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Firefield Night Vision Review-Nightfall II Monocular


The night vision devices are important and useful devices that are used, especially for having the vision at dark. There are various night vision devices available, one important and useful devices among them is the night vision monocular.

firefield night vision review

The night vision monocular can be defined as a high-resolution device with a single eyepiece. This device can be used for detecting anything both in daylight and in dark. The monocular has various uses such as shooting, hunting, etc.

Firefield Night Vision Review-Nightfall II Monocular

The fire field nightfall monocular is a device used for detecting and viewing the surroundings with a wide coverage area. The design and feature of this monocular are listed below.


The design of this monocular is compact and tiny. As this device is a monocular, it has a single eyepiece. The lens of this monocular has a distinct shape and is about 50 mm in diameter. The buttons of this device are perfectly placed and these buttons are large enough to locate the dark in any condition. The design is ergonomic and it also has a grip with it.

This night vision device is weather resistant and hence, it can be used in any kind of temperature and weather conditions. This device can also be used for viewing the surroundings when it is covered with fog. Other than this, it is a battery operated monocular that requires a battery for operation. This monocular is designed lightweight for easy operation.


This device has many inbuilt features and some of them are listed below.

High-Quality Image

The Firefield nightfall II monocular operates with high resolution. Hence, the image obtained with this monocular is high quality. With this high quality, the user can easily determine and detect the fast flying targets easily.


Most widely, all the night vision devices have infrared sensors with it. The infrared sensors used in monocular is powerful and it detects all the products with perfect illumination. These sensors detect the heat bodies and view them clearly to the user. The input power to these sensors is provided with the help of the batteries.


The lens used in this device is designed with high quality and detects the images easily with higher magnification. With this magnification, the minute details of the image can be viewed by the user and thereby, he can attack the target easily.

Slip resistant

This device also has slip resistant technology with it; hence, the grip offered by this device is very high. This technology allows the user to use the monocular in any angles and direction. This device also has an ergonomic design and it can be used by any people.


This monocular is a battery-operated device that requires batteries for perfect operation. The batteries used in this device are AA size battery. Most commonly, lithium-ion rechargeable battery is used, as it has higher power and performance.


  • This device offers higher magnification; hence, far targets can be located easily at night.
  • The grip offered is high and so it can be used in any angles.
  • It has a durable rubber-armored housing.
  • Lightweight and easy to operate.
  • It has inbuilt power saving feature and operated with the help of the batteries.

Firefield Nightfall 5×50 2 Night Vision Monocular

Key features: large lenses, rubber-armored design, and slip-resistant technology.

Pros: Durable, lightweight, and compact.Purchase This Product on

These are the various advantages and features of firefield nightfall 5×50 night vision monocular.  So, try this monocular and share your views in the box given below.

Bushnell Equinox Z Digital Night Vision Monocular Review


Bushnell Equinox z digital night vision monocular is a night vision device, which gives you a clear image of the object in the daytime, as well as, in the night time. Its significant features make the product as the best one. Read the Bushnell equinox z digital night vision monocular review, to get a clear picture.

bushnell equinox z digital night vision monocular review

Bushnell Equinox Z Digital Night Vision Monocular Review-How Does It Work?

It collects the light with the help of the objective lens. The image gets processed with the help of a sensor and transmits it to the micro liquid crystal display. The images being viewed are magnified by 6 times closer than seen by our normal naked eye. It is provided with the IR-illuminator, which offers the better image viewability, even at the time of complete darkness.


Both the edges of the monocular are provided with many lines and grooves, to prevent the slipping from the grip. It consists of the built-in infrared illuminator with three adjustable intensity levels. The illuminator can last for about 4 hours on full charge. When the illuminator gets off, the life of the battery slow down and turns off within 10 minutes when not in use.

It consists of the 50millimeter lens, which gives 6X optical magnification; through which, you can view the enlarged image with superior clarity.  As the lens is being made of glass, it gives the better gathering of light and optical clarity.

