scope is a great option that would let you have that.

This scope has an objective lens that is 32 millimeters in diameter. It weighs 0.87 pounds. This scope comes with some free accessories such as the following: flip open lens caps, 2-inch sunshade and quick detachable rings. Also, you would get 2 lithium batteries for free when you buy this scope.

Some of this Marlin 60 scope’s best features are the following:

Emerald-Coated Lenses: This 1-inch tube scope is designed with lenses that are emerald-coated. With that kind of coating for the lenses, this scope would allow the maximum light transmission in order for you to see better even in low-light conditions. The type of coating on the scope’s lenses is very important since it is one of the parts that would depict if you would have bright images of the field you are viewing through your scope.

Lockable Turrets: The lockable turrets of this scope feature click adjustments that can be used for small adjustments in the field. With these turrets, you would no get distracted once you do adjustments. You would be able to focus on your targets instead.

Waterproof and Fog-proof: To have a very durable construction, this scope is designed to be completely sealed on the whole body and filled with nitrogen inside. If you do not know that those two designs can do, the complete sealing prevents water from entering and damaging the scope while the nitrogen filling prevents fogging due to change in moisture to occur.

2. Konus 7249 Shotgun Black Powder Riflescope

Konus is one of the brands that are not yet famous, but this one is very promising in manufacturing very versatile scopes.

One of the examples of a versatile scope is Konus’ 7249 Shotgun Black Powder 1.5-5x32mm Rifle Scope.

As mentioned in the name, this scope is specifically designed as a black powder riflescope; but since this scope is a versatile one, it can also be mounted on other types of rifles, on Marlin 20, on .22LR rifle, and other types of firearms too.

Some of this Marlin 60 scope’s best features are the following:

Etched Glass Reticle: This amazing feature of this scope is a very helpful feature. It aids the scopes in withstanding forceful recoils without having to affect the points of impact. While recoil is not much of a problem with your Marlin 60, it is still good to know that you have a durable scope at your possession.

Magnification: A perfect example of a scope that is best used for short range to medium range shooting is this scope. It offers a magnification setting of 1.5X to 5X. There is no doubt that you would excel at the things that your Marlin 60 is typically used for.

Click Adjustments: If you are wanting to have a scope that would help you finetune your points of impact, this scope would be of extreme help for you. Also, this feature would dial your scope into a perfect range for your specific needs.

3. Vortex Optics Crossfire Red Dot Sight Gen II Riflescope

Vortex’s Optics Crossfire RDS Gen II Riflescope is a truly versatile scope that you can mount on a lot of firearms—may it be on rifles, air guns, shot guns and many other more.

Well, it works perfectly for a Marlin 60 too. With 11 uniquely different illumination settings, this scope is amazingly an extreme help in dark and dim conditions.

This scope’s versatility is something to look forward to since it can be used by different types of people—even if you are a target shooter, a game hunter, a plinker and other types as well.

Some of this Marlin 60 scope’s best features are the following:

Night Vision: The 2 lowest settings of this scope from the 11 illumination settings it has work best for hunting trips that are done at nighttime. With that considered, this scope works in a lot of situation that may happen in the field.

Compact and Lightweight Design: One of the reasons why this scope can be mounted on a lot of types of firearms is its size and weight. With its design, this scope would not cause you any problem in maneuvering through the fields.

Durability: This scope has a hard-anodized finish that is mixed with its low glare matte finish that both fight off corrosion and scratches from occurring. Also, this scope has an o-ring sealing—with that type of sealing, moisture, debris and dust would be prevented from penetrating through it.

4. Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn Circle-X Reticle Riflescope

Weighing only 0.78 pounds, this scope has become a favorite by hunters. With its very light weight, it surely would let you maneuver in the field with all the speed you want.

Also, this scope is a perfect choice if you want to hunt and shoot in low-light conditions where the lighting is very critical.

The objective lens of this scope which has a diameter of 40 millimeters, you would be able to make use of it even in dim conditions.

