How to use Night Vision Scope on Crossbow – Handy Steps

Hunting at nighttime is one of the favorite outdoor activities around the world. Especially, hunting using a crossbow is one of the most challenging and exciting activities for any hunter. 

Crossbows are widely used by many enthusiasts and hunters around the world. Modern crossbows are featuring a classic-touch and a wide range of cutting-edge, which are very convenient for shooting the target over long ranges. 

The modern crossbow scopes are designed for improved accuracy and easy spotting. Crossbows work effectively during the daytime, and they are virtually useless at nighttime or in low-light conditions. So the crossbow users tend to couple their equipment with a night vision scope.

Although these night vision scopes provide the ability to see when it’s dark outside. It amplifies the available light and allows us to see the object or surroundings with more clarity. 

Usually, in the crossbows, the trajectory of the arrow is rainbow shaped. For these reasons, the night vision scopes are provided with various features and adjustments. 

Choosing the right night vision scope for your crossbow helps you to improve target acquisition and enhance your skills.

If you are a beginner for crossbow then you don’t no about how to use night vision scope on crossbow. That’s why we’re here for you.

This article helps you know how to use and set up the night vision scope on your crossbow. The following six steps are explained below.

1. Find the Right Scope

It’s very essential to choose good night vision scopes for crossbows, as it can bring lots of differences to your hunting experience. 

The weight of the crossbow scope is one of the important things to consider while choosing a scope.

Generally, a crossbow is a lightweight weapon, and if you pair it with a heavy night vision scope, it may cause your equipment heavy, and it disturbs the balance of the bow. 

A good crossbow scope should have the following features,

Magnification – A good crossbow scope will have a magnification range between 3x-32x and it can locate the targets up to 60 yards.

IR Illumination- It is one of the popular features of the scope, and it’s useful for nighttime hunting. It emits infrared light and allows the users to see the surroundings with good visibility in the absence of light.

Dimensions and Weight

Your hunting might be affected if the crossbow scopes are heavy and big. Although a bigger scope produces high image resolution, they are heavier. 

Always prefer lightweight crossbow scopes that are easy to carry during your outdoor activities or hunting trips.

Weather Resistance

Check whether the scopes have weather-resistant proof or not. This feature allows the user to hunt in any atmospheric conditions, particularly on a foggy or rainy night. 

It contains an anti-fog coating that protects the inside lens from fogging, and it also provides a more clear view.

Battery Life

No one wants to spend more money on buying and replacing the night vision scopes every time. So prefer the scopes that will last at least throughout the night without recharging of batteries.

2. Look for Programmable Memory

Zeroing on a crossbow is a difficult task. We have to enter the details such as bolt weight in the settings of the scope for zeroing in a crossbow. 

Moreover, it is needed to shot one or more bolts to zero in the scope. The scope with a programmable memory is one of the advantages that allow making zeroing only once in the crossbow. 

Then the exact settings are saved in the scope, and these settings remain unchanged, even it’s used with other weapons. 

It allows us to remount the scope onto the crossbow, and the settings can be changed immediately to zero in the scope. By this, your time can be saved.

3. Keep Magnification to minimum

While using crossbow night vision scopes, one of the notable things to remember is that you will use them for short-range shooting.

So it’s highly recommended to keep the magnification range of crossbow night vision scopes to be minimum. Or it may be hard to spot the targets when you adjust the magnification range. 

4. IR illuminator

The infrared illuminator plays a major role in the night vision scope, and most of the crossbow night vision scopes have a built-in infrared illuminator(IR). 

This IR illuminator adds some light to the view while you are looking through the scope. Also, it allows for clear and contrasts images with more details.

Even the low-intensity lights are enough for the better quality of night vision scopes. 

Thus the IR illuminator helps to shed some light on the animals within the range and makes it easier to spot and hunt them at nighttime.

5. Rails and Mounts

A crossbow must have a weaver rail to mount a night vision scope, and most of the crossbow night vision scopes come with the rails. 

One of the general guidelines for finding an appropriate rail is, check whether it’s lightweight, and it adjusts to the overall design of your crossbow.

This makes it simple to use the night vision scope with your crossbow. Sometimes, a mounting mechanism may differ from one scope to another. 

Moreover, a good crossbow night vision scope comes with a detach lever, quick-mount, and dismount feature. This detach lever may let you easily remove the night vision scope and return your crossbow to daytime hunting.

6. Look for a High-quality Display

A high-quality display is used for viewing the objects more clearly and allows you to see a target through the scope.

So it’s necessary to look at the quality of the display in a night vision scope and always try to prefer a high-quality display.

Uses of Night Vision Crossbow Scopes

A good crossbow night vision scope helps you with a good night vision ability that allows you to improve your nighttime hunting experience, and it’s also useful to set your target. This allows you to see more clearly in the gloom and to effortlessly manage your nighttime hunting.


No one wants to let their prey run away and miss their shot. By using the right crossbow night vision scope, you can spot your target, and it enhances the hunting performance. Thus it makes your target more precise. But finding the right one usually requires a lot of research and trial. Therefore, follow these steps to use night vision scopes on a crossbow, and experience great nighttime hunting.


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