Through the LCD lens, you can navigate the user interface, which is used to display the settings, icons, and notifications.  A number of pictures can be captured and stored in the memory.


It comes with the rubber housing, which is made of the weather proof materials so that it can withstand any type of weather conditions. The night vision monocular is specially designed to view the objects from a distance of 1000 yards away. So, you can notice the targets from the far distance. It gives its best in detecting the long range objects than the short range ones.

The product can be used at daytime and also at the night time. It displays the color images during daytime whereas, at night time, it gives the black and white images offering the better clarity and contrast to the people.

It has the capacity to shoot the videos, capture the images, and store it on the card. With the help of a button present at the bottom of the monocular, you can switch over to the video from the image capturing. Without removing the card, you can transfer the files to the computer by using the USB port cable.Bushnell Equinox z Digital Night Vision Monocular

Key features: Long battery life, extra -durable housing, LCD screen.

Pros: capturing the images, displaying the video, provides grip.Purchase This Product on

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How Does Night Vision Work?


As a well-known fact, the night vision is the capacity of detecting the infrared light which is invisible to the human eye which is further converted to a visible form with the help of the image enhancement process.

how does night vision work?

To make this possible, an image intensifier tube is required to be present in the night vision devices, as they help in amplifying the darker images by converting the photons into more electrons to enable vision in the darkness. To get a much clearer picture, look at the detailed description of the image enhancement process below.

What Are The Steps Involved In Image Enhancement?

The image enhancement works with the steps that are the following,

Light capture- Mostly, the night vision devices consist of a common lens known as the objective lens. With the help of this lens, the infrared light and the atmospheric light are captured.

Light transmission- The image captured is collected and sent to the image intensifier tube, where the light hits the light-sensitive surface.

Photon conversion- The light transmitted is made of photons of various colors which are converted to high energy electrons with the help of the photocathode that is present in the image intensifier tube.

Electron multiplication- The intensifier tube consists of a small glass disc called the microchannel plate, which is made of the fiber optic technology, where it performs the release of numerous electrons after amplification, by a process called the cascaded secondary emission.

Creating image- These electrons reaches the end of the tube, which has a screen that is coated with phosphors. The electrons maintain the similar alignment to that of the photons as they pass through the tube and provide a clear image and in turn result in the phosphors to excite and create an image that is green in color. This is why the night vision images are green in general.

Magnification- The phosphor coated, green colored image is then passed through the ocular lens which performs the magnification and focuses the image on being visible. The resulting image can be viewed by connecting the night vision device to a monitor or directly through the lens itself.

This is the mechanism with which the night vision devices work with. If you find this article to be useful, share it on social networking sites.

Opsales Polycarbonate Clip-On Review


Glasses are used as an eye contact device, to improve the sense of seeing. The glasses were specially designed for the people with eyesight problem. But nowadays, the glasses are of various types and they are used for various purposes.

Opsales polycarbonate clip-on review

Only a few people all over the world use glasses for eyesight problems; many others use glasses for various other activities. Sunglass is also a type of glass that can be used for viewing all the external things and objects in the bright sunlight.

These sunglasses are also of various types and design. The clip-on sunglasses can be used along with the other glasses. Some clip-on sunglasses are designed with the night vision feature and one among them is the Opsales polycarbonate clip-on sunglasses.

Opsales Polycarbonate Clip-on Review

The night vision is provided completely by the lens used in this device. As this is a clip on device, it can be used easily along with other glasses. Even the person with power glasses can use this device. This glass is comfortable and it offers perfect vision both in bright daylight and dark night light conditions. This sunglass has many features. The important features of this device are listed below.


The Opsales polycarbonate clip-on glasses is a durable glass with a high-quality steel construction. This steel has a black coating and hence, it has the rust resistant technology with it. Added to this, the steel is compatible and makes the frame unique of all designs.


The lens used in this device is also made up of high quality and it has a high resolution. The lenses are made up of polycarbonate and hence, they are also useful in night vision. The polycarbonate used in this design makes the optics durable in bright sunlight and in low light condition.