Bushnell’s Banner Dusk and Dawn Circle – X Reticle Riflescope is perfect for plinkers, hunters and shooters. Also, this scope offers quite a range of magnification—3X to 9X.

Some of this Marlin 60 scope’s best features are the following:

DDB Multi-Coated Lenses: The coating of this scope’s lenses is what makes it a perfect choice for hunters who do hunt at night, dawn and dusk. With this type of coating, maximum light transmission can be expected even in conditions where very low light is only present. Also, this coating offers clarity for the images of the field you are viewing through your scope. So, hunting all day long would never be a problem for you.

Fast Focus Eyepiece: With the fast focus eyepiece of this scope, you would be able to acquire targets more quickly than you can imagine. Also, with the fast focus eyepiece, you would be able to shoot more targets in less time since you can acquire more faster too. With this feature, time conservation and speed can be both observed.

5. Nikon P-Tactical Rimfire Riflescope

For the fast action of a Marlin 60, this scope is a great choice that you should consider. This scope has a more tactical look when compared to other scopes of the same purpose and type.

It offers a generously consistent eye relief and it also offers some unique and open circular aiming points for shooters.

In just its 1-inch body tube, Nikon’s P – Tactical Rimfire 2-7x32mm Matte BDC150 can be very dependable because of all the features it has.

Some of this Marlin 60 scope’s best features are the following:

Adjustment Turrets: With this scope’s spring-loaded turrets, instant zero turrets’ and elevation and windage turrets, you would experience no problem in doing any adjustments that you want even when you are maneuvering through the field. With a scope like this, adjustments can be done very easily.

Fully Multi-Coated Optics: When it comes to optics, you would be able to expect from Nikon. They are one of the brands that are top-notch when it comes to the quality of optics—as you may have realized, the optic of a scope is the one responsible in bringing you the quality of images. With this scope’s fully multi-coated optics, you would be ensured that the brightest and the clearest images are the ones that you would see through the lenses.

Durability: An aircraft-grade aluminum type of material is used to construct this scope. With that built and design, this scope is considered ultra-rugged in construction. Also, it has some properties that make it waterproof, fog-proof and shock-proof to support its long-lasting durability.

6. TRUGLO TruBrite 30 Hunter 30mm Compact Shotgun/Rifle Scope

Another ideal choice that you may consider for your Marlin 60 is TRUGLO’s Tru Bite 30 Hunter 30mm Compact Shotgun or Rifle Scope.

The features of this scope are made perfect for hunters who target fast moving targets—may it be varmints, squirrels and other types of targets.

This scope includes free weaver style mounting rings to make it more compatible when mounted on your Marlin 60.

Some of this Marlin 60 scope’s best features are the following:

Fully Multi-Coated Lenses: The fully multi-coated lenses of this scope offer the maximum brightness, contrast and clarity that you been wanting to see through your scope. With this type of coating, you would be ensured that the scope you are using would be reliable in giving you the best quality of images of the field you are viewing.

Magnification: The 1X to 4X range of magnification that this scope brings is made perfect for quick target acquisition that is much needed especially for targeting fast moving varmints. With this magnification that is very accurate in short range to medium range shots, you would surely be accurate and precise.

Click Adjustments: The adjustments for this scope through the use of this feature is a great help when it comes to elevation and windage. With the design of this double-leaf spring click adjustments, this scope is made very easy and convenient when it comes to adjustments.

7. BARSKA 3-7x20 Rimfire Riflescope

If you care about your budget but still want to have a scope that would surely for your Marlin 60, this scope is the one that you should consider. With a very classis style and a decent performance, this scope can be very dependable.

Some accessories are included when this BARSKA’s 3-7x20mm Rimfire Riflescope is bought—it includes a set of 3/8-inch dovetail rings that are perfect for mounting this scope on your Marlin 60, it also includes a lens cover and a lens cloth.