This device uses clip-on technology and with this technology the optics can be placed easily above the other optics. The clip-on technology used in this optics is a squeeze clip on technology. This glass also has a low profile design and so, it can be used by the persons with eyesight problems too.


The clip on is made up of metal alloy and it can be placed on all the metal and plastic frames. So, these glasses can be placed along with cooling glasses too. The clip mechanism is also durable and this product has virtually unbreakable clipping mechanism.

Scratch Resistant

The optics used in this glasses have inbuilt shift and scratch resistant feature. This feature is due to the legs of its glass, has a special proprietary coating and this coating protects the ophthalmic lenses.

Easy To Use

This optics is designed in a simple, easy to use method, so that the user can use this device with the single hand itself. The clips are very easy to fix and it can also be removed with a single hand. So, the user can use this device whenever needed.


The Opsales polycarbonate clip-on sunglasses has various advantages including the following.

  • These sunglasses offers both night and daylight vision.
  • Very easy clip-on without harming the other glass.
  • Lightweight and is very easy to handle.
  • Clip spring mechanism is sturdy and strong.
  • Easy flip up and flip down feature.

Opsales Polycarbonate Clip-On

Key features: steel frame, polycarbonate optics. and clip-on technology.

Pros: Easy flip-up and flip-down, offers both day and night vision, durable.Purchase This Product on

The above mentioned are the various features and advantages of Opsales polycarbonate clip-on sunglasses. So, try this glass and share your views with us.



Night vision devices are of various types based on the uses. One should choose the perfect night vision device which helps to perform the function easily at night. Generally, night vision devices are used to view the given area at night.

How to choose a night vision device

There are many night vision devices available, the commonly used devices among them include security cameras, scopes, goggles, monocular, binoculars, etc. While buying this equipment many people get confused about choosing the right night vision equipment. A guide to these people for choosing the best night vision equipment is given below.

How To Choose A Night Vision Device

Various nights vision devices, their uses and a guide to choosing them are given below.


The monocular is generally a single eye imaging unit that can be used for determining the surrounding area at night. Image magnification is the important function of the monocular. Generally, a monocular is used simply or with other devices such as a camera.

One should choose the monocular with various multitasking features. Commonly, the monocular with high visibility, high performance, and multi-featured functions, should be selected. Other than this, the durability of the monocular should also be checked before buying it.


The binoculars are devices similar to monoculars. But, binoculars can be used for both the eyes. They are used for magnifying the image. Other than this, they are also used to fix the target easily with high accuracy.

The higher depth binoculars are the best and useful binoculars. One should choose the binoculars with higher depth so that they can view the far-lying images easily. Other than this, the binoculars should offer high coverage range, target fixing, and zooming capability.


The goggles can also be designed with night vision capacity and can be used in various places. They are used directly on the eye and to view the outdoor easily in the low light and dark conditions. Also, they can be easily designed with a clip-on technology so that it can be placed above the normal goggles. Generally, people use night vision goggles for various functions like hunting, shooting, driving, etc.

The night vision goggles are an important night vision product that can be used commonly in many places. These goggles should be durable and they should have high-quality optics. Certain goggles are similar to the binoculars and they have various features similar to the binoculars.


The next application of night vision is in the night vision cameras. The night vision cameras are widely used for security propose. Mostly, many criminals issues occur during the night and using night vision cameras, one can easily detect the problems.

The security cameras should also be selected with high-quality features. These cameras should be operated with a powerful and a highly durable battery. Other than this, the camera should have the tendency to withstand any environmental conditions easily.


The scopes are also one among the night vision devices commonly used for viewing the targets at night. These scopes are used for focusing the target and they also have a clear vision on the target.

There are many types of scopes; among them, one should choose the effective and durable scope for sustained use. Other than this, the scope should also have many advanced features with it and these features help to increase the efficiency of the scopes.

So, choose the correct night vision device for a particular purpose and share your views in the box given below.

Sightmark Photon XT 4.6X42S Review


As we are not having enough sight to view the objects during night time, we ought to use the night vision devices, to view the targets in the low light conditions. For this, the night vision riflescope gives its best performance than the other devices.

Sightmark Photon XT 4.6x42s Review

Talking about the riflescope, the Sightmark photon XT night vision riflescope is provided with the special features offering good performance in detecting the hidden objects. It is popular with their red dot sights.

Sightmark Photon XT 4.6x42s Review- Features

It consists of a long tube attached compact and combined with the riflescope. It comes with a 42mm objective lens through which you can get a clear view of the image. With the help of elevation adjustments, you can make simple and precise adjustments.

It consists of the reticle in 6 different styles and is available in various colors. The digital reticle can be used for wide range of applications. Two reticles are used for 320,350,370, and 400 fps crossbows.  Duplex reticles are used for hog hunting and mil-dot reticle helps in range finding and holdovers.

It has a video output device, which is used to record the video and the hunter can capture the images soon with its specially provided features.


It has the capacity to detect the objects 135m away from the people. With this, you can identify the targets from a certain distance. The higher magnification enables the images for extended viewing range.

Considering the weight of the monocular, it seems to be 30% lighter than the other kinds of the riflescope. So, at the time of hunting or boating, one can easily carry it anywhere without any risk.

The important note about the product is that it gives the clear and bright image through the high-resolution display. With the digital night vision, one can use it for more period of time without facing any irritation in your eyes. So, it can be used by all the people and can be used in the daytime as well as during the night time.

These riflescopes are made of shockproof and weatherproof materials and can withstand in all types of environmental conditions. They can stay for more periods of time without any damage. Apart from these, the lens, LCD screen, and flashlight are made of the best quality materials.  It has long battery life than the others.Sightmark Photon XT Night Vision Riflescope

Key features: objective lens, Shockproof, and weatherproof materials.

Pros: Offers high magnification, suits for all weather conditions.Purchase This Product on

Do you own this riflescope? How well does it work? Write to us by commenting in the box below.

Aurosports 20×60 Folding Binocular Review


Searching and purchasing the best night vision binocular among the various kinds of binoculars is one of the difficult tasks in today’s market. If you wish to buy a new high-quality, compact night vision binocular, read through this article which helps you to know the AuroSports brand night vision binocular in detail.

aurosports 30x60 folding binocular review

The AuroSports brand of night vision binocular consists of several beneficial factors with folding facility for the compact usage. This night vision binocular telescope is covered up by the red film coating, to resist the worst weather conditions and keep the device in a dust free condition.

Aurosports 30×60 Folding Binocular Review- The Design

The night vision technology inbuilt in this binocular highlights this product to the consumers. The AuroSports night vision binocular is the lightweight compact device and require only a little storage space. It works well for several applications such as travelling, hunting, birds searching, sightseeing ability, sports purposes, and other outdoor activities.

The AuroSports brand of night vision binocular is designed to work and perform the operation. It suits for both day and night operations by means of the IR illuminator. The generation 1 intensifier tube, inbuilt in this night vision binocular helps in the low-level lighting conditions, to get the clear image vision.

Specifications Of The Aurosports Night Vision Binocular

This folded type night vision binocular comes with a dimensional measure of 9 inches of height, 6 inches in length and 4 inches in width. Further, it consists of the Bak-4 type of roof prism, with the lens of 21mm diameter.

The field view ranges with a value of up to 126m and the lens is fully coated with multiple layers of blue color. Further, it includes the dual focusing ability, to focus the close distance of up to 3m.

The device weighs only 11 oz. and is equipped with internal metal designing and high qualified rubber material for the outer coatings. This waterproof  night vision binocular consist of high range of magnification with 30×60 units.

Features And Characteristics Of Aurosports Night Vision Binocular

The AuroSports 30×60 night vision binocular telescope is one of the best binocular types, which are very popular, inexpensive and a high qualified device because of its beneficial features and characteristics.