Some of this Marlin 60 scope’s best features are the following:

Parallax Free: This scope is considered parallax free at a distance of 50 yards. Thus, with that design and feature, this scope can be very easier to use in some ways—some examples are it can be very easy to acquire and shoot targets at a very close range.

30/30 Reticle: This scope is designed to have a 30/30 reticle that is perfect for shooting and hunting activities of any type. Also, this feature makes target acquisition very, very easy.
Compact and Lightweight Design: With this scope’s compact and lightweight design, you would surely be able to maneuver in the field with ease and speed. Without worrying that this scope might slow you down, you would have the confidence of moving and targeting. To be more specific, this scope only weighs 4.78 ounces and it has a total length of 10.5 inches.

Magnification: With a magnification setting of 2X to 7X, short range to medium range activities would never be a problem that you have to face. You would be able to have more accuracy and precision with that range.

8. Sightmark Ultra Shot Reflex Sight

Sightmark’s Ultra-Shot Multi-Red and Green Plus Reflex Sight is another scope that is proven to be a perfect choice in complimenting your Marlin 60.

This scope is described to be very fast and furious that is designed to for short-range shots and fast-moving targets. It has a 1000-hour battery life and some digital switch controls that are both of extreme help and assistance for plinkers, hunters and shooters.

Some included accessories when this scope is bought are the following: a neoprene cover, some adjustment tools, a CR123 battery and a manual.

Some of this Marlin 60 scope’s best features are the following:

Unlimited Eye Relief: This scope offers an unlimited eye relief that you would be amazed at. With this unlimited eye relief, you would never have to position yourself perfectly while shooting in order to have accurate shots. Thus, it makes you acquire your targets faster without having to compromise your precision.

Durability: The cast aluminum alloy housing of this scope is designed to have some protective shield that would surely make it more durable than you expect it to be. With that built, this scope has the ability of withstanding different adverse conditions that might be encountered in the field. Also, it is rated as IPX4—that is a waterproof rating and also shock-proof rating that both add more durability to this scope.

Adjustable Quick-Detach Weaver Mount: When you want to remove this scope from being mounter on your Marlin 60, you would be able to do that easily with its built-in weaver or picatinny mount and quick detach mount.

9. Vortex Optics Diamondback Riflescopes

One of the top-rated scopes on the market is Vortex’s Optics Diamondback SFP Riflescope—to be honest, that is expected from a scope that comes from Vortex’s brand.

With a lot of configurations available in its lineup, this scope is made ideal for big games, predator and varmint hunting and many more.

Also, this scope is very versatile that it can also be mounted on other firearms such as muzzleloaders, rifles and slug shotguns.

Some of this Marlin 60 scope’s best features are the following:

Dead Hold BDC Reticle: When estimating the holdover becomes a concern, this scope is very ideal and also can be used for hunting and shooting of any type. Well, that is all because of the feature it has—the dead hold BDC reticle.

Fully Multi-Coated Lenses: If crystal clear and bright images are what you want to see through your scope, the fully multi-coated lenses of this scope are what you just need. From dawn until dusk, you would be able to shoot and hunt without experiencing any problem in the light transmission.

Fast Focus Eyepiece: Easy focusing of the reticle is one of the good things that this feature brings. Also, you would be able to acquire some targets faster with the help of this specific feature as well. Truly, this scope comes with a lot of helpful features.

10. Feyachi Falcon 2-7x32mm Long Eye Relief Rifle Scope

Another scope that is budget-friendly but proven compatible with Marlin 60 is the Feyachi’s Falcon 2-7x32mm SFP Riflescope.

It includes a free cleaning cloth and lens covers. It is offered with a lifetime warranty that makes it a very good investment when it comes to the price.

This one-piece tube is designed to have a long eye relief and an excellent optic. This scope also has a 32-millimeter diameter objective lens that is just what you need to let light in for bright images of the field you are viewing.

Some of this Marlin 60 scope’s best features are the following:

Long Eye Relief: As mentioned, with long eye relief comes this scope’s fats acquisition of targets as well. So, this feature is truly helpful for targeting fast-moving varmints and targets.