This compact light weight night vision binocular is an unique product when compared to other type of binoculars and is more convenient and easy to use. The red film coating helps you to get a perfect clear view of the targeted image in an accurate measure. This binocular is easy to carry on hunting, travelling, and other outdoor purposes and are convenient to fold, providing extra space.

This high quality fully adjustable device with the inbuilt focusing knob can be benefited in the low level lighting condition but, it does not work in the deep dark conditions. It includes lens cloth for cleaning the lens equipped in the device, to be free of dust particles. The blue colored multi-coating glass material is implemented in the center of the device, to focus the target correctly with the brighter lens range of up to 25mm.AuroSports 30 x 60 Night Vision Binocular Telescope

Key Features – compact device, low lighting night vision, dual focusing ability.

Pros – multi coating glass material, high quality device, provide clear image viewing.Purchase This Product on

If you feel the product to satisfy your needs, purchase one and write to us about its effectiveness.

Types Of Night Vision Technology- 3 Types To Know


The night vision technology is one of the well-improvised advanced methods that help to provide the users with the perfect viewing of targeted objects even in the total dark conditions. The night vision technology helps to improve the vision in the low light state. There are different types of night vision technology used in imaging. Continue reading to know them.

types of night vision technology

Types Of Night Vision Technology

The night vision technology consists of three major types such as Low Light Imaging, Thermal Imaging, and Near Infrared Illumination. They are useful in various applications such as night security and surveillance purposes, night driving, search and rescuing process, flying and wildlife observation.

Low Light Imaging Process

Most of the night vision technology works based on the use of the image intensifiers implemented in the night vision goggles and night scope products. The image intensifier works on night vision by amplifying the available lighting condition for attaining the better vision display.

The lens focusses on to the photons of the image intensifiers, which further cause the electrons to affect the cathode accelerated by the electric field. This process helps to increase the speed of the device, to make the electrons entering the microchannel plates to create a dense cloud of the original image on the image intensifier phosphor screen.

The green phosphor screen is used in most of the applications as humans can differentiate green shades better than the other colors. The image intensifier is excellent for the low level of light sensitivity application such that it helps to enhance the visible imaging to the best possible extent. It constitutes of a high ability of resolution for the humans to trace out differentiations even in the low power state with an affordable cost.

Thermal Imaging Process

The thermal imaging process helps to estimate and detect the difference in the temperature between the object and the background. The thermal imaging works based on the principle of the microbolometer, which comes in two major types such as cooled thermal imaging camera and uncooled thermal imaging camera.

In general, the thermal imaging camera is widely used for different applications such as scientific research institute, R&D specialists, material testing, military defense purposes, and aerospace applications. The thermal imaging is based on the design, to uphold the high speed of motion for measuring the target objects with an accurate measure.

Infrared Illumination

The infrared illumination technology when combined with the infrared night vision, helps to estimate the sensitivity of the light. The infrared illumination helps to produce a high level of infrared lighting, to create the high resolution. This helps to enable the effective range of night time imaging even in the low light conditions such as residential, governmental, and security applications.

The infrared illumination is the low-cost technology when compared to the other night vision technologies. If you like this article, share it on social networking sites.

Yukon NVRS Titanium 1.5×42 Review


Those who go for hunting or on a sports activity in the night time, carrying a night scope become essential equipment in order to target properly. But purchasing a rifle scope does not guarantee efficient hunting. The scope you choose should be light in weight to hold it for a long time while performing tasks.

Yukon NVRS titanium 1.5×42 review

Also, the riflescope should be durable to have a long lifespan with distinct features and by being resistant to the weather conditions so that they can focus on the object even in poor weather conditions. One such brand offering high-quality rifle scope is the Yukon NVRS titanium 1.5×42 which are small and light in weight but offers excellent performance. Let us look into the review of this product by analyzing their features in detail.

The Yukon NVRS Titanium 1.5×42 Review

There are numerous brands that sell short range and long range rifle scopes that claim to perform better operations. With the long mount that it is made with, it is capable of providing good focus with speed and accuracy. Also, it is cost efficient and is not priced high just like the other rifle scope models.

What Does The Product Feature?

The product primarily is made of titanium at its outer which is the unique property of the Yukon products in order to enable durability and to be long lasting. The riflescope is smaller in size to be easier to use and to withstand for a long period of time.

The objective lens of the rifle scope comes with a 42mm diameter in order to provide the best balance in the low light conditions and the lens is also protected with the help of the flip cover to avoid damage. Further, it comes with a carry case to which the rugged scope fits compact and enables it to be ported anywhere.

The lens uses qualitative glass and is coated with multilayer in order to offer clarity in the images. The rifle is designed ergonomically to be easier to use. With the help of the duplex red on the green reticle, it becomes easier to adjust it according to the target.

 The product comes with a standard viewer rail mount system which is easier to use and also can be mounted on the bolt action rifles. With the help of the IR remote control, the firearm’s can be mounted easily anywhere.

The NVD uses the Pulse IR technology using which the life of the battery and the scope can be extended. Also, it pulses the light but avoids it being visible by the naked eye. With the help of 2 AA batteries, the device is capable of performing for a long period of time.

Does It Perform Well?

Without the doubt, the Yukon riflescope performs well and meets the function they are made for. They are capable of focusing the object at a range of 7 yards on a minimum range and can be used for focusing distances more than that. However, with the help of the IR illuminator, they guarantee the range of 75 yards to 100 yards of recognition.

They are considered to be the best scope for short range shooting as it possesses a magnification of 1.5. This feature makes the images to be viewed two times bigger than they actually appear. Also, the riflescope is compatible to be used with any digital camera.

The IR illuminator that the device uses enables focusing the objects three times farther. It also enables the device to increase the brightness in viewing objects and to have a clear focus too.Yukon NVRS Titanium 1.5×42

Key features: Titanium body, compact, small size, Pulse IR technology

Pros: Far focus, clear image, better magnification, increased brightness.Purchase This Product on

Bottom Line

The Yukon riflescope in spite of all the major benefits they offer, it lacks behind in the field view. With the 20° field view they offer, the users feel that it is making difficult to aim at the targets. However, it is still a better product at an affordable price range and with a light weight design which is portable.

If you are satisfied with the review, purchase the product and share your opinion about its working and performance.

Night Vision Security Camera- What Are The Uses?


Cameras are one of the creative and innovative inventions in the current scenario. The cameras are devices used to capture and store the images. The modern cameras can be used for storing both the images and videos.

night vision security camera

The cameras are used widely in many places; even the smartphones have inbuilt camera with them. They can be used during any functions or events. There are many innovative models in the camera and one among them is the night vision security camera.

Night Vision Security Camera

The security camera that can be used for viewing the area at night is termed as the night vision security camera. These cameras record all the activities clearly in the dark and dim light too. This camera is designed with modern technology as many criminal issues occur during the night time than the daytime.

Generally, normal cameras cannot show the images during the night; so, specially designed infrared cameras are commonly used as the night vision security cameras. The images captured by the night vision cameras are thermal images.

These cameras use IR radiations for capturing the image from the coverage area. This camera has IR sensors and these sensors emit IR radiations. The IR radiations are sensitive to heat and the heat bodies crossing the particular area can be viewed using this camera. Hence, it is used as a night vision camera.

Uses Of Night Vision Security Cameras

The important use of the security cameras is to keep the place safe from problems. These cameras act as a remedy for theft and murders because they act as evidence and helps in finding the people.

These cameras can store the recorded video and these recorded video displays with the exact time. It can also be used for finding exact time and causes of the murder.

Than the wired night vision security camera, the wireless security cameras are efficient because they transmit the recorded videos immediately and the user can access these cameras anywhere.

The battery supported night vision cameras are effective because these cameras view the defects even under powerless conditions. The batteries of these cameras should be charged regularly.

These are the various functions and uses of the night vision cameras. So, have night vision security cameras in the home and safeguard your home from thefts and problems.

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