Durability: This scope is constructed from an aircraft grade aluminum that would ensure high strength and a shockproof performance as well. With this type of built that is common to the most durable scopes, you would be ensured that this scope lasts long and can be used for rugged purposes.

Waterproof and Fog-proof: This scope is completely sealed that is why it is waterproof in performance. Also, it is designed to have nitrogen fillings that would prevent fogging from occurring on its lenses even when moisture in the air happens.

Dead Hold BDC Reticle: To help eliminate windage corrections, this scope is designed to have this type of reticle. Where the estimation of holdover becomes a concern, this scope comes in very handy.

Factors that You Should Consider Before Buying Scopes for Marlin 60


One of the important things that you must check is if the scope you are purchasing is proven to withstand long time of rugged use. If a scope does that, then it might be a great choice.

Some of the factors concerning durability is a scope’s performance under some critical and tough conditions. If a scope would be able to resist some tough elements and adverse weather conditions without having to affect its performance in a negative way, then it is a good choice.

Some of the recommendations that you should consider are the following: scopes made from aluminum, aluminum alloy, aircraft grade or quality aluminum, steel, heat-treated aluminum, 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum and many more are some of the scopes that are proven to have the longest lives with an unwavering performance. So, you must consider these things.

Also, scopes that have complete sealing, nitrogen purging, nitrogen filling and argon purging are some of the ways to enhance a scope’s durability—with those improvements in the scope’s construction, you would be able to have a scope that would repel different tough elements such as dust, water, fog and many other more.

Magnification Range

The magnification range of your scope is what would depict the type of purpose you can use it for. For example, a scope that has a magnification range of 1X to 4X is what is perfect for short range to medium range shooting.

A scope that has a magnification range from 3X to 9X can be used for medium range to long range shooting. A scope that has a very magnification range of 6X to 24X is a scope that is perfect for medium range to extremely long range of hunting and shooting.

That is the importance of choosing magnification that would be expedient for the type of activities that you want to do with your Marlin 60. Also, the magnification of your scope is a great indicator of the distances that you would be accurate and precise at.

Eye Relief

Eye relief is the distance between your scope and your eyes when you shoot. You must be sometimes thinking that positioning your eye near the scope would give you a much better precision; but that is a misconception about scopes.

It is common knowledge that there are firearms who are famous for their recoils, that is why it is important that your scope should have an eye relief that would be adequate enough in order for your eyes to not get hurt when recoils occur.

There are some scopes that offer an eye relief that ranges from 3 inches to 4 inches—that is already a good choice since you can be sure that your eyes are safe from a 4-inch distance. But there are scopes nowadays that offer an eye relief that ranges from 9 inches to 12 inches—well, with that you can be 100 percent sure about your eyes’ safety.

Also, there are scopes that offer an unlimited eye relief—this one has a lot of benefits such as this one: you would not to position yourself perfectly when shooting since any position from the scope would give you an adequate view already.

Quality of Optics

The quality of optics of your scope is an important feature that you have to consider as well. With a scope that has fully multi-coated, multi-coated, emerald-coated, diamond-coated and many more type of optics, you would be 100 percent sure that you would see bright, clean and clear images of the filed that you are viewing through your scope.

Also, without clear and bright images, you would not be able to shoot properly; thus, affecting your precision and accuracy. With that, you have to get a scope that would help you see better—well, that is one of the sole purposes of having a scope.


The scopes mentioned above are just some of the best scopes that are compatible with your Marlin 60. Of course, there are still some other scopes there. But these ones that are listed above are some of the proven and tested to have the durability, the function, the features and the reasonable price that any hunter wants.

One last thing that you should consider about a scope is that: if it makes you comfortable when you use it, then that is the right one for you. An advanced and complicated scope that makes you uncomfortable while configuring it would only slow your performance down when you are in the field.

That’s why it is important that you get a scope that is just right for your skills and needs in order for you to perform at your best and exercise all the skills you have as a hunter.